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Thursday, 08/01/2013, 10:50 am

Dana White Wants MacDonald vs. Lawler

Following their two performances at UFC on FOX 8, Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler (pictured) have put forth a match-up that the UFC boss wants to see.  At the UFC World Tour press conference in New York on Wednesday, Dana White said that he was, “Thinking about doing Rory [against] Robbie Lawler.”


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

At the UFC World Tour press conference Wednesday, UFC President Dana White expressed interest in a match up between two to welterweight fighters, Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler.

Both fighters fought and won on last Saturday’s UFC on FOX 8 card.  Lawler earned a second-round TKO victory over Bobby Voelker in an exciting display of his power, aggression and exciting striking abilities.  MacDonald’s victory over Jake Ellenberger was underwhelming, in terms of action.  MacDonald used his jab to defeat Ellenberger in a three-round fight that frustrated his opponent almost as much as it did the fans.

For Lawler, his last two fights in the UFC have seen spectacular knockout wins, feats that have earned him a spot in the top 10 contenders at 170 lbs.  A fight with MacDonald would be his highest-ranked opponent as of yet in the UFC, and a win could certainly launch him into title contention.
For MacDonald, the number 3 welterweight contender has a 6-1 record in the UFC.  His recent win over Ellenberger marks the first victory of a top-10 ranked opponent.
During the UFC World Tour press conference, White did not give an indication of whether the fighters had been contacted about the fight or when the fight would take place.


24 Responses to “Dana White Wants MacDonald vs. Lawler”

  1. brain says:

    how high are you when you write these articles??

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I like this one. Fast track Lawler if he can beat Rory. MacD better fight better against Robbie than he did Jake. Jabs aren’t going to do it. GO USA!!!

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    Lawler will need to practice up for a Tri-Star jab-fest then; that seems to be the winning strategy when their fighters reach the top of a division.

  4. Bob'O says:

    I like this, but I would love Nick Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald even more. ~Bob’O

  5. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I haven’t thought about Rory vs Nick before, but yah I like that even better than Lawler.

  6. YoMama says:

    Diaz vs. MacDonald for sure.

  7. croy says:

    you guys chewing paint chips? Rory vs Nick would end the same way Rory vs Nate ended, with a Diaz being embarrassed.

  8. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    This can surely be an exciting fight! I don’t think Lawler will freeze and bring the fight to mac Donald. I didn’t see Ellenbergers freeze-up coming though, so I might be wrong.

  9. maddkillah says:

    so lawler will fight a rank 3 after he defeated, uh, who was that guy again??? classic Dana. i would rather prefer lawler vs kampmann and rory vs condit part2 or better yet a lawler vs diaz part2..

    • Ollie says:

      MacDonald got to #3 without beating a top 10 guy. Ellenberger was his first top 10 ranked guy. The only other was Condit and he lost. Lawler has won 2 in a row, both in pretty impressive fashion. And he beat Koscheck the fight before and only beat the ‘nobody’ because Saffiedine pulled out. Its not his fault if his opponents get hurt and he has to fight a fill in. Why shouldn’t he get a match with MacDonald?

      • maddkillah says:

        Koscheck is nothing but a gatekeeper, the only reason he fought for the belt before was because UFC ran out of WW talents…and yeah, mr nobody was a fill in, thank you for pointing that out, he only had 2 weeks to train, so there’s no reason why lawler couldn’t knock him out in an impressive fashion. those two victories doesn’t really mean much. i don’t hate lawler but the match up i placed above makes a lot more sense to me…

  10. 757 says:

    I like the new life that Lawler has displayed and I am a fan, but this is clearly another case of DW trying to get back at a fighter. Honestly I don’t like Rory but this is Dana being mad at him and trying to throw him into a fight with another guy who he thinks has the hot hand and will bust Rory up. That may be the case but I think it’s Dana again using this business for personal beef. Forget the fighters get a new President of the company.

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