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Thursday, 09/13/2012, 02:10 pm

Dana White Wonders If Jon Jones Felt Like A Piece Of Meat When The UFC Bought His Bentley | UFC NEWS

UFC president Dana White recently sat down with the always entertaining Jim Rome to discuss all things UFC.

During the interview Jim addressed the Jon Jones situation and asked Dana White to comment on what Jones had been saying.

Here is a snip from the interview:

Jim Rome: “Jon Jones said he felt like he was treated like a piece of meat by the UFC.”

Dana White: “I wonder how the piece of meat was feeling when we bought him the Bentley.”

Later White unfavorably compared Jones to Stephan Bonnar and Chael Sonnen.

Dana White: “Silva called to say ‘Hey Boss, I’ll fight at 205 and save the show in Las Vegas on 8 days notice’ but it was a few hours too late. So when this happened, I called him up and he stepped up and said ‘Absolutely, I’ll fight. I only have 3 weeks to make 185 and can’t do that right now. But I will fight at 205. And I thought, how can I find someone at 205 willing to fight him when we couldn’t find at 205 willing to fight Jon Jones on a month’s notice.

“Then I get a call from Stephan Bonnar and he is pumped. He says that Silva is the perfect style for him and he wants this fight more than anything. Does this fight make sense? Of course it doesn’t. But the bottom line is that Anderson and Bonnar stepped up.

“The biggest shocker about Jon Bones Jones not fighting is that he was coming off of a long camp and ready to fight Dan Henderson. He was ready to go for a fight and Chael, who hadn’t been training and was smaller, was willing to fly to Vegas that night to face him.”


76 Responses to “Dana White Wonders If Jon Jones Felt Like A Piece Of Meat When The UFC Bought His Bentley | UFC NEWS”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    I wish I could get my meat in a Bentley

  2. JOEAE says:

    I want to suck his bones clean

  3. life is meh says:

    We’re all pieces of meat. Sooner you get used to it, the sooner you get paid. Immoral? Probably. Useful? Definitiely.

  4. Bjj BB says:

    I wish I could get my meat in Jones Bones. I love that man!

  5. Xaninho says:

    And did he feel like a piece of meat after he drove around drunk, wrapped the Bentley around a telephonepole and UFC kept supporting him?

  6. Moronrtwsdf says:

    Dana White’s a moron, a big moron. Who does fights based on “who steps up now” Fuckin idiot. Fuckin moron. Can’t stand idiots. Someone in the ufc needs to realize this guy’s a idiot, someone demote him to co-president and get a new president in there. I nominate Frank Shamrock.

    • Sugar Ponybear says:

      I hate Dana White just as much as the next but when your star athletes are injured, it becomes about who steps up. Jones vs. Henderson was the fight, there is no backup, no one is going to do a full training camp to maybe fight the champ if the first fight falls through. That fight either happens or doesn’t, if it doesn’t, whoever steps up gets the fight, the show must go on, that’s business. If the whole fight falls through and you have no fighter to fall back on, you make another big name fight with whoever steps up. You just lost over a mil, you don’t take the chance and scrap another PPV like that. Silva said he would fight, you got your big name. Bonnar said he would fight Silva, you have a fight. I’m in the fuck Dana White club too but business is business and the show must go on.

      • Ironfist says:

        All u morons hate on Dana so much like he’s supposed to be perfect.the so called sport that u guys love he helped build this sport to what it is today.he may not say the smartest shit sometimes or make the best choices but he was smart enough to make mma the next big thing.u cocksuckers can never do what Dana does so shut the fuck up.

    • Texas says:

      “in idiot.” “in moron”??? You, that’s who!

      • You sir, are a moron says:

        You do understand that the *’s before in idiot an in moron mean that he is censoring his post right…let me translate for you… you sre a fuckin idiot and a fuckin moron….try that next time you try to bash someone elses comment

    • shane benson says:

      You sound like someone who has never had to run a business. Let me tell you who puts fights like this together, a guy who knows the show HAS to go on so fighters are paid and people maintain interest in the product the UFC provides. The idiot in this scenario is Boner Jones who is too big a douche to step up and fight, the thing that pays him and gets him a Bentley he can go crash! you sir sound like the moron.

    • you suck says:

      we get and jhone jone and Frank Shamrock dick suker here , you the one who idiot and moron . you dont know anything run business and mma , stupid comment . and who the hell is Frank Shamrock ? what did he help the UFC , he only fight a few fights and run off

    • HiiPower716 says:

      Like he said in the interview “The show must go on” He even said the A.Silva and Bonnar fight makes no sense at all but thats who stepped up..

