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Thursday, 01/31/2013, 11:21 am

Dana White Unhappy With Ref Assignment For Aldo vs. Edgar ‘Superfight’ | UFC NEWS

“I could go off for 45 minutes on officiating over [in Nevada]. Steve Mazzagatti is the ref reffing the [Aldo vs. Edgar] superfight. What more can I do (while turning his hand into a gun and pulling the trigger against his head)? Mazzagatti is reffing the superfight. What more needs to be said than that?

“I can’t do anything. As a promoter, I can’t do anything. The fighters can. The fighters can say, ‘Oh my God.’ They can say, ‘I don’t want him,’ and they gotta go in and give good cause on why they don’t want him.”

“I can tell you this, if I was a fighter, the last thing I would want to see when I got in the cage is Mazzagatti. That’s the last thing I would want to see.”

– UFC president Dana White, remains vocal about his lack of trust in certain referee’s assigned to his fights. In question is the highly controversial Steve Mazzagatti. (transcription via 5th Round)


30 Responses to “Dana White Unhappy With Ref Assignment For Aldo vs. Edgar ‘Superfight’ | UFC NEWS”

  1. dante040 says:

    I don’t think its fair to call Steve controversial. He’s just not that good.

  2. WTF says:

    If I was a fighter, the last referee(s) I’d like to be in the cage with would be Dan Mirgliotta, Steve Mazzagati, Yves Lavigne or that woman referee.

  3. Debo says:

    How the fuck can Dana not do anything. You’re the President of the UFC!! Dumbass!!

  4. Kassohh says:

    Dana is dragging it… let the man do his job. I’m sure he doesn’t fuck up on purpose.

    • Michael C says:

      I have watched every single UFC event from #1 to the present minus maybe 2 or 3. In that time I have seen only one ref time and time again put fighters in serious danger and that would be Mazagatti. His eyesight must be really bad and his reaction time is horrible. This is putting figters life in danger. It’s seriously messed up

  5. Aldo says:

    Should of been Herb… Steve makes strange decisions

  6. Michael says:

    Dana has a serious man crush on Steve Mazzagatti.


    Think the best REF is Mario Yamasaki

    • bsban_sherdog says:

      I hope your joking. The yamasaki’s are the biggest jokes of refs…. guys with BJJ BB’s who stand guys up from side control and 30 seconds after hitting the mat… especially when theyre brazillians fighting in brazil

  8. ulolme says:

    How about Josh Rosenthal? He is better than average… 😉

  9. I DO UFC says:


  10. Mayor of Deviance says:

    I know this is hardly the best criteria for a ref to have, but I like Mazzagatti simply because he’s the only one that goes in there with his raspy voice yelling “BRING IT ON CMOWN!” Gets me amped up every time.

  11. MMA fan says:

    Come on guy, John was retired for a while even tried commentating for another promotion, not because of beef with Dana. As far as the other refs the top ones are H.Dean, J.Rosenthal and M.Yamasaki. Mazzengoti is pretty bad but one of the comments above is right he doesn’t make bad calls on purpose only on by incompetence, he is just as bad as the judging.

  12. GabeAthouse says:

    The best referee in the history of our sport is Yuji Shimada.

    • says:

      your an absolute moron if you really think yuji shimada is the best ref. He definitely brings the violence, letting dudes get their brains soccer kicked out of the ring but then other times has total shit stoppages. way too much inconsistency. he’s not even the best japanese ref. also ruined a fucking amazing fight with Kotetsu Boku – cant remember his opponent

  13. drew says:

    hey when it comes down to literlally not only winning the belt but also think about once you become a champion in the ufc the increase in how much money you make is astronomical, if i was in their position i would totally use my right right to get steve out of there he is very bad, and thats an objective statement.

  14. gabe says:

    Herb has got a lot better but he used to do some dodgy stoppages early on too. Can anyone remember him fighting some years ago? Big John is the best ref working the US/European scene I think. He is usually right on point 95% of his calls IMHO. Of course, no-one is perfect but some of Steve’s calls have been bizarre. We’ve been sat there and it was like, “What the f@uck was that?!?!”

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