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Sunday, 02/26/2012, 01:19 am

Dana White Thinks Edgar Won But Wants Him To Go Down To 145

“Well I’m not a judge but I had the fight even going into the last round and I gave the last round to Frankie. This is one of those fights that is touch to score. I even asked the guys on twitter how they scored it, some people had it the way I had it, some people had it the other way for Ben.

There’s so many fights out there at the 55 division and Frankie’s thing tonight was ‘Hey I gave two instant rematches. So I think fair is fair, I should get one.’ I would really love for Frankie Edgar to move down to 145 pounds.”

During the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight show UFC president Dana White gave his take on tonight’s main event.


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89 Responses to “Dana White Thinks Edgar Won But Wants Him To Go Down To 145”

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Frankie got his ass kicked AGAIN. the difference this time was the JUDGES finally got it right. Look in mirror Frankie. As usual Frankie is heading to hospital for his 1000th brain scan and Bendo doesn’t even look like he was in a fight. I guess some judges and fans belive PITTER PATTER is doing damage but other than Bendo slipping a few times he was never hurt or in nay trouble. Bendo ended at least 2 rounds in dominant position raining down elbows and Edgar was saved by bell. Edgar got beat up tonight, yes I know he gets beat up every fight and judges usually give it to him based on heart. someday these say judges are going hear the PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE thatw as done to Frankie and tehy are going to think maybe if they would have scored fioghts right to begin with he would have moved down in weight sooner which would have saved hin alot of brain trauma (EXCEPT AGAINST ALDO)

      • shawn says:

        so with your theory……..fighter A throws one punch all fight, breaks fighter B’s nose. fighter B throws 200 punches and lands 150. but because of damage fighter A wins????? c’mon man

        • LOL says:

          but thats not what happened was it? Fightmetric had Bendo out striking frankie, ring control, aggressiveness and powershots too. Frankie got the shit kicked out of him end of story. Cringing his face before he even got punched hahhahaha what a little pussy

        • ^Troll says:

          “LOL” Everything you say makes you sound like an idiot. You are a troll, and a bad one. If you honestly think people should win a fight because one opponents face swells up easier than the others then you are retarded. Ben won this fight, i thought so aswell but the judges have been doing a goodjob judging every frankie fight, except maybe bj penn 1.

  1. Jon says:

    I’d like to see him take on Aldo. Could be a good move.

  2. WARBENDO says:

    Bendo clearly won than fight. All you people saying Frankie won, stop riding his dick. He got beat up, stop crying about it. And instant rematch? The only reason he had a rematch with BJ was because BJ actually won. And his first title fight with Maynard was a draw. Stop being a baby and move down to 145 Frankie so you can get smashed by Aldo.

  3. Koolaid says:

    Thats such shit. It was clear that Ben won. Oh and everyone said Ben won on his tweet he posted. Go check it for yourself. I am now a Dana hater

  4. asdf says:

    NO. BJ Penn clearly was ROBBED in the first fight. He should therefore never have been champ to begin with. He got lucky. Who on this planet scored that fight 50-45 for Edgar??? He got, and actually won BY POINTS, the 2nd rematch. He fought Gray Maynard, a B level fighter imo, tied once, fairly judged imo. And won the 2nd rematch. Just because you punch and kick, and take down a guy (but do no damage from the top, or even attempted to do so, during some of the take downs), does not entitle you to win. If you think you won, by that method, you’re a piss poor representation of what a fighter is. Bendo, messed him up. He used his range, and Frankie’s punches, most of them, barely had any power behind them, and that goes for kicks. Quit whinning, you were lucky to get where you were to begin with. The better fighter, and better fighter that night won. FIGHTER won. Trying to win by weak strikes, on points pisses the f*ck outta me. At least GSP puts some power behind his strikes, or tries to.

