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Friday, 03/23/2012, 08:37 am

Dana White Would Love To Do Anderson Silva vs. GSP

“Obviously it’s a fight that people have been talking about for a long time. So like Georges said, first of all, he has to get healthy. Then he’s got to fight (Carlos) Condit. Anderson is fighting Chael (Sonnen), and then we’ll see where we go from there. I know that Anderson couldn’t make 170, so it would depend on Georges moving up, or those guys meet at a catch-weight or something like that. I want to put on big fights. I want to put on fights the fans want to see. I know how big that fight is. Imagine if we did Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre anywhere in Canada, how big that fight would be. Believe me, I’d love to do. We’ll see what happens.”

While at the podium during this weeks UFC 149 pre-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White fielded questions from the media and fans.

During the QnA, he was asked about the possibility of a GSP vs. Anderson Silva super fight.

What do you guys think? This is a topic that hasn’t been discussed in sometime, so who takes the super fight?

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60 Responses to “Dana White Would Love To Do Anderson Silva vs. GSP”

  1. Neo-Confucianism says:

    catch weight

    • jason says:

      anderson is far too old to make that cut. 185 is tough enough. it wouldn’t be fair to him to make him fight that drawn out.
      it’s a pointless fight anyway. gsp isn’t even qualified to wash silva’s jock strap.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      ANSWER: The fight will never happen cause GSP is scared and says he would need 2 years to put on 5 lbs of muscle. FACT: GSP Knows Silva is 38 years old an dready to retire. This fight (IF GSP HAD THE BALLS) SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED 3 YEARS AGO. FACT: GSP only fights if he has every base covered and no intangables. Funny GSP and his fans BRAG how he is better than Bj Penn but they never mention the 20-30lb weight difference but its different when it comes to GSP fighting someone that may outweigh him by 10 pounds. END OF WORLD and fits not fair to MIGHTY GSP. No its not about weight, height its simpy all GSP cares about is not LOSING. All A Silva would have to do is catch GSP with an off balance fade away love tape jab like he did Forrest Griffin who by the way could take 10 times harder shot than GSP. No FACT GSP will wait tell A. Silva is 40 then say he needs 2 years to gain 5 pounds muscle. FACT: A Silva weighed in awhile back at 182. GSP acts like they are 5 weight classes apart. FACT who is a better p4p Fighter uses REAL sense of the wrod GSP or BJ penn. BJ has fought LHW but you will NEVER see GSP fight anyone out of his weight class because GSP needs every advanatge in world on top of his million dollar SISSY ass gameplanning to fight not to LOSE. Dan Hendersen has more guts in one pinky finger than GSP will have in 10 lifetimes. You would never see GSP fight Fedor. My point is why is GSP even on P4P list? Th beat p4p fighters are Dan Hendersen, Bj, Edgar, Aldo. You GSP NUTHUGGERS can have your BOREFEST, Jabbbbberfest, point fighting, gameplanning pussy, fighting only not to lose, ABSENTEEEE champion

      • zoeldog27 says:

        How can you compare Forrest Griffin to Gsp are you blind?
        If anyone can beat Silva you’d imagine Gsp would be more qualified than most but to say Silva would destroy him shows how little you really know about the sport. Take a look at who Gsp has taken out compared to Silva, Gsp has cleaned out his division twice almost while Silva pisses & moans about fighting Sonnen, If Silva is half as good as you go on about he’d be talking up big fights like against Jones or Gsp. He’s not god and he’s fighting in easily the weakest division in the UFC he wouldn’t be champ at 205 or 170 that’s for sure and if he hangs around a little longer just maybe we will get to see Hector Lombard get a crack at him and Lombard will beat Silva i’d bet my house on it! Hector Lombard will be signed by the UFC in June/July this year I hope they rush him in to fight Silva so we can see him fight someone who can give him a crack at that weight class! If you don’t know who Lombard is check him out on utube he’s easily the most exciting Middleweight to come through since Silva but im sure Silva will duck him too!

