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Friday, 08/24/2012, 02:27 am

Dana White States Anderson Silva Offered To Save UFC 151 And Fight On Eight Days Notice | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC President Dana White comment’s in an interview with MMAFighting.

Following the announcement that UFC 151 was cancelled due to the challenger Dan Henderson being forced out with an injury and the champion Jon Jones refusing to fight Chael Sonnen on eight days notice Dana White admits he received a late offer to save the show.

The offer came from the UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, White stated the message came to him via Silva’s manager Ed Soares just moments after UFC 151 was cancelled. The Spider who admitted  he was not in the best shape volunteered to fight on eight days notice in Las Vegas against ‘another Light-Heavyweight fighter’ not Jones. Unfortunately, he was a few hours late and the promotion had already scrapped the event.

White admitted he never expected Anderson to offer his services and stated that he appreciated the offer from the champion. The Light-Heavyweight Champion Jones will now meet Vitor Belfort at UFC 152.

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85 Responses to “Dana White States Anderson Silva Offered To Save UFC 151 And Fight On Eight Days Notice | UFC News”

  1. Me says:

    Awhhh who would of liked to see Anderson vs Chael at LWH for the fun off it.

  2. jesus korean says:

    all u anderson haters can suck a dick

    • Diaz bro says:

      Because he offered to fight anyone but Jon Jones? He offers this after its cancelled, that’s big of him.

      • UFC 151 says:

        No, they both stated that they dont want to fight each other. will people get that geez. so there will never be a JBJ vs Anderson fight. Anderson is a people’s champ whom is willing to fight on 8 days notice at LHW. Thats real class. Jones should take notes instead of hiding from Chael and scrapping events.

        • Mc says:

          They won’t fight each other cuz one of them would have to lose. God forbid they fight someone that might beat them. I only wanna fight guys I know can’t beat me so I can make a legacy. That’s awesome cuz now people know what’s up. Ur legacy will be, “I avoided the tough fights that people wanted to see”.

        • Quinn says:

          That’s pretty much sums it up!!
          Picking and choosing their opponents rather than what the MMA fans, who btw put the bread on their table, would want to see!
          Man those earlier fighters back in the UFC’s day may not have had the skills that today’s fighters do but they sure had the heart which seems to be lacking in some of today’s fighters!

        • Diaz bro says:

          This is a sport, shouldn’t they want to test each other, that is weak to say I won’t fight this or that person, doesn’t happen in other Major sports, the best want to compete against the best. Jon Jones, says he fights for money, is there a bigger payday than Silvia? Would Anderson have fought Wiedman at 205, LOL this could have been real interesting.

        • Fighting Fan says:

          Think about it fellas. Why in the world would Anderson take the highly wanted fight, spider vs. JBJ on 8 days rest. Yes, we all want it but that wouldnt make sense, especially on only 8 days notice. Jones wouldnt have to come down in weight or anything. If the fight were to happen, more conditions would have to be met than making it happen in 8 days, including getting a larger arena.

          Even tho it was too late I do like that Anderson stepped!

          I was on the fence of being a JBJ fan…BUT thanks to this NOW I AM NOT. WAR anyone but JBJ!

        • julian671 says:

          Diaz is a fagg, to bad your Diaz brother. Cuz your gay as well 😀

          *If you reply then your a dumb a$$*

        • eli says:

          in other sports the worst that happens is a loss. in this, you get beat the shit out of. It’s different. Oh, and the same shit happens in boxing too

        • deandre says:

          some people are so stupid. first off chael would give jones a run for his money but would not beat him its almost fact. where is he gonna beat jones at? stand up? or on the ground. i dont see him being able to beat him in any place that the fight could take place. But i have lost respect for jones because when u are champion u dont or shouldnt have a choice on who u fight. if dana wants u to fight then get your ass in there and fight u are in the ufc for a reason, if u cant handle that take your ass to bellator or some shit. and for the guy at the bottom dissin silva, u my friend are trippin how many fights do u have to see to know that this guy is the best he would drop his hands in front of any fighter let them swing and when they miss they are done along wit the fight. im more then a fan of cage fighting i actually do it and have a title fight coming up in sept for the middleweight belt. so before u go dissing fighters please make sure u got your shit right and you are not just talkin outta your ass. silva has had the belt going on six years thats fact. another fact is he aint lost one match in more then six years. get your stats and fact together

        • iconomy says:

          Your cage fighting credentials. . . not impressed. At all. Just sayin’.

