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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 01:55 pm

Dana White Talks Middleweight Division | UFC News

UFC President Dana White recently did an interview with Inside MMA’s Ron Kruck and touched on his plans for the middleweight division.  Prior to UFC 149 he was expected to explain the middleweight plans post-fight press conference but the disappointment showed apparent with his refusal to even answer questions about the announcement he had originally planned to make.

 “I did have a game plan and something that were gonna be fun. We’re still gonna do it, just not the way I was gonna do it before. Things are gonna change.

I love it when guys come out, and they’re claiming that they want a shot at the title, they wanna be a world champion, and they come out, and they win convincingly.

You can’t always do it. It doesn’t always happen, but the performance that I saw tonight, honestly?  Even though Boetsch won, and Boetsch is this incredible underdog that came up out of nowhere, now beating Okami and beating Lombard — this guy is gonna be ranked in a serious position now. So, good for him.  He’s earned it.

He deserves it, but I’m looking for guys like Weidman. Weidman comes out and destroys the number two, number three guy in the world and is ready to fight anybody, anytime, anywhere.

He took the Demian Maia fight on short notice and cut 30 pounds to get ready for it, and I was looking at this thing, and every fight can’t be the fight you expect it to be, but that was nothing I expected.”

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19 Responses to “Dana White Talks Middleweight Division | UFC News”

  1. A.James says:

    Just give it to Weidman. I’m tired of rematches.

  2. Xaninho says:

    ok So maybe it will be Weidman then. Good for him.

  3. Weidman or Michael. and i say Michael. The man has been at the Top forever.

  4. mj says:

    Bisping doesnt have the stand up or ground skills of Vitor. So what would he do to Anderson.. trade blows and get KTFO. Chris or Sivla Belfort 2….Chris looks great.. and Vitor can finish anyone with his straight left(eg, Matt L.)

    • B says:

      And where did Vitor’s superior skills get him? Honestly, why do retards think they can talk about this sport? Just because Vitor lost to Anderson and you “rank” Vitor as being better than Bisping doesnt mean Bisping doesn’t have a chance. This is fighting, not math. There’s this thing called the X factor which is beyond statistics, opinions, rankings, or records. It’s the thing that can happen in any fight at any time, on any given night, and thats why this sport is exciting, because no one knows for sure.

      I wonder what you were saying when Fedor was about to fight Werdum. Probably something like “Werdum has no chance!” right?

      Don’t say a fight will suck until after it happens. And for the record, Bisping will definitely get the shot before Weidman… since Weidman has like 2 fans, and Bisping actually draws. Think Dana doesn’t bring that into consideration? Think again.

      • Will says:

        Agreed. At the base for us hardcore fans, we just want to see the best fighters square off. Weidman has proven, to me atleast, that he is a beast and could POTENTIALLY give Anderson trouble. That being said, this is a fight promotion business. And Bisping, if he can beat Stann in convincing fashion, would be in line for a title shot. With his mouth, he will draw the casual fan in. That’s why the Silva/Sonnen series was so interestiing, based off the mouth of Chael. Love him or hate him, you tuned in to see him win or get his backside handed to him. And who knows, maybe his stick and move approach the fight game would do him well against Silva.

        Call me whatever you want though, I’d still bet on Silva over the rest of the division….

  5. Tapitout21 says:

    Weidman doesnt deserve a shot nor is he ready yet. I hate the guy but if Bisping wins its his turn (he was robbed against Sonnen). If Dana decides to have Silva wait til next year to fight again then anythings possible as the division settles

  6. MW PIC says:

    MW Matches to make and fights making sense

    Franklin vs Boetsch (should Rich beat Cung, the legend deserves a top 10 contender)
    Lombard vs Munoz (Both asked for this both lost last fights, lets see it)
    Belfort vs Belcher (Brazil) Allan asked for it, should Allen win he is 2nd in line
    Bisping vs Stann (Should Michael wins he should be1st in line)
    Weidman vs Silva (Time for change in MW division, lets see a new champ)

  7. punchkick says:

    just because weidman beat an out of shape muñoz does not make him the number 1 contender. make him fight vitor or belcher

  8. Ryan kelly says:

    I’m still saying belched vs weidman I think tht would be an interesting fight

  9. Sr.stinson Unknow says:

    i’m tired of hearing guys saying “this guy doesn’t have the stand up to beat anderson or this guy doesn’t have the groungame or this guy…” well the reality is that noone in the mw division is better than anderson thats why he is the champ but anything can happen in a fight so please just give him someone already.

  10. The diaz bros take it in the ass! says:

    Tim Boetsch has beaten 2 top 5 middle weights arguably top 3 while wiedman beat 1 top 10 and one just outside top 10! On what planet does he get a title shot?? If anything they should fight for #1 contender and belcher bisping should fight for #2 last time I checked this is not the WWE but it’s looking like that’s the direction they’re headed if anybody but boetsch gets a shot!

    • matalotz says:

      Let be real here. Boetsch was get dominated by Okami before he got lucky and Lombard is borderline can. Yeah, his record is great but he beat a bunch of bums. Wideman beat Maia on like 10 days notice and dominated Munoz, both top 10 fighters. I would rank Lombard a top 10 b/c he hasn’t fought in the UFC or even strikefore. He’s bush league. Silva would destroy Boetsch and Bisping. I believe Bisping is a real good fighter but he’s a striker and you can’t beat Silva in that game. Sonnen drew the blueprint to beat Silva and Wideman has the tool to execute it. He’s a tremendous wrestler like Sonnen. has better Jujitsu that Sonnen and strikes better then Sonnen. I still think Sonnen beats Silva if he don’t go for that stupid spinning back fist move. Anyway, Boetsch is a bum and doesn’t deserve a title shot.

  11. MMACRAVER says:

    Weidman is ready to fight any time anywhere?

    The fuck are you talking about>? He refused to fight vitor…. He want’s the title shot handed to him.

  12. Pijan says:

    I don’t see Tim, Michael, or Chris beating Anderson though.

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