  5. Mrgroovesd says:

    It was a close fight and IMO I had Ben winning. I don’t know what the judges look for but for me I look for controlling the fight, who is pushing the fight. How damaging the strikes are and take downs but for TD I look to see how active they are after they do that and Edgar wasn’t doing much in Bens guard. Ben controlled the fight and pushed it more than Edgar did. To each his own on how they think the fight was judged

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Dana is the biggest Frankie nuthugger on planet so of course he is going to say Frankie won. ANYONE with eyes and a shread of intellegence could see Bendo kicked Edgars ass the entire fight and didn’t even sustain a bruise th entire fight where as edgar looked like Fitch after GSP fight. Just becasue a guy like Edgar can take a beating beyond whats normal doesn’t mean he won the fight. Let me try and simplfy this for the frankie cry baby whiners your boy Frankie got his ass whooped plain and simple.

  6. WARBENDO says:

    And if you Edgar fans are going to bitch about how you think Frankie landed more strikes….

  7. Sweetness808 says:

    Hell no! This match was competitive but not close! Edgar was in no position to finish the fight in all five rounds Edgar was handed a loss on a platter made of gold with Bens name signed on it! Edgar doesn’t deserve a rematch and should move to 145 and suck it the hell up like a man.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Well Now i know how benson got the decision now..
      Those Japs counted a landed punch for Ben every time he pushed is nasty ass hair back…
      No wonder, now I get it..

  8. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Usually when there’s a “controversial” decision people are going back and forth about who won and why. I’ve seen some of that on a few Web sites, but the overwhelming majority agrees that Henderson won.

  9. david says:

    dana whites been sniffing too much coke

  10. MOMO says:

    DW also thinks Frankie is a top 3 P4P so… get of his nuts dana.

  11. UFC sucks says:

    I am done with UFC. I don’t even like Ben Henderson or Frankie Edgar but edgar won that fight. If you people say that Ben Henderson was controlling the cage then wtf did Nick Diaz do against Carlos Condit? MMA is done and UFC has just begun all you zuffa zombies turned fighters into athletes.

    • danielrchargers says:

      Ben will not defend his title. not once.

    • Umad? says:

      Get Frankie’s scrotum out of your mouth before you comment dumb ass.

    • david says:

      look at frankies face and look at bens face who did more damage? how many times did frankie hurt ben? once? at the end of the fifth round? get off frankies dick you fucking horse cum swallowing pedophile, go back to reading the back of a fucking cereal box and drooling on yourself, maybe wwe is more your style where your “favorite guy” always wins, stupid asshole

    • jonsey says:

      i did not see the fight last night..but after thet 1st bj loss to edger i started feeling the same way..had bj not been robbed the first fight with edger he would have kept up all the hard work he was doing on cardio and training hard…bad decision cost bj his would still be ruling 155 ,,after edger loss he lost i agree..then after the nick diaz lost cuz they say condit controled by running away and then deciding to engage that was controling,,,i am fukin giving up on ufc much game plans and no fightig just game planing an killing time…they need use dream an pride rules where no stalling or lose money and the fight is scored to he is trying finish the fight not who has the most pussy gamepplan…fuk UFC…i hate edger anyways but fuk it this is turning to puure BS

    • Str8pimpin says:

      You are a retard. I love how people can say a I guy won a fight when he looks like he was hit in the face with a baseball bat, and the other guy doesn’t have a scratch on him.

  12. just saying says:

    watched the fight a second time. it was super close no matter what anyone says. those fight metric stats show how close it was. i don’t want them to rematch. but i can’t say they shouldn’t.

  13. Lewhite says:

    I litterally called all my fights wrong lol. Had edgar rampage kongo and lauzon. But Ben won for sure, and the lightweight divison got a hella lot more interesting. I think it would be a good move for frankie to move down, but i dont think he could beat Aldo. 135 could be nice also, i kinda see him more there than the 145 division tbh.

  14. MackOne says:

    Riiiiggghhtt….Dana. Congrats to Ben Henderson and no immediate rematch. You’d have to be very biased to think that Frankie won.

