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Friday, 07/12/2013, 01:16 pm

Daniel Cormier Still Seeking Fight With Big Country: “Roy and I Still Have Some Unfinished Business”


| Apparently Big Country still has top-tier opponents with a burning desire to fight him in the UFC even after his lackluster loss against Stipe Miocic at UFC 161 in June. 

Prior to that fight with Miocic in Winnipeg Nelson talked with media members and during one of his interviews he called UFC undefeated HW Daniel Cormier an “Uncle Tom”. That got DC’s blood boiling, to say the least.

Nelson dropped a decision to Miocic in Canada after taking the fight on short notice and that fight ran out the remaining bout on Nelson’s UFC contract. But Cormier is petitioning to get the UFC and Big Country to come to terms on a new deal that would allow him to finally square off with Roy. In an interview with MMA Fighting Cormier had this to say:

“Roy and I still have some unfinished business. I hope he re-signs with the UFC, so we can settle what he started two months ago. I want to find a way to give him a pass for his performance against Stipe [Miocic at UFC 161] since he took that fight on such short notice. In my eyes, that loss didn’t do much to diminish his place in the UFC heavyweight division.”

With Nelson coming off of a loss and having his troubles with the company in the past it will be interesting to see if a new deal is scratched up and it will be even more interesting to see if the UFC can get Nelson to agree to a fight with Cormier, considering earlier reports revealed that Nelson’s management advised Roy not to take a fight with DC.

So what do you think, fight fans? Is Nelson even worthy of another UFC contract, let alone a fight with a potential title contender in the undefeated (12-0) Daniel Cormier, or should the UFC definitely sign Big Country and start working on giving DC the match-up he desires? After all, Nelson did kind of bring this upon himself…

Sound off on this heavyweight conundrum, Penn Nation!

Jake Chastain



4 Responses to “Daniel Cormier Still Seeking Fight With Big Country: “Roy and I Still Have Some Unfinished Business””

  1. Sean says:

    Pick a real opponent DC. I’d have a better chance of beating you than Big Country.

  2. Steven Thurman says:

    “Undefeated” in the UFC. Lol he has only had one fight. hahah

  3. Dddddddd says:

    The idea of this pisses me off. What are they gonna take some hillbillys taken out of context statement and fuel the fans with racism? He had know idea what he was saying or he wouldn’t of said it. If your some racist you’d know not to say that towards Cormier. There’s already fans on here that believe racism effects the UFC fighters. For one Cormier needs a better test and him pulling the card out to get what he feels is an easier fight is irresponsible. I think Cormier is a classier guy than this and why would he want to bring attention to someone he thinks insulted him in that way?

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Lack luster fight?Not sure what fight the jackass that wrote this article was watching. No lackluster, but Definitely a beat down

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