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Thursday, 12/27/2012, 12:57 pm

Daniel Cormier Signs Multi Fight Deal with The UFC | UFC News

Strikeforce heavyweight-grand-prix champion Daniel confirmed that he has signed a deal with the UFC, but that it is a “shorter contract” than usual.  Cormier was slated to take on Mir at a scheduled Strikeforce event this past November, but Mir suffered a training injury and pulled out of the bout.  Now, “DC” will be taking on heavyweight Dion Staring at the final Strikeforce event next month.  “DC” reiterated hopes for a match with ex-UFC champion Frank Mir upon entering the promotion.  He previously spoke with stating

“I would stay at heavyweight, I want to fight Frank. I think Mir and I have some unfinished business, I put in a six week training camp for Mir before he pulled out a month before the fight. All the things I learned in that camp and I worked on I want to be able to use on him inside of the cage.”




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