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          trust me I’m a huge fan of Lombard but I doubt teh UFC will sign him as they RARELY sign any fighter from Bellator. Hel yeah I would love to see that fight but the difference between A. Silva nd Lombard is while Silva has been beating the best in world his entire career Lombard has been a “CAN CRUSHER” Very bad matchup for Lombard. I know they show him at like 5’9″ but he is closer to 5’7″ and now way he will be able to beat Silva’s reach and quickness. However anything can happen in MMA except of course A. Silva vs GSP fight will NEVER happen. GSP is scared

        • Bah says:

          I heard that Dana White said as soon as Hectors contract is up with Bellator all he has to do is say yes and hes in the UFC

      • Old Fight Fan says:

        @GET RID OF FITCH: you have a great assessment of GSP. He was an exciting fighter before he got KO’d by Matt Serra. Psychologically, that completely changed him forever. Too bad. In any event, I’ve always thought GSP is too small for Silva. Silva would take him out, and I think GSP knows that. Silva vs Jones would be a more compelling fight.

  2. Tug Magroin says:

    GSP looks aq little small compared to Silva. I’m not really excited about that fight because I feel that A. Silva will destroy GSP. Bones vs Silva is the fight I want to see.
    Too bad they both sound reluctant to fight each other

    • Neo-Confucianism says:

      yes, bones vs. spider
      anderson prolly walks around over 205
      and since he’s a vet, he should be the one making the move up
      plus, he prolly has the best chance to defeat jon douche-bag jones

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Agreed, I think Silva would destroy GSP, even at catch weight because you know come fight night Silva would have 20lbs extra weight as well as height and reach advantage. Yes its a super fight fans want to see but I think Dana is pushing this because he realizes Jones would rag doll Silva. Maybe he wants Silva to end with a perfect UFC record…who knows.

      • C says:

        I don’t think that he would ragdoll Silva. If anything it would be a close fight in which someone gets knocked out in a well calculated attempt. Jones vs Silva though I don’t think that Jones should be part of such a big fight though. He has ruled his division for just one year now. GSP has done it for three and Silva for 6. The GSP vs Silva fight really is the more well deserved fight even if it may not be the most interesting to watch I believe it would generate the more ppv buys. GSP vs Silva, I got Silva by TKO in the 3rd round.

      • Joe Bidden says:

        Jones has had the title for what? A year now?

        That’s in no way deserving of a superfight. GSP and Silva have legitimately destroyed every contender for the past few years. Jones still has a very large number of contenders in Light-Heavy. It’s a deep division; not as deep as it used to be, but still extremely talented. Jones needs more fights.

        Plus…Ragdoll Silva? Really? Way too early to call. You don’t even know how good of a chin Jones has at this point, it hasn’t been tested enough. You don’t know how well he deals under pressure, you don’t know how he deals with top-level boxers. Silva has been tested in almost every aspect of the sport., Jones hasn’t.

        • sisters says:

          gsp has “destroyed every contender” ? really? when did this happen? i must have missed those fights…or maybe he destroyed them after i fell asleep watching him fight. either way, there still seem to be an awful lot of guys at ww that he hasn’t faced yet. guys that are far more exciting than he is. when any mma fan thinks of the word “superfight”, gsp is the last person that comes to mind.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        GSP walks in cage at fight time at over 190 lbs but you say no 190 lb fighter should ever have to fighta 205 lb fighter. Thats a cop out if i ever heard it. Royce Gracie use to fight 300 lbers and you guys act like 10 lbs and 2 inches of height makes it totally unfair. No as I said up top its all a GSP copout because he kn ows he can’t beat A. Silva. A. Silva is teh G.O.A.T. not GSP as you would like to believe. If GSP is as good as he likes to portray himself he would not give a rats as about 10 lbs weight difference. GSP is as big of a weight cutter as 90 % of otehr fighters in MMA but he cries likme, he’s nota very big guy. Last time someone asked GSP (BITCH) sidekick farrraaaazzz habbbbbibbibibi if GSP was going to go up to 185 his answer was no GSP is thinking about dropping to 155. If taht isn’t the most pusssssssssy thing I have ever heard in my life. Ig GSP was as good an dominant as he tells everyone he would be going up in weight. No GSP has lost his nerve ala MATT SERRA and having that gameplanning pussy Greg ajckson breathing in his ear all thne time telling him you don’t ned to fight anymore goerges we can gameplan so you just run a way and eeeeeeeeeek out boring ass decsions then taht way you won’t lose your million dollar gatorade endorsement. No all GSP cares about is having belt and defending it less all the time and he could give a rats ass if he ever entertains fans ever again. When did the UFC tell its champions that they no longer have to fight. they may as well change theri name to ULTIMATE GAMEPLANNING FOR PUSSYS BECAUSE OF FIGHTERS LIKE GSP WHO NO LONGER WANT TO FIGHT and are screwing fans out of theri hard earned money

