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Saturday, 05/25/2013, 12:11 pm

Daniel Cormier Responds to Jon Jones, Ready to Fight Tomorrow

UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier spoke with fans at yesterday’s UFC 160 Q & A, during which he responded to some talk about- and from- the UFC’s light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.


Cormier introduced the topic, saying that he had been on “Twitter and Jon Jones took another shot at me.  He does it all the time, Jon Anik just told me in the back, I wasn’t sure what it was.  [Jones] said, ‘would someone ask DC if he started cutting weight yet.’”


Jon Anik, who was mediating the Q & A, then asked the former Strikeforce heavyweight champion if he had started to cut to 205 lbs, a weight at which many fans have been clamoring to see Cormier fight.


“Jon, I haven’t started cutting weight yet, but we can fight at 220 tomorrow if you want!  We can fight at any weight.  Jon [Jones], he can walk off the street whatever he weighs now, and we can get in the Octagon.  Let’s fight at any weight, Jon, you and I.”


Cormier (12-0) is coming off a successful debut in the UFC by defeating Frank Mir via unanimous decision.  Even before making his move from Strikeforce to the UFC’s heavyweight division, talk of moving down to light heavyweight has followed Cormier.  After yesterday’s appearance, it looks like the fight between Cormier and Jones could be closer than we imagined.


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  1. GRT 3000 says:

    why tf would DC expect Jones to meet him at his weight? JBJs got the belt – if DC wants a piece of Jones he needs to cut the weight and get in line. DC doesn’t have shit that Jones needs to chase around.

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