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Friday, 01/31/2014, 07:21 am

Dana White defends against Donald Trump, talks the ‘pussification’ of America

During the UFC 169 media scrum, the UFC’s brash President, Dana White, talked about the ‘pussification’ of America and how it’s getting just crazy:

“We’re all gonna get hurt, we’re all gonna die someday,” stated the UFC fight boss. “It gets so crazy and overplayed – ‘it’s dangerous, that’s dangerous.'”

He continued:

“To get rid of youth football? That’s ridiculous. It’s insane… My son Aiden broke his arm on the monkey bars at school – ban monkey bars. People are going to get hurt. It’s part of life. You know?”

“The pussification of America, that’s what I keep talking about man.”

Contact sports are falling under more and more scrutiny as of late, and I personally have to agree with the UFC President on this one. What do you think about Dana’s most recent comments Penn Nation?


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  1. Charred says:


  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Who’s in, we’re starting the Anti-Pussification of Men League. We’re going worldwide. I suggest Europeans, Canadians and Australian join first, they need the most de-progaming from the pussifying – liberal cult…..Oh Yah, and any American demorats too!!

    • K3vbot says:


    • Guest says:

      Yea because the sports played by these countries are so much softer than America’s right? Gotta be armoured up to play Football, have to wear a glove for baseball, can’t have your hands getting hurt 😉

    • bubbagum says:

      Right on…we should do the same thing here in Canada,,,talking about pussies…they run the nation here…makes me puke every day…

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Lol…its called worldwide liberal pussification. It comes from governments that are TOO big. Try to make men in to sheeple for control. It ain’t going to work though…

    • DYLF says:

      Dana’s boyfriend broke his leg in half on someone’s knee are we gonna ban knees in the UFC?

  3. Doc says:

    This country is pussified. It is damn pathetic. People are always finding something to cry about.

    It is always the democratic suck nuts. If somebody does not agree with them then they try to rake them through the coals. Obama sucks, fuck trayvon martin, fuck all you idiots who scream about tolerance and then want to kill somebody who is anti-gay, fuck all you welfare abusers, and all the pieces of shit who keep trying to take what I earned. You’ll never get it. Keep trying bitches. I win, you lose. Every time.

  4. IceBreaKeR says:

    Man, you guys are idiots. Get an education.

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