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        GSP walks around easily at 195 but you say he’s just too small to fight A. Silva. what a cop out by GSP and his nuthugger fans

    • Kraig says:

      Right… it aggravates me to hear people talk about GSP being able to take on the spider… GSP does not stand a chance in any aspect of MMA to beat Anderson… Jones v Silva is much more intriguing, but like you said… Probably won’t happen… I still take Anderson in that fight, despite most opinions… Machida caught Jones a few times, but nothing significant… But there’s the difference maker, Anderson only needs one opportunity to capitalize… After he struck Okami with a quick jab and dropped him in their rematch, Okami was hesitant to even throw another strike… Scared… Which is what realm I think Jones would fall into after eating one from the P4P king… Unfortunately, if that fight were to happen, it would be too late for Silva and just right for Jones…

      • Ryan Sikorski says:

        “Unfortunately, if that fight were to happen, it would be too late for Silva and just right for Jones…”

        Your exactly right… The way it sounds now, by the time GSP fights Condit and then it looks like Anderson will most likely be next, Anderson will almost be 40 years old and Jones will be what…. mid 20’s? I would love to see Anderson beat Jones, but the age difference just has me skeptical..

  3. GSP.Sucks says:

    This just proves me point I made in another article. “Imagine if we did Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre anywhere in Canada, how big that fight would be. ” UFC trying to give GSP any advantage they can just so they can make money. Fucking disgusting. Besides, They would make MUCH MORE MONEY in Brazil.

  4. John M says:

    If this happened I would love to see this fight in Brazil

  5. Justen says:

    That’s a dumb fight. Anderson would murder him. Would much rather see Anderson be the first guy to knock out Jones.

  6. says:

    I don’t think this is a good idea. Silva needs to fight a “bigger” guy. He walks around bigger than 205 and hasnt really tested himself against a top light heavy weight (no offence Forest). Id like to see him fight Machida or Rashad and then Jones (or just jones). He is the champ and he is awesome, but common, Forrest griffin? Middle weight division is no where near as competitive as LH weight in my opinion, you wanna be P4P best fighter, go up a weight class and have an equal reach. GSP would not be able to get close and likely get tossed around, clinched against cage. Sort it Dana.

  7. BTSupermanPunch says:

    That would CERTAINLY be the biggest fight in UFC history. I cant’ wait for George to beat Silva and finally (rightfully) be considered #1 in the world.

  8. EatShitBum says:

    Anderson would murder him. Anderson would be on his back for the entire 25 mins of that fight and lose a decision. GSP stand-up is definitely good enough to keep the fight standing for 10 seconds before Anderson is on his back. GSP wrestling is comparable to Chael’s who put Anderson on his back for 24 mins with little to no problem, the only difference here is that GSP is a much better jiu jitsu practicioner than Chael. There is no way Anderson submits GSP.

  9. I doubt it will happen. These are UFC top earners. For one to loose to the other. It wouldnt be right buisness wise $$$ and have comptition still waiting that i believe would give them good fights maybe even a loss. My opinion i just cant picture GSP beating A.Silva.

  10. Jamie Evill says:

    Silver would NOT destroy GSP! He may win the fight but he would not destroy him. I personally think GSP would read his range well and take him down all fight.

    • chard says:

      GSP barely eeked out a decision against a very drawn out Jake Shields. You think GSP stands a chance against Silva? Wow, that’s comedy gold right there!

  11. Zach says:

    Anderson vs Gsp in new York or Vegas so it’s neutral for home advantage


    If silva wins ether retire or fight jones

    Ppl keep bitching but don’t realize if he beats gsp he could fight faggot jones after

  12. DAMN! says:

    GSP is goin’ to sleep I guarantee that.

  13. jason says:

    oh big surprise….let’s do it in canada. what a joke.
    next they will add a stipulation that anderson can only use one arm.

    it’s like taking a guy that can barely make 185 and telling him he now has to fight at 178, because somehow it’s fair to have one guy cut more weight than he can vs a guy that will now not have to cut as much and be far fresher.
    oh wait…

  14. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This fight is never going to happen. How about BJ Penn vs Jose Aldo?

  15. sisters says:

    my guess is that gsp will agree to the fight, then suddenly have to pull out, due to some mystery injury (oh no!), then talk a lot of trash about how bad he wanted this fight because he was really going to finish him. then maybe in a few years and many ped cycles later, the ufc will finally put it together and make anderson cut a huge amount of weight and do the fight in canada. not because they want to give gsp every possible advantage, of course. oh and they’ll probably book it right after anderson has a shoulder surgery or something, where he only gets a 3 week camp. this way, gsp will at least make it to the 3rd round before tapping out to strikes and all his little fan boys can brag about how close he came to actually going the distance. you know, because going the distance and eeking out a decision it so much tougher than finishing your opponent.
    yeah, that sounds about right.

