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Wednesday, 02/15/2012, 11:10 pm

Dana White | We Blew It Tonight, From Now On All Main Events Will Be Five-Rounds

“From this day forward, as we speak right here, right now today, every fight that is a main event that is not a title fight will be a five-round fight. I can do 33 rounds on FUEL TV if I want to. FUEL TV can’t get enough. We blew it tonight. It should have been a five-round fight.”

After the barnburner of a main event tonight between Diego Sanchez and Jake Ellenberger, UFC president Dana White took to the post-fight press conference and announced that all future main events will be five-rounds.

Diego Sanchez lost the opening two rounds in his fight against Jake Ellenberger tonight, but he resurged in the third and almost put his opponent his way. An obviously fatigued Ellenberger was saved by the bell but had two more rounds been left it very well could have been Sanchez who was awarded the win.

At the end of the bout Diego emphatically stated “I thought all main events are supposed to be five-rounds, what happened? I’m ready for more!”

Well Dana White heard the cry and will now correct the situation from this point forward.

Anyone have a problem with five-round fight main events going forward?

You can check out our full play-by-play HERE for a more detailed breakdown.

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40 Responses to “Dana White | We Blew It Tonight, From Now On All Main Events Will Be Five-Rounds”

  1. DA BOMB says:

    love or hate Sanchez…the dude always comes to fight and puts on a great show!

  2. NitroSantana says:

    Yes! I’ve wanted this since Machida/Rampage

  3. bryan smith says:

    yes! dana your the man! i mostly agree with what you say, but fights that good, you have to have 5-5 minute rounds! makes perfect sense, it would give anyone a chance to come back. this fight is one of the best examples i have seen of that proof.

  4. Brian Brand says:

    diego always comes ready to fight, why this didn’t happen years ago and Dana is just realizing this now is beyond me. honestly i think all ufc fights should be 5 rounds, and a championship bout should be more than that… show how tough you really are!!

  5. Ninja Oreo+Dollop says:

    Diego came back with the vengeance! WTF Dana I thought all main events were 5 rounds since Leben vs Munoz.

  6. Dylan says:

    Did anyone else see ellenberger escape and start throwing down again? Saved by the bell my ass

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I seen him defending and trying to better his position, so it’s good they didn’t stop it. but by no means did he escape and throw down as you put it. He won the fight – 3 rounder, but do you think he would have been ready for 5? Dude was gassed and getting hammered on.

  7. Dylan says:

    Did anyone else see ellenberger escape and start throwing down again? Saved by the bell my ass. Ellenberger would have gone another 2 rounds and still won

  8. Ej143 says:

    Dana already said this before, when they said 3 rounds in the beginning I was like “wtf”…rashad and davis had 5 rounds….

  9. slacker says:

    Yeah, I’d like to see a re – match. Sanchez deserves it and I want to see Ellenberger perform under that kind fo pressure.

  10. CCW.Gun control=Government+control. says:

    Penn is for sure never coming back. Maybe to LW. But never WW.

  11. Pijan says:

    Damn I wanted Diaz to pull out the win. Good fight.

  12. al says:

    Did no one watch the whole fight? From what i saw Diego was on the bottom at the end. Yeah sure he was on top for a while , but only because of a slip. Diego would still of lost the fight, he was so tierd those punches wouldn’t rip a paper bag and you all know it. I would love to see all main fights 5 rounds, but i don’t think in this fight it would of mattered, Ellenberger would of just hurt Diego even more.

  13. : ^ ) says:

    Jake looked like he broke his right hand in the second round. He shook it off at one point and then hardly used it to the end of that round.

    But I was going with Diego through this fight. That guy needs a lot of improvement in striking (he missed so many times, credit to Jake but still…) but Diego’s never say die attitude makes him a fan favorite.

    He came close to getting the choke, another aspect of his skills he needs to work on. Look forward to seeing Diego fight again.

  14. CanILive says:

    UM like a year ago, you stated all main events were going to be 5 rounds so why state it again?

  15. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I thought it had already been determined that all main events were gonna be five rounds!? And on another note, FUCK COMCAST for not carrying Fuel TV in my area!!

  16. Jason N says:

    Fuel TV can’t get enough? To bad not ENOUGH can get Fuel TV. FUEL TV is bad for UFC.

  17. Jason N says:

    Also I thought all main events were supposed tobe 5 rounds. Could have swore that annoucement happened over a year ago

  18. lambo says:

    All of you who don’t have Direct tv are gonna have Grand KIds with Dog Collars lmao

  19. jdubx says:

    good to see dana realizing his mistakes and making it right, this is why he’s the best.

  20. Shawn says:

    I too was under the impression all Main Events (even non-title fights) were going to be 5 rounds. As Dana stated last summer, starting with Evans vs Davis. Wonder what made him decide to go 3 rounds for this one.

  21. JB Spencer says:

    WTF? I cant read the comments on this new format.

    and WTF!! am i loseing my mind or didnt they switch to 5 rnd main events like 3 months ago. And now dana talkin lk this is somthin new ther gona be doin. When i seen ellenburger throw his mouth piece out to the crowd after the third rnd i bout got sick, what the hell is goin on???

  22. david.uppercut says:

    wtf is up with last night? I thought it was going to be a 5 round main event, but then it turned out to be 3 rounds?! wtf!!!! if Sanchez had 2 more rounds, he would have owned Ellenberger, Ellenberger was exhausted after the 3rd from getting pummelled

    • GRT 3000 says:

      yeah man, I thought it was 5 rounds too. I was like wtf?! when they shut it down after three. At least the UFC realizes that they blew it – too little too late for Sanchez though.

  23. t says:

    i wish i had fuel tv and could have watched that fight damn and as for the people saying fightv would have been all sanchez after that or for sure ellenbeger would havewon still competely well who knows cause i sure as hell dont would love to see these 2 in a possible title fight if jake can manage to take the belt from carlos

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