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Monday, 07/08/2013, 12:18 pm

Dana White: Vitor Belfort Completely Out Of Title Hunt

Vitor Belfort has cemented himself as one of the greatest ever. His recent run of domination in the UFC’s middleweight division is nothing short of amazing.

While he likely deserves a rematch at Anderson or a crack at the new champ, UFC president Dana White told reporters during the UFC 162 post-fight media event that Belfort isn’t even on the radar.

“Anderson Silva has gone undefeated since 2006 and has beat everybody and held the title. He deserves the rematch. Chris Weidman said that before he even fought him. Vitor is just going to have to wait – he is not getting a rematch. He can text, Tweet, write fucking letters, call his Congressman — he can do whatever he wants to do. He’s going to have to wait. Anderson Silva is getting the rematch.”


119 Responses to “Dana White: Vitor Belfort Completely Out Of Title Hunt”

  1. Anderson Silva says:

    I just told you that I don’t want a rematch! Chris Weidman is the best! I am tired. I no longer fight for the belt! I am tired. I came prepared. Chris Weidman is the best now. He is the champion now.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I don’t know Anderson, I think maybe you had a bad rib or maybe a hang nail or something. You just weren’t yourself. Please come back for all your fans we can’t survive with out you being a mediocre champ.

      • brian says:

        are you this dumb in real life?
        all of your comments on here are so negative towards the best fighter your luck ass will ever get to see. show a little respect to one of the true legends.

        • squid says:

          amen brother

        • surprised says:

          the thing about gargoyle is that when his darling leg humpers win a fight he talks shit, when they lose or just arent relevant enough to talk about you wont see shit from him. anderson lost and his wrestler won so now he is all over every topic that has to do with the spider and he just talks shit. nothing new from his dumba$$

      • patastrophe says:

        show some hespect!

  2. toto says:

    u guys dont understand or realise, in this case, uncle dana is in control, he has anderson under a fresh, brand new contract, and he holds him by the balls, so , yall can say whatever but the next thing is a rematch and thats for sure lol

  3. Chad says:

    Dude that is such bullshit. Dana white is talking like this is some close fight that happened when it really is no where near that. Anderson didn’t just lose the belt, he got knocked out and got dominated the first round. He doesn’t deserve a rematch and in the interview he even said when asked do you want a rematch his exact answer was “No”. Vitor belfort got knocked out in the Anderson fight, and that was because he was on such a long lay off. Did he get a immediate rematch? NO. I’m tired of this fucking WWE rematch shit. This never used to happen in ufc. Back when GSP lost the belt. HE HAD TO WIN TO GET ANOTHER SHOT. Atleast make a belfort vs Anderson fight to see who the #1 contender is because the way I see it, Anderson doesn’t deserve a rematch and he did nothing in. The fight to show that he deserves one. He acted like a fool, disrespected weidman as a fighter and his power, acted like a dick and got knocked out. That simple.

  4. NaborJ says:

    Hey Chad did you catch the fact that he is undefeated in the ufc and has broken many ufc records. Oh and that he is the p4p best in the world….He has done what no man has come close to doing yet. Yes he got caulky and arrogant and deserved what he got. I’m a big Silva fan and 1 minute before the knock out happened I called it. There are many reasons and opinions why he did what he did. I think he got his head too high after the first round. He will come back if the rematch happens and really show Weidman his skills. Atleast I surely hope. Cause I think we all want to see them go for the third fight.

  5. Travis Thomas says:

    Chael sonnen vs anderson silva, just watch those 2 fights and tell me he wont come back andkick weidmans ass

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