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Wednesday, 01/15/2014, 09:14 pm

Dana White on GSP: If You Wanna Be a Man, Say it To Our Face

It was recently reported that Dana White had cut off all communicationwith the former UFC Welterweight Champion. Since then, St. Pierre has relied on interviews to let his voice be heard. He accused the Ultimate Fighting Championship of not drug testing their fighters enough citing that as one of the reasons he left.

In the middle of the UFC Fight Night 35 Post Fight Press Conference, Dana White was asked about what he thought St. Pierre said during his interviews. That’s when Dana White unleashed an unfiltered rant of what he thought of St. Pierre’s accusations.

“First of all, I don’t know if anybody remembers this but GSP said he wanted to do the extra drug testing to prove that he wasn’t on drugs. It wasn’t that he thought Johny Hendricks was on steroids or any PEDs, he wanted to do this. And just like you see in boxing like I said it was ridiculous for these guys to be doing this— first of all you see it in boxing all the time. One guy comes out and says ‘I want to do extra drug testing because I’m worried about this guy. I wanna see what’s going on,’. They never come to an agreement! This guy says ‘I wanna use this one’ that guy says ‘I wanna use that one’,” White ranted.

He continued to explain that the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) was one of the most professional commissions when it came to testing the fighter. “The NSAC is going to test them, ok? I talked about the NSAC as far as refs and commissions— they drug test. Not only did they drug test Josh Barnett for his last fight because Barnett is a guy who has been busted for PEDs before, they also made Travis Browne do it too at the same time. And the UFC paid for that!”

Dana White also touched upon the instances where the UFC leaves the country and test their own talent. “Also for him to say we’re lenient on drug testing, when we go out of the country and we regulate ourselves, we test EVERYBODY on the card. Not just the main-event. Not just the co main-event. You wanna talk about being lenient? The fight that I was scramming about that was the greatest fight I’ve ever seen (Mark Hunt and Big Foot Silva)— we tested the guys for that fight. We caught Big Foot Silva and he got destroyed. Literally got destroyed for going over the limit.” White stated. “Vitor Belfort, Big Foot Silva, any of these guys who are on TRT we test them throughout the whole camp. What we did for Big Foot was the week of the fight we took a test and his numbers were fine. He took a shot after he got tested. So, we tested him again after and his levels were through the roof and he got destroyed. He lost the win money that we gave him. He lost the bonus money that we gave him. And he’s suspended for a year.”

The UFC President finished his rant on the topic of leniency with, “So if that’s lenient on drugs… I guess we’re lenient.”

White moved on to the topic of why Georges St. Pierre would say things like this: “I mean I don’t even know what to say to it. What I heard is Georges St. Pierre is upset about some of the things I said at the press conference. He’s upset that I said that he didn’t win the fight— that I thought Johny Hendricks won the fight. But if that’s the case, call me man to man. Let’s talk on the phone. Let’s sit down face-to-face. I talked to him after the fight face-to-face and he didn’t say a thing to me so the whole thing is a little weird.”

When asked if they are going to try and get in touch with the former champion, White explained that they have tried and St. Pierre won’t return their calls. “That’s the other thing, too. I’m here— I’ve been in Atlanta on planes doing all sorts of stuff. Lorenzo reached out to him and still hasn’t heard from him yet. If Georges St. Pierre wants to talk like a man, he can pick up the phone and call us or come see us face to face. But everything that he said is ridiculous.”

Dana White also tackled the accusations of the UFC being a monopoly. “And the other thing he said to me, that we’re a monopoly? Viacom is our competitor. They have a forty billion dollar market-cap. Forty billion dollars. I’m never going to see forty billion dollars as long as I live. Neither will the UFC. So, we’re not a monopoly either. Everything that St. Pierre said is a little cooky.”

Dana White finished his rant by elaborating as to why he was confused about the accusations of being lenient on drug testing made by Georges St. Pierre. “GSP has been accused his whole career. That’s why he wanted to do the drug testing. He has been with the UFC for ten years. He defended his title nine times. Have you ever seen him try to do any extra drug testing or say ‘Hey I wanna do extra. I wanna do this, I wanna do that.” Never. And this time was supposed to be to prove he wasn’t doing it. And for the record, GSP has never tested for positive for anything in his whole career. And he’s been tested ’cause most of his fights inside the UFC were title fights.”

“…The whole thing is real weird.”


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  1. enword says:

    All this coming from a guy who wasn’t even smart enough to pull out, and now he’s dealing with paternity issues. Never liked this guy. He’s always been a little french baby.

  2. magoo says:

    Be a man Dana, did you tell GSP face to face that u thought Hendricks won that shit? didn’t think so telephone tough guy, go fukc ur hat u piece of shiat!

    • Ryan StJohn says:

      uhh, you’re telling dana to be a man? he’s not the one that’s practically slandering the organization that he just voluntarily jumped ship from after making millions upon millions. grow a brain, sir.