    • Gibby says:

      Who thinks think guy IS frank Slamcock? Hahaha

  7. Clint says:

    You all are panty pudding baby batter jabronies

  8. macheetah says:

    yeah Jon Jones is a piece of something alright, but I wouldn’t say meat, more like piece of $hit

  9. aMMAzing says:

    What kind of president talks down on his fighters? Dana white, in my opinion seems like a douche bag and he is definitely a hypocrite. He originally talked down on women’s MMA yet he recently wore a Ronda Rousey T shirt. He said Chael Sonnen would not talk his way into a title shot against Jones, but then gives him a shot and pisses on Jones for not fighting him. Am I the only one that sees this? or are most of the MMA fans who are attacking Jones a bunch of racist assholes that never liked him to begin with and chose this opportunity to really show their hatred? Now he throws Bonner and Silva. I don’t care if its at 205, Bonner should not be fighting an undefeated Anderson Silva. This is a bunch of Bull-Sh-t.

    • Big J says:

      A bunch of racists, you need to calm down, roid rage. Put yourself in Dana’s position, how would you handle it? If you say I would cancel the show rather than have Silva and Bonner fight then I know you would fail as a business man….

    • keyboard warrior says:

      So if you don’t like Jon Jones it’s because you are racist and an asshole?

      • Jed says:

        Jon Jones niggerized ufc 151, and Dana is just doing whatever it takes to give the fans a show. Yes, all the fighters who stepped up are white, but that is just who we are. Also, for those who are about to point out that Silva “stepped up”, that’s because he is the house nigger.

    • Sugar Ponybear says:

      I’ve been saying Dana White was a hypocrite since he signed Kimbo and recanted his faggot comments. Who knows, maybe Rhonda changed his mind, she changed mine. When your only star power is an obviously roided tranny, it’s a hard sell. And yes he said Chael wouldn’t talk his way into a title shot, and then Jones needed an opponent and Chael was the only one who would step up. What can you do? He pissed on Jones (along with 90% of everyone else) for ducking a fight, he’s the fucking champ he doesn’t get that option. I never claimed to not be an asshole but I’m the furthest thing from a racist and no, I have never really been sold on Jones but you’re right in one aspect. This does give me a good opportunity because now I’m not arguing with hordes of nuthuggers to express my doubts.

  10. Drew says:

    @ amazing… I was a jones fan after the bonnar fight. I am not racist and would bone vivica a fox all fucking day (pun Intended). Yet u need to see it as, people took off work and dropped a good amount of money on hotels, seats, food, drinks, some nuggets (maybe lol) to go see that title fight bottom line. Jones trained for 6 months for Hendo and Greg Jackson Said “it would be the worst decision he could make fighting chael”. Out of respect for the fans especially the ones who paid to see probably one of their favorite fighters perform for the first time in front of their eyes and the fighter spirit in him didn’t wanna fight a guy who could of trained for 8 days and way more out of shape then Hendo would of been couldn’t just put on the trunks for the fans, the some like 20 other fighters whose rent payment was depending on that. Ya u can say oh it’s Danas fault for not making it a big card enough to hold it down without a title fight but at the end of the day they didn’t and that’s that.. Jones could of easily been now revered as such a excellent example for fighters and young men nowadays in general. If some didn’t make sense I didn’t wanna proof read. Long day at class.
    War BJ!

  11. Dan Rod says:

    He loves it when his employees call him ‘boss.’

  12. A.James says:

    Dana shouldnt be going in on Jones like this. It’s not good to embarrass the man you’ve labeled as the next great thing like some Christ like mythological creature.

  13. Jbj holds the upper hand says:

    Jon should go to every other organization and fuck up ufcs iron fist! No one can say “oh jbj isn’t the best in the world because he isnt in the UFC ” he already owned everyone but hendo in the UFC . And hendo will follow him to another organization for sure! Finish what frank shamrock started!!! Mma equality ! Not this ” ma bell” of mma which is UFC. Dana and UFC simply have too much control over mma and trash there own fighters. And then fans hate Jon bones jones…. Smfh… 97% of what I read on this forum is “bhaaaas bhaaaas ” . Keep hating jbj sheep. Good night :)

  14. Screw dana white. Screw him for not being honest about what he is. He’s a promoter and to him ALL fighters are pieces of meat. Their only purpose in his eyes is to fight and make him money and that’s all this is about. For him to get all high and mighty just shows that he’s a a hypocrite and a punk. Crapping all over jones and not taking any responsibility for himself when it was HIS decision to scrap the ppv. I don’t see him getting in the octagon to do anything but put a belt on a winner. He’s not a fighter. He managed fighters. He promotes fighters but he’s not in the ring taking any risks.

