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Friday, 09/14/2012, 09:44 am

Dana White's Anger With Jones And Jackson Reignited | UFC NEWS

“The Jon Jones piece of meat (expletive) thing. When I see him in (expletive) Toronto, that’s the first (expletive) thing we’re going to talk about. Piece of meat? Give me a (expletive) break. That sounds like something a male supermodel would say: I feel like a piece of meat out here (White said in a mocking voice). That pisses me off worse than (expletive) canceling the event. I just heard that one today, Jim Rome told me that… The thing that drives me crazy about Greg Jackson is Greg Jackson has this whole little thing where he’s the nicest guy in the world, the nicest guy you’ve ever met. Real quiet and humble. He’s a (expletive) hardcore businessman. “That’s what that guy is. He plays the whole thing with Jon and Rashad (Evans) and (expletive) Jardine and all these guys ‘We’re all family, we’re all brothers. We’re a big family here and that’s what we are. We won’t fight each other because we’re family. (Expletive) You’re not family. You train together. Yes they like each other. There’s a lot of nice guys in MMA. Keith Jardine is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Rashad is cool too. This sport is full of nice guys. (But Greg) plays this card with these guys…”

“The only reason we even know who Greg Jackson is cause of (expletive) Diego Sanchez. Diego Sanchez came out of his camp because of GSP. GSP wanted to come train at Jackson’s camp and Diego was like (expletive) that (expletive). ‘This is my house, man. I’m going to have to fight this guy one day.’ What did Greg Jackson do? (Expletive) GSP down there isn’t he. You know why because he believed GSP would (expletive) beat Diego Sanchez. He made a business decision. I will take him over him. What happened to (expletive) family? Who could be more family to you than (expletive) Diego Sanchez, the kid’s been with you since he was (expletive) 14 years old. What happened to family, Greg, you (expletive) family-guy you.”

“Then you got Rashad Evans, Rashad Evans was with him the second-longest other than Diego Sanchez. ‘That’s his brother, we’re brothers. He’s my family. He’s this, that and everything else.’ Jon Jones wanted to come train there and comes in and everything is cool. Who the (expletive) did Greg Jackson pick? He picked the guy who he thought would beat Rashad Evans, no matter how (expletive) long Rashad Evans had been with him. He made a (expletive) business decision. He’s a businessman, he’s a (expletive), he’s a (expletive) con artist.”

“Let me be fair. It’s good to have a trainer whom you respect. To keep you in (expletive) line, that you don’t run the (expletive) show. To keep you in order, and you respect him enough to run a camp. And have his (expletive) together to keep your life organized and focused and ready for a (expletive) fight and can breakdown (the fight) and do all this other stuff. But Greg Jackson is a (expletive) businessman who cons all these guys into this family (expletive). Because it would be the perfect (expletive) world if I can have Diego, GSP, Rashad, Jon Jones and a list of other (expletive) characters who don’t have to fight each other because they’re all the best in the world. And if they don’t ever have to (expletive) fight each other, he makes money from all of these guys. Big money, because these are all big-money fighters. He’s full of (expletive) is what he is.”

“I was driving off the freeway, I had just landed and called him and told him what Sonnen said and he (expletive) laughed,” White said of Jones’ initial reaction. “It wasn’t like: Whoa (expletive) this might be the biggest mistake of my (expletive) career. I thought we had a (expletive) fight. He was laughing and was like ‘Alright I’m going to call my team and call you back in a little while.’ And then they call back and it was a completely different (expletive) story. It was the genius Greg Jackson that talked him out of the fight. Talked him out of fighting Chael Sonnen on eight days (expletive) notice, yet fighting Vitor Belfort off a full (expletive) camp. Ok, we were gonna fight Dan Henderson, guy’s got (expletive) knockout power, great wrestling, a good chin, tough (expletive) guy. Now here’s Chael Sonnen on eight days notice and he’s a (expletive) 185 pounder, coming in with no camp whatsoever. And you heard what they said: he’s a southpaw. Vitor Belfort’s a (expletive) southpaw. And hits (expletive) harder, and is faster and more explosive. So you’re gonna (expletive) say no to him on eight days notice but fight (Vitor). It’s so stupid that it gets me angry.”

“I don’t know, we’ll see how our talk goes. We’ve proven you don’t have to best friends to work here.But it’s not a good idea to have a horrible relationship with us either. I get mad all the time and (expletive) happens, but the voice of reason in the next office over here (UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta). If you can get along with him than I’m cool with that. We run a business.

“Lorenzo was really pissed. Like I said pissing me off is one thing, I’m always pissed off. But he’s never pissed off. You start getting to the point where you’re pissing him off, then …”

UFC president Dana White held a private media talk at the UFC headquarters recently and our buds over at were nice enough to share some of the juicy details.

