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Thursday, 03/29/2012, 07:39 am

Dana White | The NBA, NFL & MLB Would Be Toast If They Tested For PED’s As Much As The UFC

“Test them every time they perform. Test them every time they run out onto the field. Randomly test guys every time they run out onto the field. NFL, NBA, Major league baseball, test them. I’d love to see that happen and see, you would have guys getting popped fucking left and right. Let me put it to you this way. We got 375 guys under contract. We are doing a zillion fights a year. Right? We’re traveling all over the world, all these other things were doing. Now, you really think we can crack down and just fucking chase these guys around everywhere they live all over the world and just randomly test these guys all the time? On top of all the other things were doing? You have to really sit back and you have to think and you have to use a little bit of reality and a little bit of, come on. It’s unrealistic for me to chase these fucking guys all over the world and test them for marijuana, cocaine, steroids and this and that. It’s impossible! We do more than any other sports organization on the planet. I want to see fucking baseball and football and all these other guys get tested the way we get tested. There would be no football, baseball or anything else if they got tested the way we get tested.”

In the aftermath of the UFC 146 pre-fight press conference that went down this week UFC president Dana White took to the floor to answer media questions about all items concerning UFC business.

One of the bigger stories coming out this week was the six-UFC heavyweight fighters who got pulled by the NSAC for a random drug screening.

While the testing procedures and frequency leave much to be desired, the UFC boss defends their policies and challenges the fact that they are the best run sports franchise in the world for keeping their athletes honest.

Is it enough?

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6 Responses to “Dana White | The NBA, NFL & MLB Would Be Toast If They Tested For PED’s As Much As The UFC”

  1. chad says:

    it’s true, they do test more than a lot of other sports, but i would still like to see one particular ww champ have at least one random test during his training camp.
    i don’t think that’s too much to ask for, especially since he’s been caught cheating during a fight before and pretty much everyone in the fight game knows he’s cycling something.

    these day-of-the-fight test are great and all, but we all know the real cheating is occurring during training camp. even the fighters themselves talk about how they scale down their PED’s like TRT, so they don’t piss hot during fight week. it amazes me that we all know it’s happening, yet there’s no testing a month or 2 out when these guys have 20x the normal levels in their bodies. must be nice to be able to train harder, for longer, with greater recovery than a guy that’s just training natural.

  2. Bonk says:

    Just test the top 5 guys in each division, that’s like 30 guys now Dana, We could have a new top 5 guys every cycle

  3. Beaner says:

    Dana white is a damn idiot. Yeahhhh so many people use roids in baseball because every player hits homeruns and is gigantic as fuck…. he makes so many retarded statements. Albert Pujos doesn’t do roids and you would think he did. But truth is he has always been big and his reaction time is extremely fast compared to others. He has the ability to see which way the ball is spinning and what pitch is being thrown. That’s why he’s that good and he isn’t the only one like that. How about you fighters not use supplements to build up their body mass. That’s cheating also cause obviously they can’t get their body to that point on their own without a scientific drink.

  4. Cagin says:

    But you have to admit hes done a great job of making MMA as popular as it is today :)

    Without him it most likely wouldnt exist. Respect.

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