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Dana White: UFC Will Never Buy Bellator, “There’s No Value to That Company Whatsoever”

The UFC has long been the premier MMA promotion in the world, conquering any competitors in the way of that status. Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC has long been known to buy up the competition or simply let them fade away when it seems as though a competitor might break through that glass ceiling and challenge the UFC’s claim to the throne.

Their latest competitor, Bellator MMA, has long been at odds with the UFC over a myriad of issues as they stand as the number 2 promotion in North America.

UFC president Dana White seems none too worried about all of this claiming that there are no plans to buy the ‘valueless’ company:

“There’s nothing there,” White told MMAFighting. “If you look at any other company we ended up buying in the past, there was value. There’s no value to that company whatsoever.”

White also compared a hypothetical acquisition of Bellator to that of previous buyouts of Pride FC and the WFA citing specific reasons to bring these companies in and promote their former fighters under the Zuffa banner:

“If you look at Pride, look at all the contracts we got from Pride, all the guys that came over. Look at Pride’s library. Amazing library, with some of the most talented fighters of all times. When we bought WFA, we bought it because Rampage had a contract with them. When we bought Strikeforce, we bought their library. Just the fights we had with Nick Diaz alone were worth buying that company.”

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0 Responses to “Dana White: UFC Will Never Buy Bellator, “There’s No Value to That Company Whatsoever””

  1. Matt says:

    Totally have to agree with this. Bellator is really not that good at all.

  2. matt p says:

    there are few 155erz in bellator that id like to see fight in the ufc and im sure people know who I’m talkin about but bellator is where old ufc fighters pasttt their prime go to die

  3. Amwar1611 says:

    I think that sometimes you have to let your ego stay at home and think outside the box like a businessman. Bellator started out from small town venues and has grown, (just like the UFC did). The UFC in the beginning was nothing more than a martial arts tough man contest.

    Sometimes in the business world, as well as the fight world, you have to look out for the consumers, give them what they desire or they will start to shopping elsewhere. I would tell Dana to maybe think before acting out, but hey who am I?

    To be honest, I’d rather save $50 and read BJPENN.COM for UFC results and watch Bellator for free on cable TV. To say that the UFC has better fighters is frigging bias and irrational. I have seen some pretty good fights on Bellator and am sometimes disappointed when I see the hyped up media frenzy fights that I make party get together plans for, buy food, have friends over and watch the UFC and think what a waste of money. Either way, fight fans are going to watch what their hearts desire no matter what. I like both and wish them both the best in the business world. (Amwar Out)

  4. Elliott Pena says:

    Bellator does not have the business model to compete with the UFC and since the UFC is the first mainstream American MMA promotion, it has the “first-mover advantage.” However, Bellator isn’t bad. I think for the past few years, Bellator has become more popular with MMA fans. Having their first Pay-Per-View is a tremendous move for them and a move in the right direction. Their only issue is that Bellator is in a shitty TV Channel. Spike sucks and is not giving Bellator enough exposure. Without Bar Rescue, I don’t think anyone would willingly change the channel to Spike TV.

    In terms of their fighters, they do have some serious fighters. Welterweight Champion Ben Askren, Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler, and Featherweight Champion Pat Curran have what it takes to be a top 5 talent in the UFC in their respected weight classes. All three are tough, excellent wrestlers with good stand-up. Finally, if you look at their top talent, they are all under 30 years old and some are even under 25.

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