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Saturday, 10/20/2012, 06:02 pm

Daniel Cormier says a fight with Jon Jones is bound to happen | MMA News

Daniel Cormier says he and Jon Jones have interacted regarding a possible future UFC bout. A contest between Daniel Cormier and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones has already been bounced around by plenty of fans and media and looks to be a tremendous scrap on paper. Although Cormier is stuck in Strikeforce, he has but “one last fight” on his contract before being moved to the UFC.

Cormier talked about an interaction he had with Jones while on MMA Uncensored this week:

“At the Chael Sonnen fight, he walked up and got to his seat, and he asked me, ‘Hey, are you going to 205?’ I said, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna have to fight.’ He goes, ‘Good, cuz I’m ready for you.’ So, obviously, this is a fight that he actually thinks about. But, I guess it just doesn’t work for him, right now.”

He also expanded on the fight and how long it would take him to be ready to make 205:

“I do. I think eventually, it’s bound to happen. Obviously, this guy mentions me and talks about how I don’t have enough followers on Twitter to coach The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) with him. So, you guys, get on Twitter and follow ‘DC.’ But, yeah, I think it’ll happen eventually. It’s a fight that people want to see, and I think it’ll definitely happen.

 Realistically, it would take some time. I think, six months. Because I would have to adjust my lifestyle. I’d be dieting and continuing my training. I would have to be real focused and real serious to do it.”


16 Responses to “Daniel Cormier says a fight with Jon Jones is bound to happen | MMA News”

  1. Jbj vs sonnen is BS says:

    Def better than seeing sonnen getting destroyed in the first round

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I doubt greg “NO ACTION” jackson will let Jones get anywhere near Cormier. Forget Cormiers far far superior wrestling over Jones. All he would need is his right hand to end all the Jon Jones hype train. Cormier is a natural 185 lb guy who would still whoop Jones at 205 lbs. The other fighter Jones-greg Jackson will avoid at all costs is Grover Teixiera and for good reason

      • Brad says:

        lol alright look i actually cant stand Jon Jones I think he’s a arrogant piece of trash, but the dudes the real deal. To say he’s on a hype train still is ridiculous cmon now

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          The “hype train” I was referring to is for all the people who think Jon Jones is unbeatable at 205 lbs and against any NATURAL 205lbers who don’t have FREAKISH arm lengths. Grover is “NORMAL” size LHW and would DESTROY Jones. Cormier is a natural 5’10” 185 lb man who can and would beat Jon Jones.

          Most fans think its going to take someone JOnes own size (natural heavyweight) with 84.5″ reach to beat him and i disagree.

          UFC and Greg jackson will do whatever possible to keep Jones fom fighting either Teixeira or Cormier.

      • Ninja87 says:

        I bet 5 months ago you didn’t even know who Glover was now you’re saying he will “DESTROY” Jones. The last 5 former champs were all suppose to destroy Jones but they didn’t! Like i said who knows if DC could or could NOT beat Jones. This is mma my ignorant friend stop being a hater

  2. hunter 1984 says:

    Would be a great fight think dc takes it

  3. 123 says:

    whats with all this twitter followers, MMA is getting pathetic.. Daniel Cormier should be coaching on TUF, in MY opinion Daniel Cormier would beat Jon Jones.

  4. Bully Dan says:

    Cormier going to 205 because hes scared of JDS hahaha what a bitch and JJ would still kill him

    • BJJWhiz/JiuJitsuRules says:

      WTF fag why would he be scared of JDS if he could take him down in a split second?? and he’s moving down so he doesn’t have to fight his teammate cain u fagget ass noob.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      You are such and IDIOT. Cormier made it very clear the only reason he would ever go to 205 lbs is if his teammate beats JDS because he i Cains wrestling coach and they have both vowed to never fight each otehr. Cormier may be only 5’10” natural 185 lb man but he showed his talentmakes up for his much much smaller size than BIGFOOT Silva or Josh Barnett. Please BULLY DAN FAG BOY go back to WWE with rest of the kiddies.

      your knowledge of MMA is such a joke you do not belong on this website with TRUE MMA fans

      • Don't Be A says:

        fag, “ohhh, Cain VOWED never to fight Cormier because they are in love..” you gay bastard. You promote guys from the same gym not fighting. Very faggish! You fight because that’s what you do! No matter who! It’s not personal, it’s business. If fighters feel hurt because they’re facing their friends, they should just stop fighting all together.

        Cormier is so unproven and you love him soooo much…wow.

        • Bully Dan says:

          Dont be A – +1 TO YOUR COMMENT.

          AND GET RID OF FITCH FOREVER – 1) You should change your name because if fitch carrys on like he did against silva then he wont be in 2 many boring fights and if you dont like getting taken down by fitch and kept there, well learn to get the F up

          2) And go and suck off your strikeforce bumboys bet u loved hector lombard untill tim boetsch (a mediocre fighter btw) outpointed the cunt

  5. Dana is Greedy says:

    This fight should happen but all these main stream WWE type fans love Sonnen’s big mouth..You would think the UFC would want competive fights DC should keep doing what he’s been doing and his time will come he is definately a fighter that gets better with every outing…

  6. Ninja87 says:

    For those who say DC is going to end Jones’ hype train all i gotta say is what hype train? Yea DC may or may NOT beat Jones who knows but one thing forsure is that Jones is n e thing but hype. He’s the real deal haters

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