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Wednesday, 02/12/2014, 06:07 pm

Dana White Tells Gilbert Melendez to ‘Start Looking Elsewhere’ After Contract Negotiations

The future of Gilbert Melendez’s relationship with the UFC is looking bleak. After months of trying to ink a new deal with the sport’s premier league, it is a possibility that ‘El Nino’ may have to jump ship and call another promotion ‘home’.

Dana White elaborated on the complications of the negotiation process during his recent appearance on UFC Tonight. “I’m done. It’s not going well at this point. I like Gilbert Melendez very much, but I don’t like his management,” White told UFC Tonight. He continued, “If he wants to fight in the UFC, he better talk to Lorenzo quick.” Lorenzo Fertitta is a co-owner of the UFC.

Gilbert Melendez’s manager is Rodolphe Beaulieu, who happens to be the manager of former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. “Being Georges St-Pierre’s best friend does not make you a good manager,” said White.

Gilbert Melendez last appeared in the octagon at UFC 166 when he defeated Diego Sanchez in one of the most exciting fights of 2013. After getting his hand raised in victory, Melendez had officially fulfilled his required number of fights on his Zuffa contract and was essentially a free agent. After months of trying to negotiate a new deal with Zuffa management, Dana White finally told Gilbert Melendez to start looking for a new home.

“He better start looking elsewhere.”

Do you think we will see Gil back in the octagon any time soon? Would you like to see him fight for Bellator or WSOF? Tweet us and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

By Jon Kirschner | Twitter: @MMAKirschner


0 Responses to “Dana White Tells Gilbert Melendez to ‘Start Looking Elsewhere’ After Contract Negotiations”

  1. Joe says:

    The ufc has to start paying there top ten fighters six figures min. Per fight. These guys are Amazing athletes and are not even making 100 or 200 K a year, it’s laughable.

  2. LG says:

    We don’t know what Gil’s management was asking for, so we don’t have both sides of the story.
    Let’s see what Gil and co. were demanding and then start forming opinions.

  3. Timothy Shafer says:

    Gilbert is one of the best in the world and needs to fight the best in the world. Bellator or WSOF seems ridiculous I’m sure they’ll meet somewhere in the middle despite his management.

  4. Tector11 says:

    I can’t wait until these fighters find out their actual value and leave the UFC. The fighters are the reason I watch MMA and if they could all coordinate a move to WSOF together then everybody would be better off. Ray Sefo or Dana White, I know who I would rather have as my boss.

  5. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Gil strikes me as someone who would be hard to deal with. But like LG said we really don’t know the whole story, so no reason to form our opinions until we do.

    • Dre says:

      Gil is actually far from being someone hard to deal with. I train alongside him and he understands practicality and self worth. The UFC can’t go much longer treating their fighters like they aren’t the reason people tune in and buy PPV.

      • UFC 84 Forever says:

        Well maybe it’s just the Cesar Gracie camp, or the interviews I’ve seen him do, but I wouldn’t agree. Likewise, however, you would know him far better than I would so who am I to say otherwise?

        As for the rest of what you’re saying…

        I agree but also disagree. I agree in a general sense, but don’t necessarily agree with Gilbert in this case. The UFC needs to treat its stars with more respect for certain but Gilbert on the other hand has had two fights, and regardless of politics, is 1-1 in the UFC. That doesn’t bode well for contract negotiations.

        • Nick M. says:

          A loss in a championship fight that many people belive he won and an absolute war with Sanchez I’d give him some barddering roon.

  6. Brandon Canterbury says:

    Gil must of been asking for a lot. I do not like him or his team so I do not really care I am sure he would make Bellitor very happy.

  7. Xaninho says:

    I guess I am one of the very few who just admires Melendez’s heart and toughness in the cage, but thinks he’s not that great technically?

    I seriously think he isn’t championship material. So if his manager wanted the UFC to pay him a champions salary, then I guess in this case I’ll have to agree with DW.

  8. Robert Belozi Lee says:

    Fedor’s management, Nick Diaz’s management, Gilbert Melendez’s management…

    I’m sure everyone else is the problem.

  9. Rick O Shea says:

    No matter how much people say without Dana the UFC would not be what it is today, it doesn’t excuse the fact that, especially more recently, he is becoming more and more intolerable. He is alot more famous and well known than the majority of the actual athletes who compete, he has the attitude of a ten year old girl if things dont go his way. How long does it have to go on for, for fighters, fans etc to turn against him. The media can’t say anything about his judgement of risk being black listed, fighters the same. He is a hero and the main man in his own mind and this Melendez story if true would be the icing on the cake, he is a total egotistical moron

  10. K3vbot says:

    White and the Fertittas are holding back MMA so they can cash in short term.

  11. remy730 says:

    well that sucks, there were at least 2 fights I was looking forward to.

  12. David Garza says:

    Fuck Dana white. Ufc is turning into shit. Greedy bastards. Gilbert is a great fighter ! Ridiculous …talk about an eagletustic basterd!

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