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Thursday, 01/09/2014, 05:21 pm

Daniel Cormier: Rashad Evans is Faster and More Dynamic than Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier thinks Rashad Evans would prove to be a tougher challenge than UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

Daniel Cormier was one of the fighters to attend the UFC media luncheon this past week and he made some bold statements, comparing Evans’ abilities to Jones’. MMAMania transcribed:

“I think Rashad is actually a little more difficult to take down for me than it would be for a guy with longer limbs. I don’t mind wrestling a guy with long limbs, I think it works to my advantage, because I can get to their legs. Rashad doesn’t kick as much. Kicking actually feeds your opponent the leg. Jon kicks more, so that’s easier to grab takedowns. Rashad, he’s a more dynamic type of fighter in terms of one-punch knockout power. He has more than Jones does. Explosiveness, he’s a little faster in that sense. Jon is great, but he works at his pace. He fights at his pace. I dunno if he’s ever put anybody out on their feet. He gets on top and kinda pounds guys out. That’s one tool that actually goes out the window against me, because he can’t score a takedown.”

Daniel Cormier will be making his light heavyweight debut at UFC 170 against former division champion Rashad Evans in February.

If Cormier happens to make it past Evans, would that be a tougher matchup than a potential bout with Jon Jones? Who is the tougher opponent: Jon Jones or Rashad Evans? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. magoo says:

    Get a grip DC faster and more dynamic? Yea right whatever let’s u sleep at night, Evans had absolutely nothing for Jones he was one step behind the whole fight.

    • Robert Jenkins says:

      Due to jones reach. Evans is a lot quicker if you watch either of their fights you’ll see what he means. And Evans has more power too. Jones is fast but he’s not quick which is why Gustaffason kept tagging his face. jones however has a huge reach advantage and excellent timing.

  2. Dumbass says:

    It doesn’t mean Shad isn’t faster or couldnt be more dynamic just because he had a hard time with Jones hell Vitor has more skills than Gus but Gus did way better than Vitor against Jones

  3. Walter D. Camacho says:

    I can see what he means from a wrestling stand-point, but he is seriously undermining Jones’ skills. And speed. And Knock-out power, even if not coming from a punch. And the fact that Jones has only been taken down ONCE in his entire career (Gustafsson). Gustafsson’s tool against Jones wasn’t wrestling. It was his fast boxing and his ability to move. Machida also gave him that problem, except Machida had no defense when Jones came to clinch, and Gus did. So I do think that Cormier is seriously underestimating what is his Kriptonite in fighting style, given Jones’ record.

    • Ryan StJohn says:

      i agree, with this kind of attitude i foresee DC very possibly getting beat pretty handily by jones. it’s just simply absurd to make the comments he’s made without taking into account the actual facts. the fight game is FAR more mental than it is physical, i don’t think you can find a champ that anyone wouldn’t say is a legitimately intelligent person.

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