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Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 10:41 am

Dana White Wants Instant Replay In MMA, Discusses Possible Jones vs. Silva Super Fight | UFC NEWS

“Let me tell you the way I look at it. In 12 years, we never had to cancel an event. We always delivered the show, and I was proud of that. But, all good runs and streaks come to an end, and that one came to an end. Now we need to get on another 12 year run. The thing that really bummed me out would be breaking the streak. I honestly never thought we’d ever have to cancel a show. The Thursday night, the week of the show, I went to dinner at The Mandalay Bay, and there were so many people in town. Yes, you could have refunded your tickets, but so many people got cheap flights, the cheapest flights you could get, and they got their rooms, and they couldn’t get out of that. So, they still took the trip to Vegas. The collateral damage of cancelling an event like that is bigger than people even realize.”

“I think I was open and honest and a little emotional, when it first went down, and, I’ll tell ya, Greg Jackson told him, ‘If you take this fight, it’ll be the biggest mistake you ever make in your whole career.’ Every time I say it, I laugh. No disrespect to Chael Sonnen, but it’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Jon and I will talk, and we’ll figure this thing out.”

“I’m with you on the instant replay. Every other major sport has instant replay. Fighting needs to do it. Especially with how bad the officiating has been: judges and reffing. Instant replay — that’s it. They got this thing with combat sports, these athletic commissions have this thing where it’s like, once a guy makes a decision, it can’t be overturned. It’s insane! Guys are gonna make a mistake! You can’t be at all the angles. You can’t see everything. This sport is so young. There’s a lot of guys that are unqualified to ref and judge this sport. Instant replay makes sense, and it’d be awesome, because the thing that people don’t understand is, once you make a decision, and it’s a bad call, that’s this guy’s life…forever. It’s a career changer. You make a mistake in a baseball game, and there’ll be 190 more opportunities to make up for it. They’ll be okay! You make a mistake in fighting, and it hurts this guy immensely.

It has to get better. If it doesn’t, everybody’s in trouble. I consistently call people out, and we’re doing everything we can to try and stop this from happening. I think it’s one of the worst things that can happen, if a guy loses a fight, that didn’t really lose that fight. It effects their money. It effects everything. I mean, Jon Jones has a loss on his record that isn’t right. That wasn’t a loss. He should be undefeated right now. We should be able to go out and promote Jon Jones as the undefeated, undisputed Light Heavyweight champion, but we can’t, because there was a guy reffing a fight that didn’t belong there.”

“So, here’s how this whole thing has gone down, and you guys have seen it play out. Anderson and ‘GSP’ were talking like they didn’t wanna fight. Now, if St. Pierre beats Carlos Condit, he’s saying he wants to fight Anderson, and Anderson is saying he wants to fight him. So, that fight will probably happen first. Now, Anderson and Jones are saying, ‘We don’t wanna fight. We’re buddies.’ But, he didn’t wanna fight Rashad Evans either, and that happened. So, as you start to get to a point where Anderson is, in his career — he’s beat everyone. He’s broken every record in the UFC. If he beats Georges St. Pierre, I guarantee you he’ll be eyeballing Jon Jones next.”

UFC president Dana White was a quest on last night’s Inside MMA and while on the shows 5th anniversary special the UFC boss discussed a multitude of topics including instant replay in Mixed Martial Arts and the possibility of Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones.


20 Responses to “Dana White Wants Instant Replay In MMA, Discusses Possible Jones vs. Silva Super Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    Let’s be honest, GSP does not even seem that interested in fighting Anderson (Watch his interview on Sportsnetcanada. He talks about wanting to clear the 170 division first before he even thinks about Silva) so the chances Jones – Anderson actually happening is nearly impossible.

  2. Make's me Crazy says:

    What did YOU all Aspekt from GSP…?????? Hes a Fuc*ing France Pus sy from canada… He Neefs to stop Rating frogs & eat some Balls to get some… Same like the Fuc*ing gameplane.. Shit always go to the ground.. Ouhh & why Not with Jake Sh. & i don’t mean the Last 20sec of 1 round… Pfffffffff….. & the shit Vaselin Thing with Bj Penn… I mean Don’t be blind… FUC K GSPus sy…

  3. Phil says:

    GSP VS Silva does not make sense. Jon VS Silva make much more sense just weight wise. Let’s be honest GSP is a small WW. And by the way it’s not france canadian but french canadian.

  4. Troy says:

    GSP isn’t going to beat Carlos Condit anyways.Theres never going to be a GSP vs. Silva bout Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  5. tristanpt27 says:

    Dana, why are you trying to give Jon Jones so many oppurtunities immediately after that bs he pulled? Seiously? Did he give you a bj in the back room to make up for the $40m dollars you lost? Focus on some other guys for a second. Believe it or not, not than many people like/ever liked Jon Jones. We want some other, cool solid action. Not divas just looking for easy fights and easy money.

    • terry hamilton says:

      Because he’s the champ, you have to give him opportunities to lose the belt. Then when he’s not the champ and not headlining the main events Dana will get his revenge.

  6. Jones loves the Devil says:

    Undefeated? Jones? Funny how Dana says that… If the refs were good… he would have a Draw on his record against bonnar with his elbow to the back of the head which changed the fight.

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      I also don’t like how he says the ref made a bad call with Jones only recorded loss. The guy did elbows from the bottom at a 12-to-6 angle. Clear violation of the rules there. Makes you wonder what Dana White is really thinking. Does he want to change the rules for people he likes and can promote better? Cuz that’s not a sport.

      An instant replay or challenge rule would be a nice addition though.

  7. Yeahrightman says:

    Won’t happen unless Anderson made a committed effort to come up to 205 full time, which I don’t think he wants to because he trains in martial arts, not weight lifting. He requires his speed and agility and if he took his walk-around weight to around 210-215, which is what’s required to fight at 205 these days minimum, he’d most likely be slower and bulkier which doesn’t suit his style in my opinion. Plus at that weight class he loses his Jujitsu advantage because his limbs won’t be long enough to wrap around the more solid frame of a 205’er as easily, which has been a huge feature of his versatility to stay champ for so long.

  8. Jon Carter says:

    Not sure why everyone wants GSP to go all the way up to 185 to face the much bigger man in Anderson who walks around at least at 215ish. The fight that should happen is Jones vs Anderson. Both are similar build and height, similar walk around weight. If GSP is going to fight Anderson it should be at a catch weight (177ish). Make Anderson drop some lbs to fair it up some. Plus GSP has never fought in Middle Weight, where as Anderson has found successfully in LHW a few times and made those guys look amature! The correct and fair fight is Spider vs Bones!!

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