      • Robert says:

        yeah because he wasn’t expecting it to be cancelled jackass. he didnt know white scrapped the event. he called them as soon as he figured out about it. stop bein a dick

  3. fist says:

    shogun vs spider or evans vs spider

  4. Slosh says:

    Hell yeah, I always liked silva but this has given me a new found respect for him, I really hope that Jon gets a lot of hate for this, I really hope vitor gives him a flogging!

    • you have no idea what your talking about says:

      Silva agreed to take JbJ’s place bc he was trying to save his lil boyfriends career. He wasn’t going to fight jbj.. he was going to “fight another fighter at lhw” .. plz read. Also, this would have been a win win for him. He would have got to smash some chump at LHW of his or Soares’s choosing of the sucker of an opponent, just to add stock to his resume. If he is sooooo willing to jump in the cage on ONLY 8 DAYS NOTICE, then why can’t he just go ahead and give the fans THE MOST WANTED FIGHT IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!!! This actually makes me LOOSE repect for him because he could easily have just fought Jones and got it over with and shocked the MMA community with a f’ing SUPERFIGHT on 8 days notice without putting his belt on the line. He is just scared that he will loose the title of “GOAT” if he actually looses. Well, he lost that title from a lot of fans when he saud he would never fight JBJ and especially now that he said he would take a LHW fight only on 8 days notice except with JBJ.. pure trash and hype IN MY OPINION!! <— I have the right to my own opinion, so please Silva nutuggers just calm your panties…

  5. stephen riddle says:

    I want to see a old school flurry of hands by vitor! He should be fighting at 205 anyway.

  6. KingKamehameha says:

    Anderson, you sir are a TRUE CHAMPION. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. Hell somebody said it up above who wouldn’t pay to see Chael vs Anderson at 205 for fun. Id pay for that.

    • Me says:

      Yeah that was me lol. We need champions like Anderson in the UFC willing to go up a weight class and fight on 8 days notice, Not chumps like Jones who has been training for 3 months and rejects a fight with a out of shape 185er who is willing to fight on 8 days notice! Gained a lot of respect for Weidman and Chael who offered themselfs to fight Joneson 8 days notice, and gained respect for Anderson for stepping in too save the card. Also respect to Vitor because he dropped out the Belcher fight I’m guessing that could of set him up for a titleshot at MW. I love how the MWs wanted to step in but the LWHs didn’t want to do s**t.

      • H-Bomb Baby says:

        Seriously! Do they NOT have a top 10 list to choose from?? Where the hell are the other 6 LHW from that top 10 contenders list?

        • megamarvs says:

          185ers walk around at 205-210 (Belfort says he dropped down from 215 vs Rumble). A 185er can easily fight at 205 in short notice as long as they are in decent shape. A 205er starts from around 220 and up. It would take a couple of weeks just to cut weight besides actual training. Dropping weight too fast would spell disaster especally in a 5 round fight

  7. Sting says:

    Now thats’s pure class!..anderson silva has just cemented his legacy as the greatest champion this sport has ever produced. Jones was well on his way but this latest diva act on jones’ part just proved that it takes more than skills and talent to be great. He may have developed into a dominant fighter in 4 years but it’s going to take him a lot more years to achieve the type of class that makes great athletes. I hope jonny jones learns from this.

  8. *281* says:

    Anderson scared of Bones but will fight anyother fighter ? Wow this sport is becoming way to much like boxing . Just strip them of their fake belts

    • Me says:

      Jones’s strength is Andersons weakness… Who the f*** fights a guy for a title without no peperation (Apart from Chael and few others)Style makes fights and this is a tough fight for Silva with a training camp let alone without one, Your obviously just a hater so please just ssh.

    • UFC 151 says:

      No, they both stated that they dont want to fight each other. will people get that geez. so there will never be a JBJ vs Anderson fight. Anderson is a people’s champ whom is willing to fight on 8 days notice at LHW. Thats real class. Jones should take notes instead of hiding from Chael and scrapping events. Also, Jones’s is his own weakness. watch his fights again. in a fight with Anderson those holes will be found also Machida is a counter puncher and can beat Jones. what makes you think Anderson who is the best Counter Puncher in the UFC cant beat him?

      • Harris170 says:

        How do you figure machida can beat Jones last time they got together I recall Machida being facedown on the mat out cold. Idk why people think cus Machida hit a couple times that he could win. When Jones can definitely end it on the ground. He just chose to stand with him last time. Plus Lyoto must not be too confident in beating him cus he turned the fight down that’s why Belfort is in

    • Bobby says:

      Why would you even want to see possibly the biggest fight ever in UFC history where the lighter fighter is not even in shape and takes it on 8 days notice? Give him props for stepping up to save the card or STFU.