Is Dana right with his assessment of Greg Jackson and Jon Jones or is he being too hard on them?


80 Responses to “Dana White's Anger With Jones And Jackson Reignited | UFC NEWS”

  1. 757 says:

    Dana is absolutely right on this one

  2. amber trichome says:

    why all of the (explicit) censorship?

    is this a kid site, or an mma fan site.

    grow some balls and stop censorship.

  3. Cagin says:

    Dana speaks truth. Jones and Jackson are bitches.

    Look what Jackson did to Guida. PROOF!

  4. Hutchy says:

    Dana is a blow hard. Fuck him.

  5. grandma killer says:

    greg jackson likes young boys booty holes more than michael jackson did. ‘so what i want you to do is go out there and lay on top of him for as long as possible, yeahhh just like that….yeah….hold him there….now punch him a bit….ohhhh yeahhhh…..jon thats perfect…lookin good jon….awwww yeah jonny boner jones…i mean bones…’

  6. ricky says:

    Dana just went OFF

  7. MMAnalyst says:

    Dana went way overboard…

    • Thom says:

      he lost like 2 million dollars because jones didnt want to fight an out of shape MW, then Jones goes on and says he felt like the UFC didnt treat him right. He has every right to say the things he does.

      • magoo says:

        I highly doubt Chael was outta shape he was training with Hendo. This whole situation is fishy. The UFC brass knew Henderson was injured 2 weeks prior too his withdrawal! They had plenty of time to put something scabby together, kinda like they did with Machida/Bonnar fiasco, but a lot people will take that crap rather then have nothing at all.bottom line is the UFC is putting together mediocre replacement fights and most of you are ok with it…..JBJ wasn’t! I hope mr save the day Silva loses to Bonnard oh how sweet that would be.

      • Boris says:

        Hopefully next step for jones will be getting fired for all of the mess that he has made. All of the money lost. And then maybe he can live a better life- maybe with bellator so that he can get away from these ‘business men’ (Dana White) who constantly tries to mallest Jones and Greg jackson. Anyway who the (expletive) does Jones think he is. He should have taken the fight with sonnen (even though White later stated that he was too out of shape to fight jones anyway), and beaten a ‘Great White Hope’ that will cement his name in the history books as it did to (expletive) Anderson Silva. Hello. Jones is creating a legacy for himself with each and every (expletive) fight. You disrespect loyal and well spoken hard working good people such as Greg Jackson and the like, and now expect them to talk to you about it let alone (expletive) fight. Oh and another thing, I hope that when I have a kid of my own that will watch UFC, they can grow up and learn the sophisticated businessman jargon such as fuck and shit because that is an acceptable and appreciated part of being a rich and important businessman.

      • marcus d says:

        Why would a fighter care about Dana losing 2 mil? Thats pocket change to him and the fighters dont make shit.

  8. mmahawk says:

    don’t see why White is upset about the cancelled event anyways. it’s not Jones fault Hendo got hurt and Jones has the right to refuse a fight because the original contract was void when Hendo pulled out due to injury. enough said, doesn’t matter what excuses Jones comes up with…

    • Guss says:

      Hey may have had the right, but he’s also the only Champion in UFC history that has turned down a fight. He pussied out. He was too scared. That’s right…SCARED. He didn’t want to take the chance to lose to someone who wasn’t even ranked in the LHW division. BUT Jones and his camp knows that Sonnen isn’t a slouch, and wanted to be very prepared to fight HIM. Some people may call it being cautious, but after a full training camp for Hendo (who isn’t that much different in style than Sonnen, except Hendo hits harder and has a better chin), all he needed to do was make a few minor adjustments (which they could have done in a few days). But Jackson was to worried that Jones may lose, and that would be bad news for Jackson and his camp. So he convinces a naive Jones into backing out. Ya, he had every right too, but as a Champ, it was very unbecoming. Pussy.

  9. DMAC says:

    Dana’s gonna talk shit to Bones before his title defense, really! Why not call him or fly out and settle this shit. I love how he acts like he’s a tough guy, he’s as bad or worse then these fickle ass MMa fans.

    • Chaos says:

      U think dana is scared? He is a former boxer. He will talk shitt in front of ur face if he has to and remind u why he is the president. U clearly havent seen the first ultimate fighter where he talked shitt in front bobby southworth.

      • DMAC says:

        Please, Dana won’t bust a grape! He talks to these guys like he can beat their ass and I don’t like it. He knows they can’t do shit to him because he can easily black ball them from MMA. Only a pussy would use that type of leverage. You think if he didn’t hold their life’s in his hands he would talk to these guys like this, get real!

      • Smackk says:

        Where did he ever say that Dana was scared? Dana is a former cardio boxing instructor and was given that CEO title from his Fertita cronies. There isn’t any other CEO around that talks shit to their employees like that. His time is coming.