  15. eewrtweert says:

    All you people trying to stick up for him, morons. Could’ve easily gave it to teixera w/e the f his name is. Shuttt ur mouth business business business, guarantee you, he could’ve easily gotten plenty of other fights to headline it which are “Right” not stupid business. Come on dude, this isn’t about business that’s stupid business in my eyes, and stupid business = to a corrupt sport. They start giving title shots to people who just lost a title fight and winning they’re next fight after they’re gunna be the number 1 contender come on man. They’re starting to judge winning fights by rounds cause it’s a ‘Business” come on man. Example: All fighter’s think Lyoto won the rampage fight, but in Dana White’s eyes he won cause he ‘controlled’ the first 2 rounds, when really.. It was pretty much even and all Rampage did was hold him on a cage and after in that 3rd round of it being pretty much even, maybe rampage was even winning a little bit. Lyoto rocked him and worked him which = to him winning. Even the fighter himself say’s he lost. But Dana White! is suuuchhh a moron that in his head, he’s right about everything. Hahahaha. Ok moron’s say it’s a business, ur all just losin ur minds there are a million fight’s and they’re looking at one guy who the mojority of everyone say’s is a stupid fight. So you 2 little stupid people saying were poor at business, keep thinking that morons.

  16. Quinn says:

    Dana way over steps his position on most the things he says.
    The guy is so self absorbed and he has no respect for his fighters.
    Some fighters are douche bags as well but Dana is the president/promoter and he should stick with promoting and stop adding bullsh!t to his fighters.
    He is unprofessional and the Fertittas should have him do something else!
    Dana has had his moment in the UFC, so thank you for your time Dana, but it’s time for the UFC brass to move on without him or relieve him of his duties as president.
    Mr. White handles a crisis very poorly within the organization with no effort to come up with a remedy on a specific situation. Instead he adds publicly to an already bad situation! The guy doesn’t know how to handle matters discreetly!
    I hope the Fertittas have started a search or have a person or people in mind to replace Dana before it get too ridiculous out of hand.
    It will give a breath of fresh air for the MMA fans and fighters.


    I think that everyone commenting on here should stand in a circle and wank each other until you all are so happy that you never feel the need to post a comment on the Internet again.

  18. Bjj BB says:

    who ever is using my name is a FAGGOT AND HAS KIDS WITH THERE MOTHER AND SISTER!!

    • Bjj BB says:

      Stop making me look like an idiot with no grade 3 education. I would say …. with THEIR mother, and THEIR sister. There is used to describe location. THEIR is used to describe possession. THEIR before sister to be parallel. I’M NOT SOME UNEDUCATED DUMBASS. So stop impersonating me. Please leave. O, wait.. I’m impersonating you. You really are illiterate.

    • Bjj BB says:

      And I didn’t have kids with just any mother and sister. I had kids with YOUR mother, and YOUR sister. Bjj BB… I am YOUR father……

  19. Rich says:

    This story has run it’s course…we all know Jones is chicken$hit…only in it for the money…selfish…conceited…a drunk…irresponsible…a danger to innocent people driving on the road…I can go on, but I would have to care enough to do so…Jones sucks…period.

  20. DMAC says:

    Dana really thinks he’s doing us a favor by charging $55 for some bullshit. I’m not going to pay to watch a lion feed on hopeless pray, I don’t watch fights for that. I like to see competitive warriors that can beat each other on any given night, now that’s worth my $. Give him someone that actually has a shot at beating him and let’s see if Spider takes that fight. I’m not trying to disrespect the champ but the way he’s been picking and choosing fighters in his weight class as of late I don’t see him fighting someone that has a legit chance on short notice.

  21. PeteMitchell says:

    2 gays and 1 belt, Vitor will beg for submission.

  22. CarlitosWay says:

    2 girls 1 belt. Vitor will suck on Jone’s mouthpiece on the cover of Maxim.

  23. Nunya says:

    The whole thing is falling apart because they are running too many events too soon. If you spread out the PPV fights to make the card full of great fights all with top contenders. That would benefit all. This giving a guy a title shot because he wants it is bullshit. No disrespect to Chael or Bonner but they don’t deserve a title shot. Either does Vitor for that matter.

  24. Pride > says:

    If Greg jackson would have given the decision to Jon to fight Chael or not im pretty sure Jon would have accepted but the pussies are his coaches who needs their pay checks and did not want to risk it all so Jones is taking all the trash talk instead of his coaches … Fkk greg and winklejohn

  25. Dana White says:

    This has never happened as long as the UFC’s been around. I’ve never had to cancel a whole event like this. I just can’t believe this. I think I’m gonna put Jon Jones in the next event. Jon Jones said he feels like “a piece of meat” in the UFC???… I think I’ll give Jon Jones a title shot against Anderson Silva. Jon Jones cost me $40 million dollars???… I think I’ll give Jon Jones a blowjob.

