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Wednesday, 02/19/2014, 09:34 am

Daniel Cormier: “(Patrick Cummins) can’t beat me”

Daniel Cormier gets ready to make his light heavyweight debut this weekend on February 22 at UFC 170. However, instead of facing off against the former UFC light heavy weight title holder Rashad Evans his opponent is, lets just say it bluntly, less impressive than his previous opponent.

Rashad was forced out of the bout after he suffered from a horrible knee injury that will most likely have him on the bench for the next six months. Though this is obviously a very unfortunate situation for “Suga” it’s proving to be a huge opportunity for Octagon newcomer Patrick Cummins who replaced Evans for the bout.

And though a victory over Cormier would surely launch his name higher into the overall rankings if Cormier were to lose this bout it could be devastating to his career.

Cormier took some time with “TheSHOOT” to explain in further detail.

“There really isn’t much to gain, I win this fight it doesn’t do that much for me. But if I lose, my career, it’s jacked up.”

Jacked up indeed. Cormier is entering this bout as the former number one contender in the heavyweight division. A victory over such a high-ranking opponents would make Cummins career.

The question is, can he do it? Cormier says “no way”.

“Patrick Cummins can not fight me. There is no way in hell that he can win this fight. He’s way in over his head. I’ve earned my spot. I fought some of the best fighters in the world and I stood across the cage from killers and I won. I’ve fought the best of the best and I won. He can’t beat me.”

The killers he’s referring to are the likes of Josh Barnet, Antonio Silva, Frank Mir, and Roy Nelson, and killers they are.

Cummins and Cormier are no strangers to each other as they have faced off on the matt back during their wrestling days. Cummins’ wrestling seems to be the only thing that Cormier gives the rookie any credit for. However, he makes it clear that that doesn’t play a huge part in this bout.

“When I’m the cage with another wrestler, I feel like I’ve earned the right to say I have the advantage,” Cormier said.

With the former Olympian on such a roll it’s hard to think that someone like Cummins could take him out. Although, we’ve definitely seen crazier things happen.

If Cummins were able to pull off a victory over the likes of such a decorated fighter it would absolutely be the window of opportunity that Cummins has been waiting for. The only question is, does he have what it takes?

Tell what you think Penn Nation! Do you think that Cummins poses enough of a threat to Cormier? What are the chances that Cummins has enough to derail the big train that is “DC”? Give us your thoughts!

By: Daneul Summers | Twitter: @daneulsummers


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  1. magoo says:

    What a pointless fight, Pat, or should I say Patrick steps in on 10 days notice against a beast like DC….. And it’s the Co main event yee haw! everyone must be pumped for this one sided beat down…

    • Ttyq says:

      What, would you rather have no fight? Every fighter was at some point an unknown, untested. Talet hides at most unexpected places and times. Who knows, that guy might be great. He was one of the top wrestlers, he is athletic obviously and seems to be an ok fighter. It still an interesting fight because of the unknown.

    • William Kramer says:

      Keep in mind, throughout his career its been pretty clear what style of fight your getting from DC. Not to mention a they are somewhat familiar with each other in the main aspect of their game. There are many fighters that would be worse to prepare for on short notice than DC for this guy.

  2. Marc-andré Baranofsky says:

    i saw a video from Patrick and i think he is more an atlhetic guy than a fighter but who know , cormier have not so much of a fighter he is a wrestler , but just the fact that cormier is 11-0 and the other have no highlight no interesting fight and that it is his first fight in the ufc , will be a interesting fight to watch, will see if the ufc put a ham in the face of cormier or if he can do something

  3. UFC 84 Forever says:

    You’re right, he shouldn’t be in this fight on a PPV. Nobody would step up and fight him? If this were a Fox card or something I’d be like whatever, cool, but this is a PPV.

  4. The Guesterizer says:

    …………what are the odds on this fight?

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