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Friday, 01/31/2014, 10:05 pm

Dana White / UFC Talking About Anthony Johnson’s New Free Agency

WSOF 8 saw light heavyweight fighter Anthony Johnson earn a vicious first-round KO over Mike Kyle; but as his last fight on contract with WSOF, could Johnson be leaving?

By Christopher Murphy | Twitter

Light heavyweight fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has made considerable noise in his last few fights for the World Series of Fighting, including two first-round KO’s and an impressive unanimous-decision win over former UFC heavyweight champion Andre Arlovski.

Those three fights capped the six-fight winning streak Johnson has earned since leaving the UFC two years ago; and with Johnson’s last fight at WSOF 8 being the final on his contract with the World Series of Fighting, “Rumble” could be looking at a return to the UFC.

At the very least, he’s on the organization’s radar.

Me and Joe [Silva] were talking about him the other day,” UFC President Dana White said at a UFC 169 media scrum (see it here).  “I mean, I like the kid.  I always did.

In a recent interview with, Johnson’s manager said the fighter’s plan was to “relax for a few weeks, and then… meet with WSOF and see what they put on the table and see if [they] can work something out.”

Robinson said they would talk with WSOF first, due to their good treatment of Johnson, but if they can’t strike a deal, he would see what else is out there for his fighter.


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  1. seminalcacti says:

    Rumble had some tough fights in the UFC that he lost and I wouldn’t mind him coming back to the top MMA promotion.

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