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Wednesday, 04/25/2012, 07:10 am

Dana White Wants Jon Jones At 205 But See's His Future At Heavyweight | UFC NEWS

“Jon Jones is a physical specimen. The guy is huge at 205 pounds…. He can make 205. Once he cleans out a division and [expletive] starts getting a little old and stale, then maybe he makes that move to heavyweight. He’s 24 years old, and as he gets older, it’s going to be harder to cut that weight. It’s going to be harder to stay as lean as he is. If I was him, and I’m not his coach or advisor or anything, I’d wait until that naturally happens….You move up to heavyweight, and you’ve got Junior Dos Santos up there. Dude’s got bombs in his hands. … You’ve got some big serious dudes at heavyweights. It’s a big jump. It’s not going to be that fun at heavyweight.”

Dana White comments to the Ithaca Journal.

Jones has all but cleaned out the Light Heavyweight division and all that is standing in his way could be Dan Henderson & Alexander Gustafsson.

Jones could also be back in action as soon as UFC 149 in Calgary on July 21. The event currently has no headline bout with Jose Aldo being moved & White hinted earlier in the week that Jones vs. Henderson is a potential candidate.

How do you think Jones would do in the Heavyweight division would he go on to conquer it ?


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