Monday, 07/29/2013, 10:41 am

Dana White Unimpressed With Bellator’s PPV Plans For Roy Jones vs. Rampage

“They have no f— clue what they’re doing. When they’re in this business, right, and things are going well, you start grabbing for anything. You have a bunch of guys who don’t know anything about fighting at the network. Networks acquire content. They don’t become promoters. Nobody wants to watch them on free TV. They’re pulling terrible ratings. If they want to get into the pay-per-view business, get ready to lose some money boys. Real money… If they want to get Roy Jones, it’s going to cost them a ton of money. And maybe they get it, but at the end of the day, how many buys do you think that fight does? I don’t know what kind of deal they’re going to come up with with the cable systems, but, they’re grabbing for whatever they can get, you know what I mean? I hate to smash these guys because I still like some of the people over there. And there’s some of the people I don’t like… The big problem I have is, they’re just copying. There’s no, they don’t have anything original over there. Their reality show is a ripoff of The Voice and The Ultimate Fighter. It’s, I can’t believe The Voice hasn’t sued them yet. They’re just reaching, they’re grabbing.”

Following last Saturday’s UFC on FOX press conference, UFC President Dana White discussed his biggest sporting rival, Bellator.

Is he accurate with his assessment or does the Bellator promotion have a legit claim to rival the UFC down the road?


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  1. bisping says:

    dnt see any reason why that wouldnt be an entertaining
    and if i was in to boxing i would watch it
    dana needs to worry about his own match up and boring fights within the ufc
    you should get an automatic pay increase from finishing fights or somthing cos for some people shots at the title isnt enough incentive

  2. garreth says:

    Personally, I think Dana white is bad mouthing bellator only because the fight master show is interesting, and he realizes that bellator may become a rival to the ufc. Basically Dana is running his mouth at any possible threat to the monopoly that is ufc. To use some of dana’s vast vocabulary, listen bro, Dana is just shitting bricks now cause he may not stay atop the food chain.

  3. mobettadakine says:

    who cares what dana thinks…..there copying what? like there cant b another mma show there so much more…..
    plus look @ the Rory Macdonald fight…. That was LAME!
    dana’s jus a big head!

  4. Jujitsu Player says:

    Who gives a shit Dana, I like a ton of other MMA fans will be watching this fight. He’s just pissed they got in there before the UFC tied up Jones v Silva.

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