    Gotta love my logic <3 <3 <3

  26. Ryan kelly says:

    Honestly this is becoming the new Anna nicole smith but I can feel Dana white I would want my champion to step up he would’ve lost money on that card huge I mean who really wanted to c the rest of that card it wasn’t great and for john to say he needs to make deeper cards it’s pretty weak too because he’s basically say all the other fighters are wack and don’t deserve recognition he took a fight he feels he knows he’s going to win bottom line he should’ve stepped up if u want to be considered pfp best in the world Bj penn fought anyone he even fought machida at jones weight on short notice a did Farely well I really wanted to c if hendo could’ve ended him not to likely but it would’ve been fun to watch

  27. Sugar Ponybear says:

    I’m with all ya’ll saying Fuck Dana White. But no one is to blame for this BUT Jon Jones. As with any sport, before it’s a sport, it’s a business. NFL, NBA, NHL, WWE, BELLATOR, MLB, etc. It’s all business. As much as I hate Dana, he’s been around before all these fighters, they knew who they’d be working for before they signed the contract. They wanted to be the best, they wanted to compete in the UFC, well these are the strings that come attatched. If he could of gotten someone else that had a training camp, he’d be pulling a fight from another card which is just more to fix later. Yeah he could of put Glover in there but at the time Rampage wasn’t “injured.” Yeah you can say fuck Dana White but before him UFC was dying, love him or HATE HIM, he’s a hell of a promoter. Most of ya’ll lack a business sense, thankfully it ain’t ya’ll running the UFC or it would of folded faster than the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Jon had an obligation he didn’t fulfill. As of now at least, he deserves every bit of backlash he gets.

  28. Mike Cannon JR. says:

    I wonder if Dana felt like a peice of shit marking it as a tax write off…?

  29. Mike cannon Jr. says:

    Did he feel like doodoo marking it as a tax write off?

  30. Alfie says:

    If these injuries keep happening and these pre madonna fighters keep turning down fights for no good reason it could be the beggining of the end for UFC then Jon jones will be fucking sorry

  31. 123 says:

    too much hate for jon jones, he’s the best fighter in the ufc.

  32. m says:

    Fighters will do all kinds of stupid shit to lose fans and lose the “bosses” favor. But all is forgotten when you go out and fight like a beast and handle yourself humbly and honorably.

    It wasn’t long ago that Anderson Silva was hated on for the way he treated Leites and Maia. The boss threatened to release him if it happened again….

    Regardless of how Bones performs, I’ll never be a fan of his again.

  33. Ddddddd says:

    Ive seen a lot of fights cancelled in my day
    but I’ve never seen anyone blamed for a
    cancelation. To comment on someone feeling
    like a piece of meat and then sarcastically throw in their face you bought their car seems pretty ignorant. a lot of shady sh!t happens in
    the UFC and to attack someone that did make
    a stupid but honest mistake to me is senseless. Man I was p!ssed at Johny for a
    minute but come on. This is starting to get
    wierd. Maybe if the masses enjoyed fights
    that weren’t like watching Giligans Island
    this card would’ve been saved. People
    need someone else to tell them who the fighters are that are worth watching.
    Have a mind of your own and enjoy every
    fight you get to see.

  34. Bjj BB says:

    @ the fake Bjj BB! When you have a real job and your texting from your phone who gives a shit if i spell shit wrong you f-ucking nerd, and you would come on a mma site and correct the spelling to use as a come back! Really weak!! If you did that on the street with sum1 saying there words wrong you’d get bitch slapped!! So stay in your room and study really hard and make your retard sister and mother really proud!!

  35. Bjj BB says:

    @ assinine, i think its funny, i love talking shit to nerds! And your lingo is so gay, just stop. ( u butt hurt bro?) buwaaaahahaha!! Yea stiffler, im all butt hurt while im banging your mom!

  36. Bjj BB says:

    @ Assinine, and so you know, I like older women. LOL. Bwahahahaha.. Older women rock! Super easy too!

    • assinine says:

      LOL, you’re sad. Talking about sticking older women. GROW UP. I think most people here, pretty much everyone, thinks you’re a childish dip shit, that’s annoying. GO. AWAY. You’re sad, annoying, enjoy sleeping with older women, probably b/c you can’t get laid with someone your age or younger, and illiterate. Do this site a favour, and the world a favour and microwave your testicles.

  37. Bjj BB says:

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  38. Bjj BB says:

    @ Assinyomouth, awwwwww, did i hurt your feelings to where your “GREAT” come back was “Who reads any of your comments? ……seriously…”? like i said b4, WEAK! and in the feature if no1 is talking to or about you, then only comment about the post or i will f-uck you up on here every time you talk s-hit you lil freckle face red headed step child!

  39. Bjj BB says:

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