      • magoo says:

        Who made who millions upon millions dork! The ufc needs St Pierre more then St Pierre needs them, Let’s not forget who turned on who first the bald headed chicken fukcer threw GSP under the bus and I hope he gets what he deserves. George’s fought in the cage and made them tons of cash and your gonna tell him to be a man…..GTFOH!

        • James Whitehead says:

          GSP would have never been anyone without the UFC dork.. You dont go bashing the people who put up millions so you could make millions. Your a fucking dumbass Magoo

        • Dave says:

          I think the point is that GSP was a huge headliner and draw for the UFC and while he made in the tens of millions fighting, the UFC probably made 40 times that off GSP’s hard work.

        • josh says:

          what? are you crazy? GSP was caught on live tv cheating against bj. he hasn’t finished a fight in years….he’s been a boring, black-eye to the sport and organization. the ufc doesn’t need him….it’s the other way around. he’d be nothing without the millions of dollars the ufc poured into him. he has the most expensive training camps out of any fighter ever. in fact, no 2 fighters combined even come close to what he pays out to his trainers. where do you think that money came from? georges just needs to go away and quit trying to remain relevant.

        • realfighterfan says:

          GSP is just BUTTHURT because Dana and the entire media said he got his butt kicked by Hendricks. Bottom line is if GSP thought he could beat Hendricks he would have given him a rematch but he QUIT and damaged his legacy forever

        • realfiighterfan says:

          Sorry I keep referring to guys butts , but I must admit they look nice in those tight shorts. GSP left at a good time with his honour in tact and we will all miss him. I can see him coming back and winning back the belt for sure.

      • Slick Chrome American Prince says:

        You must be new here. Dana, was the one who made Georges look silly before the Hendricks fight by not backing their company man. The UFC knows PED’s are a problem, so why not back your man. Dana also blew up on GSP after the judges decision.

        If I whoop everyone’s ass in the Welterweight Division for years then decide to leave that’s not jumping ship. I don’t know where you get this idea that the millions of dollars were just given to GSP. The guy shed blood, sweat and tears to become one of the most dominant champions we’ve ever seen.

        The UFC needed Georges, and Vice Versa.

        • realfighterfan says:

          GSP who has been accused his entire career by other fighters of being a PED user spends 6 months cleaning up for VADA testing and then shows up looking like a drawn out saggy immitation of himself. Reminded me of how Overeem looked after he got popped and showed up clean. Dana has been the biggest GSP fan ever and then GSP gets beat up and Dana is just honest and voices his opinion that he thinks Hendricks clearly beat GSP and now GSP is butthurt and using the PED excuse as reason he ran for the hills from a rematch with Hendricks


        • realfiighterfan says:

          I must correct myself after this last post , after watching the fight closely again I can now see how GSP won the fight . I was caught up in all the emotion at the time , and must admit I get very emotional . The trailer beside mine could here me sobbing , but then again these trailers are not that well made. My boyfriend was getting tired of hearing me sob .
          GSP will be missed by all for sure , his class and his hard training. I doubt there is really any fighter he could be afraid of , he has fought them all and wins each time .
          Other fighters cringe at the thought of fighting him. I must admit the training up in Canada is quite advanced. Don’t try arguing with me , I know more about MMA than most of you , I live and breathe this stuff , it is pretty much all I have .

    • Coach J says:

      Dana said that Hendicks in his opinion won the fight, and it was at the post fight press conference, which GSP was at, so it was to his face!

      • Dave says:

        You weren’t watching the post fight conference because GSP wasn’t invited and had to bust through security to get in, halfway into the conference, and after Dana and Hendricks were both talkin trash to the press about GSP. Dana is a worm, and I believe the scripted outcome was for Hendricks to win and when the judges didn’t stay paid off that pissed off Worm and turned Hendricks into a whiny cunt.

        • seminalcacti says:

          are you retarded? what the fk do you mean GSP wasn’t invited? GSP went directly to the hospital and came to the press conference late. You’re a fkin idiotic douchebag

        • Slick Chrome American Prince says:

          GSP didn’t go directly to the hospital ass clown. GSP got unwrapped, saw a doctor (like all fighters do post fight) took a shower (while they actually snuck in and took his belt) then came to press conference late in that sharp ass suit.

        • seminalcacti says:

          goto the hospital/see a doctor… it’s just semantics the point is it’s false and frivolous to say GSP wasn’t invited to the press conference. slick lay off the roids and nobody snuck in a took his belt.. GSP gave it up on his own accord by saying he was leaving/taking a break from the UFC. any other technicalities you want to argue about to deflect from the topic at hand roid boy?

        • Slick Chrome American Prince says:

          You’ve missed the point. Every fighter must be cleared by a doctor after their fight. To say someone has to go to the hospital is true for everyone then if this is clearly “semantics”

          According to GSP it was that night the belt was taken. It wasn’t until weeks later he officially stepped away. Regardless they make a new belt every fight. Do you even MMA bro?

