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Wednesday, 11/20/2013, 09:20 am

Dana White’s Post UFC 167 GSP Comments Prompts Media Backlash

After Georges St. Pierre won a controversial split-decision victory over Johny Hendricks and promptly said he was going to step away from the sport, an irate Dana White showed his displeasure with the champion at the post-fight press conference.

“He said ‘I’m going to take some time off,’ White said. “No…You don’t just say ‘I’ll take some time off, maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t.'”

White continued, “you owe it to the fans, you owe it to that belt, you owe it to this company and you owe it to Johny Hendricks to give him that opportunity to fight again… Whatever the hell it was that he was saying. That’s not how it works. It doesn’t work that way.”

Due to his comments, many in the MMA media had criticism for White’s comments.

Jonathan Snowden, Bleacher Report writer said “a decent human being would be worried about St-Pierre’s well-being, especially after a fight that left him clearly discombobulated. But it seemed like that was the farthest thing from White’s mind. No one at the press conference, except St-Pierre himself, seemed concerned about the gruesome beating he had just experienced or its physical and emotional costs.”

MMAFighting’s Chuck Mindenhall said “maybe White was caught up in the maelstrom of events. After all, later on, once he talked to GSP just before his media scrum, he seemed to have calmed down a little bit. But the sentiment was there. Surely St-Pierre wouldn’t walk away after a fight like that. In the heat of the moment, with Twitter and White still raging about the fight he just “lost,” St-Pierre looked like a thief with the belt glinting there in front of him, reflecting his own battered face and secrets.”

Mindenhall went on and said “Who’s to say he [St. Pierre] can’t walk away if he wants to? Nobody.”

Sports on Earth writer Tomas Rios said “UFC President Dana White reacted to the news in the manner one would expect of a slavemaster. His comments (post-fight) cleared up any confusion as to whether UFC fighters are entertainment chattel.”

Rios continued, “Some confluence of issues has forced St-Pierre into semi-retirement and White mostly can’t believe that one of his prized punch-monkeys has the nerve to exercise free will. Meanwhile, human beings capable of sympathy will take note that St-Pierre is clearly and rightfully concerned with the possibility that head trauma and brain cells don’t get along.”

Fightline writer Zach Arnold said White’s criticism was purely based on money. “When UFC loses leverage on a fighter, they panic in both public and private,” Arnold wrote. “The meltdowns can be ugly to watch. Without St. Pierre, UFC’s PPV numbers are hitting a ceiling of around 400,000 buys. Jon Jones and Cain Velasquez aren’t going to save the day.”

MMAjunkie’s Ben Fowlkes said “the champ doesn’t get to just abscond with the belt because his girlfriend broke up with him and he’s sad now (or, you know, whatever GSP’s personal problem is, and hopefully it’s better/worse than that). But that’s what seemed crazy about White’s rant to me, was how willing he was to blast the guy before asking why he wants to take a break or for how long.”

Fowlkes continued to say “please, let’s not get all indignant and act like a man who just got his skull pounded on by one of the division’s heaviest hitters is being selfish or ungrateful by asking for some time off.”


3 Responses to “Dana White’s Post UFC 167 GSP Comments Prompts Media Backlash”

  1. GRT 3000 says:

    GSP needs to call Dana White a ‘backstabbing co(c)k’ (in French – coups de couteau coq) lol. It’s no less than he deserves for throwing him under the bus without a seconds hesitation on understanding what personal problems that champ might be facing. fuck him man…

  2. Ddddddddd says:

    GSP is known for being humble and he knows his point style is quickly becoming irelivent. With a lot of his fans being Canadian of course their gonna be sensitive to the American perspective that they can’t ever stop working and making sacrifices. I do have to say he seemed like either a dipshit or someone with head trauma on Rogans pod cast. Please just let him leave and give us exciting title matches.
    Goodbye GSP

  3. GangsterSonnen says:

    When you are employed at a job, you don’t just randomly come out and say after a controversial match that you’re “going away for a while.” He is an employee that is hired to do a job, therefore, he has to do it. If I told my boss that my ass would be fired. Plus, GSP had a year off already when he had that injury to his knee. GSP’s only had, what, three fights since he has been back? Give me a break. So he got a girl pregnant and she wants to keep the baby and you don’t. Boo-hoo. People go through worse shit. That’s a common thing here, buddy. And if you’re father is dying, then get an extension on the next fight date and talk to Dana about it, don’t just announce it in public on fucking PPV without disclosing anything. Very selfish of Georges. Plus, he owes it to fans and Hendricks to give him his rematch since the judges messed up. If he walks away, he’ll be disgracing his own legacy. Hendricks is sitting on the side waiting for that belt in his hands, and he has a family to feed too, as well as a dream. After GSP greasing between rounds in all his fights from BJ Penn and below, to his current statements and situations, I’m done with GSP. I liked him, but now I really dislike him. I recognize his ability, but he’s being crazy, and I think he may have brain injuries. He should see a neurologist and get some scans done. I worry about the whole memory thing… and then there’s his talk about being abducted by aliens and how he says he “loses time during the day.” He says hours vanish in his life sometimes. And he truly believes it was aliens. Maybe it’s from getting hit in the fucking head too often. He needs to see a head specialist. I’m more worried for him than I am upset. I’d like him cleared before he continues again, but he DOES owe it to fans, to Hendricks, to everyone who watched that fight. A job is a job, and even if you don’t like it sometimes, you still gotta do it. There’s no easy way out. Man up.

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