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Friday, 02/21/2014, 09:53 am

Dana White Talks Melendez/Bellator Deal: ‘Good for him… this is what everybody wanted.’

After a recent tirade on UFC Tonight, and the announcement that Bellator MMA and Gilbert Melendez agreed on a deal (though the UFC still retains matching rights), many assumed that UFC President Dana White would not be too happy with Melendez. However, when asked about the situation at a recent media scrum, White had nothing but good things to say about Melendez, stating:

“I like Gilbert, we’ll see what happens…Gilbert’s out there testing the market…Good for him. I don’t have any hard feelings for Gilbert Melendez. Not a big fan of the [management] that I was dealing with, but this happens some times. So you know what happens? I don’t deal with it.

White also took an opportunity to counter some of the recent criticisms of the UFC, claiming:

Here’s the thing that’s funny about that. It’s one or the other,” White said. “‘We’re a monopoly. Guys can’t make more money. [Gilbert] is out there, it’s free trade. He’s out there testing the waters and seeing what he’s worth. And now it’s a big fucking issue… He’s out there testing the fucking waters man, that’s how this shit works. Is it a bad thing? I thought this is what everybody wanted. And now This is a big fucking negative issue? I don’t get it.”

However, White did offer one warning to Gilbert in regards to signing with Bellator: “If [Gilbert] signs a deal with those guys he ain’t going anywhere, nobody can get out of those fucking deals they have.”


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  1. titpounder says:

    gilbert didnt win the belt from bendo, he at most shoulve had a draw. he didnt do nearly enough to win it, every time its a close title fight people cry about it. gus and big rigg won theres but gilbert didnt and it wouldnt matter cuz pettis wouldve taken it from him by now anyways so quit whining about gilbert and his imaginary belt

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