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Saturday, 12/28/2013, 08:28 am

Dana White: Tate Beating Rousey Will Be Second Biggest Upset Ever

What is the biggest upset in MMA history? Fabricio Werdum baiting Fedor Emelianenko into a triangle to end his ten-year reign? Chris Wiedman knocking out Anderson Silva? Or could it be coming tonight, in the co-main event of UFC 168? If Miesha Tate defeats Ronda Rousey, will that be the biggest upset of all time?

According to UFC President Dana White, none of these can match the upset-to-end-all-upsets, Matt Serra knocking out Georges St. Pierre at UFC 69 in 2007.

“Even if Miesha Tate beats Ronda Rousey I would still have to say when Matt Serra beat Georges St-Pierre, that’s got to be the biggest upset ever in UFC history,” White told FOX Sports.

Tate is an 8-1 underdog in the oddsmaker’s eyes, and even if she is victorious tonight, White believes it would only come close to topping St. Pierre vs. Serra. White said if Tate wins, “it’s No. 2 for sure.”

Tate’s victory would be significant, because she already lost to Rousey in the past. She succumbed to Rousey’s dreaded armbar in a Strikeforce bout last year, and just like every competitor Rousey has fought before, Tate was finished in the first round.


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  1. Vida Atomica says:

    I can’t believe this topic went from Tate vs Rousey to their tits. Who cares who’s are fake or not, no one here is gonna ever see them nor touch them. All I hope it’s that Tate beats Rousey and if not, hope it’s a worthwhile fight for Tate.

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