    • H-Bomb Baby says:

      Setting up a Superfight like that with only 8 days to prepare and promote, is about as retarded as your statement! They would need a HUGE venue, because hosting that in Vegas is STUPID! They already lost a few million when they had to move Silva/Sonnen 2 from the 70,000 seat arena in Brazil, to the under 17,000 seat event center in Las Vegas. *IF* Silva vs Jones ever did happen, hosting it in a HUGE stadium or giant arena, would make the most sense. Hell, Wimbley Stadium anyone??? Let’s try filling 100,000+ seat venues!!! And promote it for around 5 or 6 months to make it the biggest event it can be.

    • bigwhizz says:

      listening to some of you guys is funny, fake belts ,scared to fight,but i kinda agree with one comment its becoming to much like boxing and its taking the raw and untamed cage fighting aspect away from the sport. but everyone is talking about jbj”s wouldnt fight anderson silva or vice versa , but there is no doubt that anderson would fight him even when he says he wont,but on 8 day notice come on , jbj deserves more respect then that just on his natural abilities and you would need a definite fight plan or strategy to fight him.but onething i dont hear is that punk ass gsp is scared to fight anderson and it been offered to him year after year for atleast the past three years,,,,i dont hear nobody talking about that? dana should do a throw back shogun style tournament and just bring the top five fighter from each weight division and have a bracket style fight winner takes all,one belt for each class.or do like they used to in the old days and have just a king of the ring -fighters will fight their way to a single belt – royce gracie did it he beat kimo and others , then all you whining lil bitches quit saying such and such is scared to fight this person.

  9. Magoo says:

    I thought AS didn’t want to fight Jones? This is awesome news after Jon takes out Vitor bring on the spider, this will be the fight of all fights!

  10. CombatRusse says:

    Much respect (again) for the champ Anderson Silva
    and fuck Dana White, who cancelled the card
    This proves that there were a lot of alternatives, not just fucking the whole card, fucking fighters, fans, sponsors … and saying its Jones fault
    Fuck Dana White again

    • H-Bomb Baby says:

      LOL amen! Fuck all the DW nut huggers out there that are drinking his Kool-Aid. He *hates* Jackson and Jones so much that he setup ANOTHER FIGHT for Jones in LESS than 30 days! LMFAO #wheresDWsProzac

  11. Sting says:

    Jones vs hendo..oops, hendo gets hurt so lets have jones vs sonnen, oops jones just chickened out, wants someone else, ok, lets have jones vs machida, oops machida ain’t ready for jones, wait, the spider wants to save the day, throws his hat in there, silva vs anyone (except jones)..well, 151 was already scrapped, but thanks anyway we have jones vs belfort!..quite a day for ufc..oh wait, where’s ronda rousey in all this drama?..i’d say lets go back to old school ufc and have all these fighters kill each other elimination style, last man standing is the champ.

  12. DMAC says:

    Dana is such a scumbag lying piece of shit. Still trying to put the blame on anyone but himself, shit way to run a organization 101. And all the low budget fighters talking shit need to learn how to manage their money better, simple as that. People always talking about fighters get paid well in the UFC, apparently that isn’t true if they can’t even make rent and struggle throughout the year. At end of the day there has never been a Champ, I repeat CHAMP who’s taken a fight on 8 days notice.

    • Patrick Jenkins says:

      If it wasnt for white and the fertittas there wouldn’t be a UFC and everything that goes with it for mma fans, jones wouldnt be a champ. And without the “low budget fighters” you would have 2 fights a card.

      • DMAC says:

        What’s your point

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          Don’t give shit to DW when he has done more for the sport than you or JBJ. Just cause he is the CHAMP now doesn’t mean any of the great LHW champions or any weight wouldn’t take a fight in the same situation cause most have been fighting champions. JBJ is trying make an image that he is the GOAT but isn’t proving it.

      • CombatRusse says:

        Yes the Fertitas, helped by White, invested in the UFC and they got their reward. But fighters did the job! (BJ Penn, Griffin, Bonnar, GSP, Sonnen etc…)
        But lately White made a bunch of bad decisions including the cancellation of the whole card without exploring all possibilities
        May be it is time to have a new decision maker at the head of the UFC. Too much power (and maybe too much work) seem to have affected Dana White.

        • DMAC says:

          Exactly! There was no need for the card to be scrapped. It was a unprofessional move by everyone in charge of the UFC. And to drag the best thing the UFC has through the dirt is really disgusting to me. All the fighters talking shit is even more disgusting to me, Bones don’t pay them Dana does. JBJ made a decision that was best for him, his family and future. He stood tall and went against someone who didn’t have his best interest in mind. Bones is about that cheese and if they fight later (meaning Chael has to fight @ 205 and win) then the fight will be massive and he’ll make a shit load more then he would’ve fighting next week.