  15. Skinner says:

    Henderson won the fight! It gets kinda old everytime someone loses people start crying we need a rematch he was robbed, the judges got one right give em some credit and Edgar can go win a fight or two and work back up if he wants another shot that’s the way it works.

  16. Tom23 says:

    TOUCH to score? Come on guys, grammar check. This is a respected web site.

  17. E716 says:

    Thought bendo won but it really is only fair to give frankie rematch

  18. E716 says:

    Thought bendo won but it really is only fair to give frankie rematch…and the one who said the reason bj got rematch with frankie is because he won is funny…u know frankie won those….the first gray fight i would have gave to gray….all frankies fights are so fuckin close its ridiculous

  19. true mma says:

    Ben all day. He won that fight. People get off Edgar’s nuts your making his wife made.

  20. Hightower says:

    And the Henderson band wagon has officially left the station and is completely loaded. It was a good fight. And btw im pretty sure all you internet tough guys here couldnt take a punch from either one of those guys that fought yesterday.

  21. GKI34350 says:

    Edgar got chased and beatdown. He may have gotten takedowns that did nothing to damage his opponent. He may have pitter-pattered him a little more and did no damage, but Edgar looked like shit and Benson looked un-touched.

  22. DLo says:

    Like I said in another post. If anyone thinks Frankie won just listen in between rounds and you will clearly see that neither Frankie nor his corner believed he won that fight. They were simply trying to get him through the rounds. They were more concern with points and impressing the judges, but I will give it to him though, he came out strong in the 5th. I thought it was close, but Frankie’s face and what was said in the corner told a different story, and I’m not talking about the bruised eye (that wasn’t all that bad either) I’m talking about the anguish, anxiety, and concern that was on his face in between rounds. I think they should go another 5 rounds.

  23. The natural says:

    Frankie didn’t push pace because Henderson didn’t do anything Frankie took the bigger stronger guy dwn at will. He was able to throw Henderson around anytime he wanted. He out struck Henderson in every aspect of striking Henderson only had adv for three times in fight with last ten seconds left of rnd u can’t win a fight because of one kick and one ten second left in rd he was on top of a guy that just Dominated u for 4 min and 50 sec that was only fight to date rnds didn’t count and damage did. But people have to realize it’s not a just a fight it’s the sport of fighting were watching were there time kept and striking scores counted and I had Edgar 4 to 1

    • GKI34350 says:

      “the sport of fighting” he says…

      Edgar is good at being small and fast. He uses that to his advantage to win by points. He is able to create many opportunities to get takedowns and trips on people because he is nearly blazing fast. If he happens to pick up a tko or a sub along the way then good for him.

      But the fact remains that he is only a point fighter. He has heart and some degree of mental toughness to battle through the inevitable broken nose.

      But he cannot beat somebody who has cardio+speed. Benson may not be the fastest, but he has enough speed and skill to hunt down Edgar and frustrate him. Edgar tried to capitalize on a takedown but got upkicked. When that happened it not only damaged his face but broke him mentally. He realized that he could very well get smashed and that he was not doing enough with points to win the fight. He knows he has a very small chance of finishing Benson.

      Edgar broke. He menatlly broke in that fight. It was obvious on his face.

      He tried to get points but was taking damage. All he could do was try to score as much points as he could but it was not enough. He got beat up and lost.

      He could not use his technique and strategy to his advantage this time. It happens. He got beat and to me and most people it was obvious.

      If this fight was 10 rounds then he would have gotten tkoed or koed.

  24. true mma says:

    Ben Henderson new champ…… Congrats

  25. Zack says:

    How could you even think for a second Edgar won that? He will get mopped at 145 by Aldo

  26. InternetToughGuy says:

    Lol! Dana wasn’t even watching the fight! I kept seeing him looking down the entire time playing with his phone! You’ve got to be kidding me! Bendo mopped Edgar up. Just crushing him and over powering him the entire fight.

