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Wednesday, 06/26/2013, 02:10 pm

Dana White Unsure Why Anderson Silva “Loves to f**k with the media”



UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva has once again been called out, only this time it isn’t for a fight.

Vocal UFC President Dana White said during a conference call earlier this week for UFC 162- where Silva (33-4 MMA, 16-0 UFC) will defend his championship against challenger Chris Weidman- that he was not sure why the reigning pound-for-pound king “loves to f**k with the media.”

White’s comments stem from Silva claiming that he did not call Dana post-UFC 159 back in April to request a super-fight against Jon “Bones” Jones, who had just defeated Chael Sonnen in the night’s main event.

“I think everyone already knows that I didn’t call Dana,” Silva said on this week’s conference call. “I don’t even have his phone number personally.”

A fight between Silva and Jones, who next faces Alexander Gustafsson, has long been rumored and sought after, but has yet to come to fruition for one reason or another; the two champions’ supposed friendship being one of them. However, White asserted that Silva did in fact make a phone call to request the match-up.

“Ask [Anthony] Pettis if he called me that night [after UFC 156],” White began, referring to Pettis’ text message requesting a fight with UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo. “Jones said he didn’t tell me he wanted to hurt Chael but he did. I think the guys don’t like that I tell the media everything. Roy Nelson and his wife don’t like it either.”

White’s references to his conversations with Jones and Nelson held true to his blunt demeanor and attitude. Whether you love or hate the way White conducts business, it is hard to imagine that he would so boldly paint some of his biggest draws as liars for no apparent reason.

Silva has also made other headlines recently in regards to his relationship with the media. In early May, he no-showed an event in Los Angeles to promote his bout with Weidman, prompting White to fine the champion $50,000 for refusing to fulfill part of his contractual obligations. Despite the hiccup, Silva denied any knowledge of an obligation to the UFC and said that he always blocks his media obligations to focus on training.

What are your thoughts on this recent development, Penn Nation?


56 Responses to “Dana White Unsure Why Anderson Silva “Loves to f**k with the media””

  1. magoo says:

    Fukc this clowns sh!t up Chris!!!

  2. Dana'sFootInMouthDisease says:

    Yeah. Only Silva likes to “fuck with the media” Mr. White. :-/ Dana fucks with EVERYBODY all the damn time!

  3. Dddddddd says:

    I’m surprised to hear Dana say this considering he was a man of the 90s. I think a lot of artists and people learned how to spin things perfectly and resonate well in the media in those times. It leaves a little to the imagination.

  4. confucius says:

    id like my two minutes i just wasted on reading a shit pointless article.

  5. Crucial says:

    Man f**k Dana White. His problem is He’s a Redneck white boy making his money off of black superior athletes and he wishes every damn day he could find a white boy who could beat one of their asses but honestly.. He cant.. You can see his contempt for all of the black fighters if he talks about them and you can also see his hope for the next Great White hope when he talks about them also. Dana needs to learn to not bite the fuckin hand that’s feeding his stupid looking ass.

    • Not Crucial says:

      You’re retarded…. He’s treated Fitch, Nelson, Dan Henderson, Miller, and a bunch of others much worse than he treats his “Black Superior Athletes.” I hope you’re not black, because you make us all look like clowns.

  6. youreatroll says:

    It took how many years for a black champion? All races have been champions except for a native I’m not aware of any.. Blacks are not superior like you think you are. I’m not racist so I’m just gonna state facts rather get personal. But if you want stats on white boys hows about Randy couture or bj Penn being the only multi weight champions both not black. Plus Dana made his business on the backs of tito and chuck. Not a single black guy made ufc cool it was all white guys that made ufc cool, Gracie, tito,lidedell, couture, shamrock, gsp, frank mir, belfort, ect. Fuck your lack of superiority in the sport is more notable. So shut up Dana runs your show, deal w it.

  7. Not You says:

    Dana White a “red-neck”. Reaching real hard for that one.

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