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Monday, 02/18/2013, 10:33 am

Dana’s 180: Thinks Fighters Are Cheating With TRT | UFC NEWS

It’s not uncommon for fighters in the UFC to use TRT; the athletic commission even gives the ok for some fighters to use it. It’s been called sports science, it’s not illegal like steroids or other performance enhancers are. It’s not only the UFC or MMA that the athletes use TRT even; it’s just the UFC has such strict testing because of the need to keep their athletes safe that we know about it.

The most recent fighter that was openly using TRT and cleared to use it again by the athletic commission is Vitor Belfort. He’s not the only fighter in the UFC that uses TRT though, fighters like Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Frank Mir, to name a few, use it as well.

I wonder what they think of what UFC on Fuel TV 7 “KO of the night” award winner Tom Watson said following his victory.

Tom Watson called TRT use an “epidemic” in the sport and even called out the “cheaters.”

“If you want to do it, you can’t put it in your chin and you certainly can’t put it into your heart,” Watson declared. “You want to take drugs? You want to be a cheat? Let me fight you and let’s see what happens.”

At the UFC on Fuel TV 7 press conference, UFC president Dana White talked about his feelings on TRT use by his fighters.

“If you asked me three months ago, it’s legal. It’s sports science, but everybody figures out a way to take a great thing and cheat and make it bad,” said White.

“Those of you who know what testosterone replacement is, if you’re older, your testosterone starts to get lower. They can give you testosterone to get you back up to (the level of) a 25-year-old. What guys are doing, I believe guys are doing, is jacking up this stuff through the roof through their entire training camp then getting back down to normal levels right before the fight, which is cheating. I hate it. I don’t like it. I’m going to fight it. And if you are using TRT in the UFC, we’re going to start testing the (expletive) out of you, through your entire camp,” White added.

It’s not illegal to use and if a fighter applies for a therapeutic use exemption, they can get permission from the athletic commission to use TRT.

“We’re regulated by the government. We have the strictest regulation in sports. If other sports were under the same regulations as we are, there would be a lot of guys getting busted left and right in other sports. I’m not taking a jab. I’m just being honest. The TRT thing is legal. The commission lets guys use testosterone replacement therapy. I believe that guys are cheating on it,” said White.

“I truly believe guys are cheating on it, and I don’t like to see a natural gifted athlete go in and fight against a guy who has been jacked up on TRT for three months.”

The other problem Dana White seems to have is the fact that TRT is a relatively new therapy. Dana doesn’t think people or even “experts” have a real understanding of how to give TRT.

“The other problem with TRT, the other problem that I have – You get four guys together, four smart guys who could have an educated conversation about testosterone replacement therapy, they’ll give you four different answers. When it’s that vague and that many people don’t understand it, nanograms and this ratio to that ratio, and all this (expletive). When you sit down and you start talking about it, it’s not fair. It’s not fair. And if your testosterone level isn’t high enough, maybe you’re too old to fight,” said the UFC president.

Dana White plans on doing his part to keep the fighters given the ok to use TRT honest. He doesn’t seem to plan on taking this lightly and talked about what he thinks they need to do.

“We’re regulated by the government. Testosterone replacement therapy is legal. Well, I think we should test guys all the way up until their fight to make sure that the entire training camp their limits are where they’re supposed to be, they’re at the legal limits their whole camp,” said White. “These guys that get exemptions for TRT, we’re going to make sure we test you through your entire camp.”


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  1. Sasquatch says:

    Better late then never…

  2. Trevor says:

    This is really good. I’m glad they’re doing something like this. I think personally all fighters should be tested through their camps anyway just to make sure everyone is fair, but this is good too.

  3. Kingsforge says:


    I’m pretty sure half the guys who get on it legally either set it up so they turn up with low levels or pay off a doctor anyway.

  4. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    NOONE has CHEATED more with TRT than
    Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt and gotten away with it. Besides the FACT the commissions should have never granted a BUSTED STEROID abuser like Nate “THE CHEAT” in the first place he then turned around and was busted twice for abusing testosterone ie:TRT and this was while knowing exactly what day he would be tested. Can you imagine how much JUICE Nate “THE CHEAT” had in him during his entire training camp before he started tapering off and he still failed. Then Dana goes back on his word that Nate would never fight in UFC ever again. Now Nate “THE CHEAT” is outsmarting all of them by saying he no longer needs teh JUICE. All he did was get fans, Dana, commissions off his back and now he can shoot as much JUICE, HGH, EPO’s as he pleases as long as he makes sure he tapers off the testosterone ie: cycling

    Nate Marquardt is laughing his head off at all you clowns who actually believe a lifetime steroid abuser and someoen who was on over 3000 mg of testosterone a month for over a year doesn’t just quit TRT and walk into the Woodley fight in best condition of his life at 34 yrs old.

    Sonnen and Marquardt have made a mochery out of the anti-steroid rules in MMA

  5. Sean says:

    Dana please do this. Id love to see how many people would come in looking way softer than normal and lose their fights.

  6. 757 says:

    Yeah he hates it so bad that the guys who use it he pays huge money too to fight. Chael got a contract to coach TUF and fight Jones. Vitor got huge fights made big money and bonuses, and Hendo made a ton and got fight of the night with Shogun. Fuck you Dana quit bullshitting. At the same time you come out with this you are still setting up the fights. You like seeing these guys fight but you are covering your ass with some fans who don’t agree with it…..stop the bullshit

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