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Wednesday, 01/02/2013, 10:16 am

Dana White Unsure on Mike Goldberg’s Return | MMA News




This past Saturday, at UFC 155, UFC fans noticed a significant change to their broadcast as Jon Anik stepped in for Mike Goldberg to round out the commentary team with UFC PPV staple, Joe Rogan. Anik is usually heard covering the FX and Fuel TV cards but was given a bump up to the top when Goldberg was stricken with personal issues that sidelined him for the event.

Early reports around the MMA media circuit linked his absence to illness, yet nothing is confirmed yet.

Mike Goldberg has long been a household name for UFC fans since 1997 when he began commentating for an up and coming sport. Now he is among the most famous UFC personalities in the business.

As for his return to action, UFC president Dana White was his usual frank self and spoke truthfully on the likelihood of a return ( as reported by MMAWeekly):

“Goldie’s out for a while and I don’t know when he’ll be back”.

Anik will take over the commentating duties of Goldberg while he is out and will also continue heading up the free-TV broadcasts with Kenny Florian UFC on FX 7 come mid-January. hopes for nothing but the best for Mike Goldberg and wish him a safe and healthy return to his Octagon-side duties as soon as possible.

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23 Responses to “Dana White Unsure on Mike Goldberg’s Return | MMA News”

  1. jjsdfhuu says:

    I loved when Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg just got SUPER high and commentated… Good times.

  2. James Taylor says:

    I think I saw him at an AA Meeting

  3. BJC says:

    A report from Terez Owens suggests that Goldberg was removed from the announce table while he seeks rehabilitation for an addiction to drugs, specifically Adderall, a stimulant typically used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

  4. Jefferson says:

    Mike Goldberg knows nothing about mma. His commentary is irrelevant during the fights. He always says something stupid. All the important information comes from joe Rogan’s analysis. There needs to be a commentator who loves mma, and is passionate during the fights. JIM ROSS would be perfect.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Mike Goldberg does just fine. You can’t have 2 Joe Rogan type commentators; there needs to be a rapport. The way I see it more new fans are turning on each ufc and they don’t know everything or necessarily anything, so Goldie fires out facts and statistics from a teleprompter and asks the questions that he already knows the answer to so that Joe Rogan can educate people that don’t know the techniques involved. I find it highly unlikely someone can watch and talk about ufc fights for a job and know nothing about the sport. Joe Rogan is the man, I couldn’t watch Jon Anik and Goldie try to pull it off but come on. Ease off man.

    • BJJB says:

      I think you’ll find that Goldie has come along in leaps and bounds in the last 5 years. It’s called colour commentary and as others have mentioned its about the team, not about 1 or the other being the main commentator.

      Joe Rogan is the play by play as he actually has experience with grappling and fighting in general. Saying Goldie is shit shows that you don’t get it and should just jog on.


      • Jawinn says:

        Goldie is the play-by-play! Rogan is the color commentator! They are called color commentators because they provide in-depth analysis coming from a background in the sport, thus adding “color” or knowledge to the plain play-by-play of Goldie! All he ever says is the obvious: “Again with the leg kick….and again with the leg kick!”

    • andrew says:

      your so right, the man just frustrated me the hole time hes commentating!

  5. Diego "Dirty" Sanchez says:

    Well… Mike Golberg is perfect because of his ability to say nothing. There is only 1 audio feed a PPV has as its main stream. Mike is the pitcher, and Joe the batter. Its more important that Joe hit the ball all the time.. than it is for Mike to try and outspeak or out do Joe during a broadcast.. Notice Jon Anik timing to let joe be there the moment he needs to be for delivering info

  6. mike says:

    Jefferson did you really just say jim ross? Your input is irrelavent after that dumb suggestion now if you said frank shamrock or pat from strikeforce after they fold then yea but as fot mike goldberg he’s in a rehab for adderal

  7. Joe Rockerfella says:

    For james it stands for asshole.

  8. Nunya says:

    Yeah Goldberg spouts out ridiculous idiotic phrases from time to time, but he’s a lot better then Anik.

  9. ernesto hoost says:

    i think he is doin coke and lots of it did any1 see that the last time he was a comentator him and rogan thought the camera was off and he made this huge snort thru his nose like he had a huge drip a few times i say he was coked up and ppl saw what he did on camera and dana got pissed

  10. Sandman says:


  11. Rick says:

    They should bring Mauro Ranallo in from the fight network on an interm trial. He is very knowledgable with the sport and was awesome commentating for Pride!

  12. salem says:

    We need Bas Rutten

  13. nick says:

    give Kenny Florian the job

  14. blackppl says:

    Bas Rutten. He is color commentary and insightful tactical analysis rolled into one

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