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Friday, 02/21/2014, 09:41 am

Dana White: ‘There is no uniform deal’

With recent talk of the possibility of a UFC Uniform, there has been a rash of discussion about the subject. Some fighters, such as Felice Herrig, raised concerns that it could actually hurt the fighters. However, when asked about Uniforms at a recent media scrum, UFC President Dana White made his opinion on the matter very clear:

“First of all, we have no uniform deal. We haven’t announced a uniform deal…we said that it’s something that we’re looking into…there’s no fucking uniform deal. Somebody asked me a question one day and I said something about it…We announce no deal, there is no deal, but people are bitching about it. When we get a deal done, and I come out and announce it, and lay out the rules, and tell you how it goes…if that day ever comes, then we can talk about it…we’re talking about something that doesn’t even exist, and people are bitching about something that doesn’t exist…it’s like a fucking hair salon.


2 Responses to “Dana White: ‘There is no uniform deal’”

  1. Aintno1special says:

    Wasn’t there a question asked and a statement made one day by Mr. God White that women would never fight in the UFC as well? This guy either needs to stop drinking so much or just bite his tongue a little more…he is beginning to sound a bit bi-polar.

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