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Friday, 08/03/2012, 02:42 am

Dana White Thinks Its Time For Forrest Griffin And Matt Hughes To Retire From The Sport | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Matt Hughes has been out of action for almost a year now. In his last two bouts he has been knocked out in the first round by BJ Penn and Josh Koscheck UFC President Dana White thinks its time the former champion hangs up his gloves for good.

“Hughes is one of these guys that I absolutely positively want Matt Hughes to retire. I mean, what else is there to accomplish. The guy has done everything,”

“There’s nothing left to prove, but it’s so hard for these guys to say, ‘I’m retired.’ It was the same thing with Chuck (Liddell); going through it with Matt.”

Another fighter White would like to see retire is Forrest Griffin. In his last bout he defeated Tito Ortiz but prior to that he was knocked out in the first round by Light-Heavyweight contender Shogun Rua. The UFC President states that Forrest has nothing else to prove and should call it quits.

“I would like Forrest to retire. Nothing left for Forrest to prove either,”

“He won The Ultimate Fighter; had an amazing career. He won the title when people thought he couldn’t. He became a huge star. He made (expletive) of money. He’s got a beautiful wife; he’s got a baby.”

“If you don’t want to be a world champion, why? What’s the point? I get it. It’s hard to walk away from walking into the arena with big crowds and all the (expletive).”

“There comes a point man. You’ve had an amazing career; you’ve done great things. There’s nothing left to prove.”


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