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Thursday, 12/27/2012, 12:57 pm

Daniel Cormier Signs Multi Fight Deal with The UFC | UFC News

Strikeforce heavyweight-grand-prix champion Daniel confirmed that he has signed a deal with the UFC, but that it is a “shorter contract” than usual.  Cormier was slated to take on Mir at a scheduled Strikeforce event this past November, but Mir suffered a training injury and pulled out of the bout.  Now, “DC” will be taking on heavyweight Dion Staring at the final Strikeforce event next month.  “DC” reiterated hopes for a match with ex-UFC champion Frank Mir upon entering the promotion.  He previously spoke with stating

“I would stay at heavyweight, I want to fight Frank. I think Mir and I have some unfinished business, I put in a six week training camp for Mir before he pulled out a month before the fight. All the things I learned in that camp and I worked on I want to be able to use on him inside of the cage.”




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  1. somebody knock this fool out says:

    this guy finishes bigfoot and he thinks he’s god’s gift to mma! the fool thinks Strikeforce competition is equal to the UFC. Fool! plus the dude is nearly 34 and he thinks he’s getting better! lol.

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