  27. pussies says:

    Fuck u pussy bendo Dick riders. Frankie will drop to 145 and destroy aldo. Pettis will fight Ben except this time showtime kick his head clean off. Pettis will be champ.

  28. Scott says:

    Everyone scores fights differently because we all have different opinions on what wins a fight. I had it 50-45, Henderson because I felt he was out-striking Edgar, quickly got to his feet when he was down, stayed active with submission attempts, almost finished it like twice etc.

    However, a great source for this is, they analyze these fights very carefully and rate their abilities in each area in the match before they give a verdict. They scored the fight 49-46, Henderson.

    Henderson landed 87 significant strikes out of 100 and Edgar landed 68 significant strikes out of 81, you see? Henderson landed more significant strikes than Edgar even threw in the entire fight. Edgar landed 5 of 12 takedown attempts but didn’t do much while Henderson landed his only takedown attempt and tried for 3 submissions. I’m glad Henderson is champ, he is an excellent fighter and puts on a great show. I hope to see more great performances from him in the future.

  29. Hi'imanu says:

    Henderson won that fight

  30. Mike McMack says:

    I had it even going into the 5th but I believe Bendo won the 5th. I’m going to watch it again to make sure, but I saw Bendo winning clearly the winner of the last 3 rounds and possibly the 2nd. I hate how people think compustrike numbers matter, the takedowns Frankie got resulted in nothing and the striking of Frankie was more like love taps. Frankie would have KO power at 135 and he’d deal a lot of damage at 145. Do I think he’ll beat Aldo…no because of Aldo’s kicks. Ben’s kicks might have been caught by Frankie but they did their damage first, I think Frankie’s style of point scoring just didn’t work for him this time.

    • jason says:

      the Dance Dance revolution style did not work in this fight because Ben was never in his range I think

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Pitter patter makes compustrike worthless anyway but regardless Edgar just plain got beat up all night. No judges, no bullshit fight metricvs or compustrike can change who went to the hospital and who didn’t have a mark on him. Hendersen dominated Frankie and hurt him everytime he landed a shot, not to mention busted him up real bad in process. sorry Frankie i know you are use to stealing the judges decisions based on pitter patter but this this time it didn’t go your way. maybe it was all that blood that sprayed the crowd over 10 rows and that eye swollen shut or that broken nose with gash on it size of canyon

  31. cody says:

    all comes down to frankie supporters..look at damage done its like the first bj gsp fight r we actually complaining that the judges r getting better u cant get beat that bad and just get cheap take downs and put nothing on punches r kicks and win i mean just look at there faces and dont tell me genetics ben fucked him up i give it up to frankie with his heart unmatched but hes been physically out matched 3 times in a row and by the graces of god kept the belt ben was too smooth

  32. the original steve says:

    benson controlled the octagon, landed more significant strikes, and every time frankie took benson down he didn’t do anything and benson got right back up. the judges who scored it 49-46 are crazy but i scored it 48-47


    Just Scrap Style is for dummies,GSP is goat,I spits da truth NOT dat deceit.

    • humbly disagree says:

      fans deserve an exciting fight, i am not saying go out there and get your head split open for them, but gsp has been getting bashed for a while now about not trying to finish a fight. i think the fans are tired of watching wrestling matches that are 25 minutes long. and if your not watching a wrestling match, your watching jake shields boxing mastery. and for a goat it doesn’t hurt your credentials to fight in multiple weight classes.

    • Pijan says:

      Silva is GOAT, not only has he set more records, been one of the most accurate strikers in the UFC, went undefeated in the UFC, but he finishes his fights.

  34. I watched that match 3 times over. Excellent fight. But come on now. Edgar clearly won. He was in the middle of the ring. Stronger strikes. More accurate. Has an answear to anything Edgar through and that leg kick on the ground and flipping things around on Edgar defently gave him the win. I have no idea what Dana was watching. No disrespect to edgar. He is a great fighter. But he got beat. Its Henderson night. PERIOD.