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          How is this a bad fight for jones he hurts his career and his pocket by not accepting an out of shape 85er on the end of a full training camp for the same style of fighter. How was this good for anything his career, his Nike deal or his fan base. I use to respect jones a lot as a fighter. I thought he was a fighting champion not one who turns down fights.

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          Because you know all details about how to put a show together he has been doing this for years and has put on the best cards. I agree that the fighters do the job but without the UFC the masses probably wouldnt know about them. A fighter let him and us down not just any fighter it was the “future GOAT” yes DW made a questionable decision by scraping the card. but people want to say JBJ is a business man. DW is a real business man do you think his first or even his fifth option was to scrap the card and lose money. Without DW there wouldnt be a UFC anymore and we would all be watching boxing, K1, ect

    • realist says:

      Your right none have ever been offered one on 8 days except JBJ and he turned it down…

  13. Phantom weight says:

    If JJ didnt want an out of Shape middle wieght with no camp that was the same style as the guy she,I mean he was supposed fight what makes you think he would fight the best fighter who ever graced the octagon?He has become so fame starved that he will do this again.JJ will only fight guys he thinks he can beat.enter vitor,machida,ect.

  14. mean170 says:

    Anyone that thinks Anderson should have offered to fight Jon Jones on 8 days notice is a fucking moron. Jon Jones is the kind of fighter you have to do some real prep work for. Btw if Jones doesn’t accept Sonnen on 8 days notice he damn sure wouldn’t have got in the octagon with Anderson without more time to prepare.

  15. Bob'O says:

    Silva just earned my respect back. Can’t expect him to fight Bones though with 8 days notice.

    Can’t blame Machida, he just fought a few weeks ago.

    This has become an absolute joke. Not paying to watch Vitor get smashed. Looking forward to Machida knocking crybaby Jones out the next time around.

    I really respected The kid when he first won the belt, but Bones has become a selfish jerk. True champions step up.

    He should have taken the Sonnen fight, period. ~Bob’O

  16. Why does Belfort get the shot and not Sonnen . Screw stubby little Belfort hes way overrated is gonna get KOd first round again who has he fought since being in the UFC Franklin and Silva only 2 good Opponents Akiyama is at 170 now Rumble Johnson is a never was out of the UFC for good probably Franklin is a has been and He got destroyed by Silva so how does get the shot AND WHAT THE TITS MACHIDA NOW UR TURNING DOWN FIGHTS TO DAMN THE UFC FIGHTERS JUST WANT THE CASH FUCK THE FANS

    • Bob'O says:

      Machida was on a plane to Brazil. He asked to fight Jones, but Jones was the one who said he didn’t want it.

      Machida was promised the winner of Hendo vs Jones. Machida just knocked out Bader a few weeks ago man.

      He is intelligent by not taking the fight sooner so he has plenty of time to heal and train for the winner of Vitor vs Jones.

      Machida is no fool brah. ~Bob’O

  17. EAT A FAT ONE says:

    I don’t care what yall say about Anderson Silva. Anderson’s a REAL CHAMP! JBJ IS NOT!

  18. Drew says:

    Your the man silva

  19. Skulls says:

    Please Vitor…. destroy Jones. Cant wait to see the reaction of the fans when Jones steps in the ring…. it might be the most hated intro a fighter has ever received.

  20. Good on Silva for being stand up… this time.

    Still does not excuse his history as a cheater and princess.

    • Jordan says:

      Salty ass crybaby sonnen fans lol.. They r the only 1s who hate on anderson like that.. Get over it, silva made him tap at ufc 117 then got sloppy nd got beat into a stoppage at ufc 148.. Chael couldve won both fights but he plain nd simply came up short.. In the critical moments chael faltered nd silva shined like champs do.. Wish him the best of luck at 205 but @ 185 he’ll always b 2nd best as long as anderson is around

  21. Michael says:

    They should’ve made Silva vs Sonnen III…at light heavyweight lol

  22. bobby grooms says:

    im so proud you all have your hero spider silva, but he only fights once a yr, who gets a whole yr to prepare besides gsp? everyone fights 4 to 5 fights to these two one fight , its easy to remain champ when you dont defend but once a yr

    • CPP says:

      That also means it takes one year for UFC to find a proper MW to fight Silva

    • deandre says:

      u stupid as hell anderson fights 3 times a fuckin year look it up stop running your mouth if u dont got the facts only this year has he not faught as much and thats only because they wanted to make sure he was healthy for the sonnen fight look at last year he faught okami belfort mia u fuck ass dude

  23. jase says:

    i dont blame jones either. i get it …. sonnen’s got em skerrd a bit. (MAYBE) or could it be the fact that hey sonnens been getting a lot of title oppourtunities lately.. and with little fighting to show for the shit he talks…. SONNEN SAYS yup sonnen says a lot. but the more talking i see this fool do. the less winning he does too…. hes like koshchek all hype… in fact …..set thoes two up at a catch weight. it’ll be the first self promoted ufc ever…. and on that note, ufc should let silva have the opporutunity to own 2 belts at the same time, by matching him wit jones. since who knows when and if GSP will decide to man up….