        • seminalcacti says:

          exactly.. every fighter must be cleared… why was EVERYBODY THERE ON TIME except for you homo lover GSP? you’re a dumbass. And hendricks did another post-fight interview before coming out to the post-fight conference and Hendricks was on time. GSP showed up at the end of the conference confused how he won. Maybe his alien abductors dropped him off.

        • Slick Chrome American Prince says:

          Lol, go get cleared by the hospital. GSP did the same interview with Ariel post fight. Sometimes a champion has to take a little extra time after going on such a long streak. Do you even MMA bro?

        • seminalcacti says:

          caught in a lie like a fucking douchebag. provide the link to this fable post-fight interview dumbass. oh you can’t??? because it doesn’t fucking exist. What the fuck are you saying … “sometimes a champion has to take a little extra time” it has nothing to do with being a champ. He’s a man like everyone else. the reason it took him longer is because he got beat the fuck up by Hendricks. Why are you making so much excuses for him? are you in fact his gay lover… the reason why he’s leaving UFC instead of coming out of the closet with you? why do you keep asking irrelevant questions on top of flat out making up stories? you got mental issues… bro.

        • Slick Chrome American Prince says:

          Sounds more of a personal vendetta against GSP. Looks like we are in agreement that GSP didn’t go to the hospital. Lol… “Go see a hospital”

        • seminalcacti says:

          nice try deflecting, but where’s this post fight interview of GSP with Ariel faggot.

    • seminalcacti says:

      How could Dana tell GSP to his face that he lost? after GSP lost the fight, GSP went directly to the hospital after Hendricks fk’d him up. and no,.. I ididn’t miss type anything,.. GSP DID lose the fight.

  3. Bill Corless says:

    I think Dana White and Joe Rogan were saying negative things about GSP after the fight, and this isn’t something you do to your champion. Viacom may have a large market cap, but bellator will never see it, so WTF is Dana talking about?

    • seminalcacti says:

      you’re saying they should lie and shy away from telling their true thoughts and feelings about the fight… just because GSP is a champ? you’re a fkin moron.

  4. Bill Corless says:

    Yeah UFC is a monopoly an illegal monopoly, on the octagon, and their anti-trust behavior starts with trying to prevent competing organizations from using it. Also they try to monopolize the fighters even after they fire them. Is it true they also try to prevent advertisers from advertising with competing promotions?

    • seminalcacti says:

      how do ex-UFC fighters fight in other promotions then? you are one ill-informed piece of shit. Name one fighter they try to monopolize.. as you say after they are cut from the UFC. Make some .or. at least ONE accurate statement douche.

  5. bubbagum says:

    Ultimate fighter in Quebec…just sick!!!


    if you only knew how racist, how bigoted these French people from Quebec are…you should

    stay out of the province period. GSP, Cote…sick that you are having Canada first UF in Quebec…we

    will not watch it at all…they don’t even consider themselves part of Canada unless

    money is involved… They have spent the last 5 decades banning our language

    with racist, bigoted, anti-English language laws like bills 22, 178, 101…GSP

    wears a fleur de lees on his right calf…he has walked into the octagon with a

    piece bearing the flag of France
    on it…just sick. Some Canadian my butt…what a phony, GSP and Cote…these

    are all about the money…they are only Canadians when they see money…most of us

    English in Canada

    but the truth about the french should be exposed …


    anti-English language french – metis (they are not French) people are no

    different then the Nazis, the KKK…all hateful bigots and racists…and not just

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    know how bad it is in Quebec,
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    can spin it any way they want. They see what they want to see, hear what they

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    These people are the most racist, bigoted, corrupt, xenophobic

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    be going as planned…”first Quebec,
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    step at a time…” PET, “how to take over a country through

    bilingualism…” SD

    If you only knew

    how bad things really were…the video clips below expose some of the scams…

    Enjoy the latest videos exposing

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    bigots are all over the country folks…you think its bad in Quebec (bills 22,

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    really up to…

    Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL
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    since Trudeau and Kebec (original spelling) forced this upon the nation. We’ve
    been part of the British Empire since 1763 and
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    facts…We were never a bilingual country. This is one big expensive lie/fraud
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  6. Slick Chrome American Prince says:

    Bottom line some UFC fighters are using PED’s. Some get caught and some
    don’t. For the safety and fairness of the fighters competing, the UFC
    should be behind their guy especially GSP.

    It’s not Dana
    stepping into the Octagon. I’m sure if he suspected someone on PED’s
    that he was fighting he would be running that fat mouth of his.

  7. metalhead65 says:

    st.pierre is just upset that anybody who does not worship him knows he lost the fight and can’t handle it. so he has to make all these accusations to keep attention on himself. it would be 1 thing if they did not drug test but as white says they do. just because he wants to do extra testing does not mean everyone else is on steroids. he is just trying to make himself look good so when he refuses to fight somebody he can claim it is because of the testing that guy won’t do.

  8. Bill says:

    I can’t wait to see the ppv rating fall:) You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and Dana will know all about that.
    Karma is a bitch;)

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