  16. Arctic says:

    Canada? How about Brazil think Anderson deserves to have it there since he has been a more dominant champ

  17. true mma says:

    GSP needs to fight ellenberger, Diaz, hendricks and the road runner.

  18. Magoo says:

    If Silva beats Sonnen,and when Georges beats Condit make the fight happen, of not shut the Fuchs up about it Dana, cause IMO its already starting to lose the aura and mystique it once had!

  19. true mma says:

    Fuck that after GSP lays and prays road runner he needs to fight ellenberger or hendricks. It’s to late for GSP vs Silvia. The spider is older and the WW division is staked now.

    • magoo says:

      I don’t have a problem with that,your right on the money with the div being stacked.I’d love for Georges to clean it out 1 more time before he retires!

  20. true mma says:

    Zoeldog27 is a dumb ass like magoo. Stupid shits like you guys base fights on hating. The world needs haters but Damn. I don’t like Jones but I know he can beat silva, but to say GSP can beat Silva is just plain fucking stupid. Our school systems are really failing. I hope you guys don’t father children.w

    • magoo says:

      Whats so stupid about it smartee 2 shoes? GSP isn’t gonna give up his title to fight Anderson, just like Anderson wouldn’t give up his to fight Jones,so I guess that leaves us with a catch weight superfight at 177.5lbs.Now what makes you think Silva would walk through St Pierre? Does Chael Sonnen have better standup then GSP? Does Chael Sonnen have better BJJ then GSP? Is Chael Sonnen a better kickboxer then GSP?Is Chael Sonnen a better athlete then GSP? Does Chael Sonnen have the record of GSP? Yes Chael Sonnen can wrestle,but guess what so can Georges…if you answered yes to any of these questions Mr true mma,then yea GSP can win the fight dumb ass!!!

  21. true mma says:

    GSP couldn’t finish Alves, Fitch, Hardey, or shields. Could you imagine what Silva would do to those guys.

  22. slacker says:

    That fight is ancient history. GSP missed his chance and don’t be surprised if he loses to Condit. Even if he wins, how old is Silva gonna be by the time GSP makes up his mind on that one? Besides, the WW division just got very interesting again. It’s too bad. There is no one in MW for Silva. If Jones goes up to HW, Silva should jump up to 205 since they won’t fight each other.

  23. true mma says:

    Hey dumb ass magoo you stupid fuck, can Matt serra knock out Silva. Could Matt H submitt silva.

  24. MARV3L0US says:

    Um gsp is 5″11 so how are you goin to compare him to chael sonnen or forrest griffin those guys are wayy bigger than gsp if gsp faught anderson he would get kicked in his face or triangled gsp knows anderson is too big for him he will never fight anderson.

  25. Magoo says:

    If Serra connected…. yea he could possibly KO Silva you stupid cunt,open that pea brain of yours and know that anything could happen its mma ass clown!!!

  26. Jeff Ash says:

    Funny how Anderson wants to fight GSP, but not JBJ. Dana uses Anderson’s age as a reason the fight shouldn’t happen……interestingly, Hendo was about the same age when he fought Anderson for the title and that didn’t seem to bother Dana. My point is, I believe Anderson wants fights in which he believes he holds a decided advantage, but won’t venture into the unknown with JBJ. Sack up A.S.!

  27. Q says:

    Dana White’s an idiot… If he wants to make a dream match, make it fair and have Silva vs Jones…

  28. Dan Donofrio says:

    It’s amazing how many of you comment on such an old rehashed story. This is what’s going to happen when you have to wait 4-5 weeks for a UFC event. Nothing is going on, so why not mention a FRESH story from 2009. Way to crack open SUCH a stale can of worms….GSP will never fight Silva or Jones. Silva and Jones will never fight. Take a moment to think back on all the MMA catch-weight super fights over the last 10 years. Think about it…You can do it…There you go…It’s coming…Remember it MUST be a super fight…Alas, I can’t think of one…This is almost like the computer match up between Marciano and Ali…They never fought, but boy oh boy that computer simulation was fantastic…But it meant nothing, just like this story…Peace out to all, and to all a good fight!

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