  24. math major says:

    Sonnen had the exact same amount of time to train for Jones, 8 days as jones had for Sonnen.

    If Jones is so good he could have watched tapes the final 8 days and studied Sonnen since he is supposed to be so much better than everyone else anyhow he and jackson could have had a game plan. But no Jackson wants everything always to be to his advantage, it’s more about the Glory for Jackson and Jones.

    • H-Bomb Baby says:

      Y’all are seriously MENTAL if you think Phael is NOT in shape and offering to fight on short notice. Sonnen may talk like a dick but he’s NOT stupid! He’ll talk trash but he knows one wrong move and Jones WILL end him! How dumb would he have to be to come in and fight out of shape? PUH-LEASE!

  25. greg says:

    This whole thing seems engineered by dana white. fuck him, he only cares about the money he would gain from sonnen VS jbj and so now he is making a huge deal of it. jones said sonnen should earn a title shot (like jones did) instead of talking his way into it. I fully agree. sonnen is a big talker, but knows he couldn’t hold up climbing the ladder of the LHW division.

    • math major says:

      Who cares what Jones said Sonnen stepped up to save the company $$ they already spent and to have the card. Jones to worried about his legacy declined like a trick. Jones told sonnen to talk like that to his face well guess what Chicken Bones Jones you would have had your chance but you bitched out.

  26. ya herd says:

    It gets cancelled and a couple of hours later silva says he would save ufc 151! i can understand if it was cancelled for 24 hours + it was only a couple of hours later they could of got the fight back on this is just dana talking shit!!!!

    • realist says:

      Once the fight is cancelled it is cancelled you dont play yo yo shit going back and forth it’s on, it’s off,this isn’t some cut rate promotion, thats not how the UFC works.

  27. drew says:

    @ ME…honestly dude i never thought of that…i think that would of been an absolute war, money maker, and match for the history books…anderson chael 3 LHW! do u kno how many fuckn buys that would have…chael would hype that fight while he was training lol
    Oh and by the way fuck the brat jon jones i hope those little storms of boos at weigh ins for him turn into hurricane full of boos

  28. maurice says:

    FUCK YOU BANDWAGON FANS!! one min anderson is “ducking chael, weidman, vitor” etc. the next second u guys hear something from anderson you like and are all over his nuts. this site is fucking full fake ass fans. wars silva, jones and belfort. one things for sure, belfort vs jones is a lot more competitive then jones vs phael sonnen.

  29. T.DADDY says:

    Wow.. he’s a beast for that.. respect

  30. Brend0magic says:

    What happened to fucking Gustufson?

  31. Sicc1 says:

    There’s a true champion right there!! Unlike jones man Nike “just do it” yea right just do nothing is more like it! Lost all respect for jones! Dethrone jones

  32. James says:


  33. erik says:

    i say boycott jon jones next fight!!!

  34. Brian says:

    He offered to step in after the event was cancelled? Gee thanks Anderson.

  35. Oscar says:

    Do u guys remember when jones fought 5 times in one year? No? So last year??

  36. Fun says:

    So Anderson offered to “save” UFC 151 2 hrs after it was cancelled against anyone but JBJ, and he gets praise for that. JBJ essentially did the same thing by saying he wasnt taking Chael on. What’s the difference? People act like he’s ducking somebody or scared of Chael. We all know Hendo is a better fighter than CS. So let’s stop all the finger pointing. Sometimes like doesn’t happen the way it’s planned let’s all move on

  37. Ddddd says:

    Anderson is like that guy at the bar that waits for people to step between a fight and
    then acts like he’s gonna do something
    What is he standing up for his little big brother
    protege that’s getting picked on by the guy that bullied him
    Like to see Chael beat Anderson with Johns
    Skinny ass like a ball bat

  38. blue says:

    Why would Anderson take a fight against Jones on 8 days notice? That would be asinine and ridiculous. Having said that, it’s damn cool that he offered to save UFC 151. Anderson’s a bad ass!

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