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Wednesday, 01/02/2013, 10:35 am

Dana White Willing To Hire Mike Dolce For Cris Cyborg | UFC NEWS

“She can get to this weight,” said White. “We have an expert who can help you lose weight in a healthy way. We have Mike Dolce, who has wrestlers lose weight and still feel good and it’s all about your diet. He is 100 percent ready to work with her and will not cost anything to Cris. Cyborg needs to get on the boat. If she wants to fight in the UFC, she’ll have to fight this category of 135 pounds. The stupidest thing about it is that she has Tito Ortiz as her manager.”

UFC President Dana White reminds the world that he tries his best to put fights together. The Cyborg vs. Rousey fight is no doubt the biggest fight in WMMA, but the former Stikeforce champ Cyborg, has up until this point refused to try to cut down to the 135 pound weight limit needed to make it happen.

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12 Responses to “Dana White Willing To Hire Mike Dolce For Cris Cyborg | UFC NEWS”

  1. cyborghamanballs says:

    Just put cyborg in men’s featherweight class!! Problem solved!!

  2. variation says:

    I’m not sure mike dolce is as good as everyone makes him out to be, some of his methods look copied… and chael felt like shit after his weight cut… why doesn’t rousey, who already cuts a little weight do the fight at 140, half way… probablem solved. but I’m guessing cyborg wants a belt just a shame the ufc tailors their womens mma to ronda

    • Kenshiro says:

      cause she’s the fucking champ.. she dont need to go up Cyborg needs to come down! It’s not a situation like Anderson Silva VS GSP where they both cleaned out their division and a superfight is set up. There are plenty of challenges for Rousey eventhough everyone is acting like she’s some kind of Goddess. She’s amazing and i’m a huge fan… but there’s tough competition out there she didn’t face yet! If Cyborg doesn’t wanna come down, fuck her!

    • Sasquatch says:

      I hate to say this but if it wasn’t for Ronda and her marketable good looks WMMA wouldn’t be were it is (UFC) today. I think Cyborgs suspension was probably a blessing for WMMA because if she was still reigning supreme woman would have never been headlining a UFC PPV event in February. This would have happened a lot sooner if Gina Carano had been victorious against Cyborg and didn’t get beaten right off the WMMA scene.

  3. John says:

    And in other news rousey and Dana are no longer sleeping together and Dana has decided to hire dloce to kick rondas ass for using him to get signed and breaking his heart

  4. Benny Sin says:

    She isn’t the champ. She’s won a few fights in a talentless division; the 145 division has always been much better than the 135 for the women. Nobody cares about any of the other 135 women… I’m amazed this fight is ahead of Henderson-Machida on the card.

  5. CyborgsBALL says:

    cyborg is gonna get smashed if she fights rousey mainly cuz she is overrated. either way im not paying to watch a bitch fight

  6. Mac Boy says:

    @Variation I totally agree with you about Dolce. Its not like he’s a registered dietitian or has his Undergrad or Masters or even Ph.D in Exercise Physiology or nutrition. Nor dose he hold any certifications like a CSCS ACSM and so on. Furthermore his methods he talks about are all repetitive, his methods seem to lack depth of knowledge. I think It’d be hilarious if they sat him down with a true expert and drilled him with questions we’d see really “how much” Dolce knows.

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