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Wednesday, 10/16/2013, 10:12 am

Daniel Cormier: Everyone’s Chin Expires, Even Roy Nelson’s

“Every person, every tough guy you’ve ever seen fight, whether it’s in boxing or martial arts who is known for having a great chin — there’s an expiration date on that. There’s a number these guys can take. What if the last one from Stipe Miocic was the one that was one too many? Maybe the expiration date on Roy’s chin was up in Canada. Maybe mine are the ones he can’t take.”

Top UFC heavyweight fighter, Daniel Cormier believes that everyone’s ability to take a punch expires at some point.

His upcoming UFC 166 opponent, Roy Nelson, has the best chin in the business but does that mean that it’s due to expire?

(quote via ESPN)


14 Responses to “Daniel Cormier: Everyone’s Chin Expires, Even Roy Nelson’s”

  1. Doubt it says:

    Cormier is going to lose this fight. Nelson is better in all areas. I got nelson by KO.

    • mean170 says:

      I hope so. I’m so tired of his hype. It was pretty terrible watching him hump Frank Mir against the cage for 15 minutes. And nothing is more annoying then all the talk about him dropping to 205 to fight Jon Jones. Cormier looks like he likes eating all those junk foods a little too much to drop to 205. And he’s short and chunky, Jones would pick him apart with those knee kick things.

  2. drew says:

    in no way do you hit harder then jds so no you wont rock nelson, plus anyone else remember the article where i doctor examined nelson and we learned that his amazing chin comes from actually have extremely strong and tight neck muscles, hence why mayweather does neck workouts. If dc took mir to the ground and did all that when probably the same againset nelson, a little reverse psychology going down. However, i do think dc could endure jones and possibly win but who knows, he doesnt seem committed at getting to 205 and staying there. Nelson on the other hand would dethrown bones without a problem

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