  10. bizzle says:

    Jon Jones is an entitled brat bitch.. He feels like a piece of meat? He doesn’t owe anyone anything? Dana should put him on the under card..

  11. jvd says:

    (expletive) kinda got tired of reading because of the (expletive) (expletive) lol

  12. G says:

    There’s a reason Greg Jackson looks like Cypher (Joe Pantoliano) from The Matrix. He’s a fucking sneaky snake! Highly manipulative. I can tell, because I’m manipulative, too.

    • Waffles says:

      I love honesty. And you’re right, snakes sense snakes. I can’t see how everyone examines the evidence, Sanchez, Evans etc… And still thinks Jackson is a “stand up guy”. I don’t care if people are snakes or class acts, as long as they don’t hide it. Just be you and represent your character accordingly.

  13. Nunya says:

    There turning UFC into WWE. Handle your shit discreetly. It just looks bad to keep talking shit.

  14. Thomas Gard says:

    what i love most about Dana White interviews is where it says

    “(expletive) ” i can put any swear in their and make it a nice little mad-lib lol

  15. ufc fan says:

    dana is wrong for blaming jones but has a point about jackson. with the way chael was taking crap about jones you’ve got to speculate that he had known that dan henderson was injured before it was anounced. i bet chael had been preparing for a few weeks before the injury was announced. dont forget that why should the champ fight a guy whos record is worst then all of the top fighters in any weight class, and doesnt diserve the chance at the belt? its ufcs fault for not having better fights on that card to have as a back up.

  16. Hammurabi says:

    The only way this would play out perfectly would be if Vitor KTFO of jones & from there that kid makes his climb down. I hope this article exposes Gregs business for what it really is. A business not a family of fighters.

  17. T.DADDY says:

    Its funny how all you pussie.s talk shit about Dana and you still watch and order UFC ppv’s..lmao.. if it wasn’t for him and the UFC mma wouldn’t be where it is today.. all of credit goes to the fighters but a lot also goes to Dana and Lorenzo for putting together great fights.. so if Dana is that bad STFU and stop watching then

  18. Eric says:

    dana should pull a strikeforce move like they did with meisha tate. “we want you to be the main event of the undercard.” hahaha

  19. quesie says:

    Man Phuk Dana White He Is Just like all Other Owners… If They Leave His UFC? Then What Bc Belator Pays Well Also…Dont Get Me Wrong I Love The UFC, But On The Cool Dana White Is A Gangster In Sheep Clothing….

  20. Just A FAN says:

    Dana is right , although I dont always agree with his actions he does whats best for the company. Greg Jackson is a piece of shit point fighting coach , nothing more and probably a lot less! Lets see what Jackson does when Condit loses to st.Pierre

  21. mrsoulo says:

    I find Dana’s statements to be both hypocritical and disingenuous. After all, he has kicked out many fighters from the UFC that have been with him for many many years in order to make his bottom line more profitable. So to chastise Greg Jackson for being a good businessman is completely unwarranted.

    The fact remains that the egomaniacal Dana White is used to getting his own way and when he doesn’t, he cries “foul” like a big baby. This is just further proof that there need to be a fighter’s union in MMA.

    Dana got a taste of “Sour Grapes” and he didn’t like it.

  22. Jones is a closet homo says:

    Greg Jackson sounds like a psychological con artist, and Jones keeps saying more and more things that makes me think he is closet homo or bi.

  23. Nunya says:

    Hey T.Mama why don’t u pull Dana’s ass hairs out of your teeth. Very grateful for UFC but don’t forget the fighters are the ones that we are watching dumbass

  24. ya herd says:

    Mr white is so right, for a change…. greg i would fight u in a parking lot bring tisues to wipe pour face after

  25. Ryan kelly says:

    Greg Jackson is ruining the sport

  26. Anon says:

    “If you can get along with him than I’m cool with that.”
    Gosh these writers are terrible.

  27. Brend0magic says:

    I hope Vitor KO’s him, then pulls him aside and tells him how to be a man/fighter. Could learn a lot from that old lion, Jones.

  28. Ndftball says:

    I loooooove the way everyone throws around Dana whites name like we all know him, “Dana this Dana that” the reason he’s in the position he’s in is because he knows what the **** he’s doing. Jones is like Tyson one of the best EVER but he’s a total head case and it frustrates dana.