    • Agamemnon says:

      Stronger strikes? Did you compare his face to Henderson’s?

    • jdog says:

      Compu strikes says the exact opposite of what you said, so I think you might need to watch it a fourth time, and this time take Frankie’s cock out of your mouth and wipe the jizz out of your eyes so you can see the real fight. Now I am not saying it was a run away but I had it for Benson and I did actually watch it a second time, Benson landed harder shots, the only real offense Frankie had was his take downs and he did 12 attempts and only landed 5 Benson took 1 and landed it. Each time Frankie got him down he got back up with no damage done and that up kick was killer and it had to negate at least one of the take downs all together, then with Benson getting right up that should have taken much of the sting off the other 4 take downs

  35. edgar loss says:

    @peter read your post it makes no sence so who do you think won?????

  36. HyLyfe808 says:

    Point wise… Yes I think Frankie Edgar won with all those take downs and that’s what he was going for cause he knew he was losing the stand up.

    I’m glad they didn’t go by points this time cause Frankie wasn’t that impressive. He looked like he was just trying to survive every round.

    I was going for Benson Henderson the whole time. Even though he was winning the exchange. He wasn’t looking as active as Frankie. Benson looked like he was holding back and just picking his shots.

    The way the judging was going the whole night with some bad calls especially the fight with Akiyama vs Shields and Mizugaki vs Cariaso. I thought it was definately going to Edgar by just points alone.

    I was happy and surprise that the judges chose Ben Henderson as the winner.

  37. mannski says:

    i agree with dana. very close fight. an up kick should not make henderson win that round. he was on his back because edgar put him there. tough fight i would not want to judge. edgar would do good at 145 henderson was very big in this fight.

    • Agamemnon says:

      You are wrong. Being able to disable a person from the bottom position should give him that round. He almost knocked him out. And don’t forget Henderson was only on his back for half a minute. If he had more time after that upkick who knows what would have happened to Edgar.

  38. Gabe418 says:

    Bendo new champ…49-46 looked right to me. Frankie did nothing, he’s getting closer and closer to getting knocked out. No gift decision here like BJ v Edgar 1

  39. David says:

    Ben owned edgar and punished him like awesome 😀

    • aGoodJudge says:

      I don’t know what fight Dana watched but it wasn’t very close. I agree with the 49-46 decision without a doubt. I’m sick of hearing about the takedowns because if you can’t accomplish anything after grounding your opponent, and he just gets right back up using excellent technique, then it’s neutral and no points should be awarded. Benson rocked Frankie a few times and dealt incredible damage to his head and body. You can’t even give Frankie any credit for catching all of Ben’s kicks because they all landed with full force BEFORE he caught them, and Frankie couldn’t capitalize on any opportunities, in fact once or twice Ben landed strikes with his own leg in the air.

  40. 16v149 says:

    First I think Dana should keep his bias thoughts to him and his boyfriends. Calling Floyd a racist for those asian remarks is there a diffference , when lesnar made similiar remarks against our UFC heavyweight Mexican champ. Of course not buba.
    There is only one white champion left, egar has a better chance to stay on top as a 145
    so for all reasons, money and haole fans, its a win win .

    • Dan says:

      dominick cruz….gsp OR condit i make that 2 legit champs that r white.

      what is the issue with any race being champ? it’s very mixed now if we are going to heritage and champions….mixed race black/white…mix race black/korean….french canadian….light skinned brazilian x2…black american….black brazilian. It’s not a case of being white/not white…white american and flyweight tbd

      stop with your uneducated comments

  41. kyle iampen says:

    I think Dana must be on crack to think that Edgar won. I am not a big Henderson fan but I would not deny him of his victory when he had just clearly won.

  42. David says:

    he has no chance in 145 Jose Aldo rules there :)

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