  29. Che says:

    Danas a (expletive) mother (expletive) (expletive)tard

  30. jake says:

    More than right. Every Jones interview about the situation is a loaded with excuses. Telling me the baddest man in the urchin can’t take a 8 day fight with this fool.he knows deep down he would pound him but Jackson talks him out of it and leaves him to come up with all this Blabber about being a south paw and him being a buisness man and doing best for his family. Best decision for you’re family bro was to take the fight,kick some ass,make some cash, step up and help the company that’s made him his fortune and move on. Fuck you’re excuses for the little bitch Jackson. He makes his money either way

  31. g rod says:

    Maybe if there was a few homies doing they thing in the ufc in stead of just white boy Dana’s bitches we could get some fareness.Talking about Keith Jardeen is a beatiful person and Rashad which is just the ufc house nigger. Why cause a black man is looking out for his own self instead of sucking your white dick???? F**- you Dana and the rest of the nice wonderfujl nicest people you want to meet racists that can suckmy dick. There’s something called freedom of making decisions and justbecause you black don’t mean its cause of lack of respect. Just a black man exerting his rights. F*** you. Ufc!!


    YEAH HE’S A BUSINESS MAN. SO WHAT!!!! YOU RUN A FUCKING BUSINESS DONT YOU ASS HOLE..NO YOUD RATHER THEY BE IDIOTS WHO DONT KNOW ANY BETTER SO YOU CAN Continue to USE THEM Up to GROW THE SPORT and FUCK THEM When THEY LOSE… damn. i like Dana but he’s really starting to piss me off. He’s a fucking BULLY. i hope JJ grows a pair and puts dana in his fucking place. You dont offer up a HORRIBLE contender to the CHAMP and shit on him for NOT JUST BEing another fucking PUPPET and saying Yes DANA. YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. EVERYONE HAS put everything on the line for the UFC and the UFC pays them back BY TAKING IN ALL THE MONEY, MONOPOLIZING THE SPORT, AND BULLYING THEIR FIGHTERS. FUCK YOU MR PRESIDENT. YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.

  33. 123 says:

    dana white vs greg jackson confirmed for ufc 157.

  34. Xun Yu says:

    Hands down to Dana for sating those words. Once again i have to say this, jon bones is a (expletive ) PUSSY. He calls himself a champion but don’t wanna fight a guy in 8 days notice. Even Andenson Silva have more balls than this guy. I hope Vitor Belfort give this guy a shocker comes UFC152.

    • you are a piece of meat says:

      what you fail to understand is that this isn’t cock fighting, street fighting, or ameture fighting (even they get more than 8 days notice). these people train 3 months for an opponent. do i think its excessive. yeah! but the rules are the rules. DANA cant just say, well fuck it this time in need you. You think mayweather would fight anyone on 8 days notice? Its like your boss at work telling you to risk your JOb by doing something thats not in your Job description that can only benefit him and the company. JJ doesnt gain anything by beating a middle weight. he’s not cleaning a division and when he wins everyone will say” well, Vitor was a middle weight anyway”. He has everything to lose and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN. UFC is a monopoly and they love it because they bully the fighters knowing they dont have any other place to go. Dana white is an ass hole.

  35. Tom says:

    dana is boss! you don’t have to like it. people get killed for much less than what hendo and jones lost the ufc on that deal.

  36. chad says:

    Dana is fucking right… Jackson will be all buddy buddy until he can find someone better. Then your ass is gone… I remember that special about Dana and Tito… Wit Dana training with pro boxers so he can “box” Tito, and he ended up bitching out… Dana means Business!

  37. Oscar says:

    He is right about Greg although he should understand he ain’t the only business man in the UFC so man up Dana

  38. Donnell says:

    I can’t remember the names. But there was a fight back in the day between 2 boxers who were really good friends and training partners. When asked if they were comfortable fighting each other they said “fuck, we beat the shit outta each other every day in the gym for free”.

  39. Ohio Combat says:

    To me jones punked out! I’ve been a pro mma fighter for 2 yrs and when my opponent pulls out and they asked me to fight another person I would in a heartbeat, on a few reasons,one I’ve been training my ass of for 4 mo and I want to fight idc who just let me fight bc I’m a fighter that’s what I do for a living and if I don’t fight that’s less $$$ in my pocket!! If your A TRUE fighter you would fight anyone anywhere anytime and that’s the bottom line!!

  40. some dude says:

    Ufc 151 wasnt a bad card it had a good co main event i ellenburger vs koscheck but kos got injured and they didnt have a big replacement for him so when jones wouldnt except the fight with sonnen that ruined the card not the ufc they did what they could with all the injuries.


    im no racist,but it seems to me that the hard headed in denial people on here that defend Jones,happen to be black.DMAC,BJJ BB,and MAGOO.You guys are a bunch of biased ignorant clowns.Probably only vote for Obama because he’s black and not because you think he’s the right man for the job.=IGNORANT…Own a a sensable and non biase opinion for once in your life and you wont set your people back every time you comment on here…No disrepecting blacks,just these 3 idiots on here…

    almost forgot about Pancho,he’s not black,he just likes black shaft in his ass…

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