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Wednesday, 09/05/2012, 11:32 am

Dana White: Sonnen vs. Jones Could Happen IF The Fans Really Want It | UFC NEWS

Much has been made of the cancellation of UFC 151. Jon Jones turned down a fight against Chael Sonnen and the world has yet to fully forgive the champ.

While playing part of his 30-minute all access special on FUEL TV last night, UFC president Dana White spent most of the 30-minutes discussing the Jon Jones debacle with FUEL reporter Ariel Helwani.

The always thorough Helwani used the opportunity to ask the UFC boss if he would ever again try to put Chael Sonnen in the same cage as UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

White responded with…

“He (Sonnen) was the guy who stepped up to the plate and accepted the fight… If the fans really wanted to see Chael vs. Jon Jones, then I guess I’d have to make it,”


13 Responses to “Dana White: Sonnen vs. Jones Could Happen IF The Fans Really Want It | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    I like Chael as a person and a fighter but at the end of the day Chael hasn’t proved himself in the LWH Division (In the UFC) I’d love to see the fight if he could work his way back to the top and earn a chance or if he is the last possible resort (Like he was at UFC 151) At the end of the day the UFCs job is to put fights together and the champions have the fight the number 2 guy in the division, If fighters could earn fights by using there mouth instead of there fighting ability you’d have champions/contenders that are just good at using there mouth and the guys that don’t would be left at the bottom of the division.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I like your assessment. Contrarily, the UFC is a business, so it’s all about what makes the most business sense. It’s all about supply and demand, so to speak. If they will see a larger profit based on demand, then that is what the UFC will supply. As a fan, I really could care less about who has the belt and what the next title fight will be. Should it lead to an interesting match up, I’m all for it. Personally, I love watching the prelims because they are usually great fights; the main cards, eh, not so much in recent memory.

      • RhendO says:

        Exactly. Chael is the new Chuck, he’s the cash cow right now. he broke 2 records for his fights with Silva so the UFC is willing to throw him in any where and the great part is that Cheael will fight any where any one so the UFC is guna ride that shit.

  2. Will says:

    Sure, make it happen…after that chump fights his way to the spot. Don’t just give it to him because he’s got the biggest most flappingest gums in the UFC. Sure, he brings money, but to keep the integrity of the UFC, he needs to fight his way through the LHW division to earn a spot.

  3. Bjj BB says:

    Please make this fight happen so sonnen can lose another tittle shot and the ufc will be done with him 4ever!! WWE?

  4. ya herd says:

    dont do this fight it will be a boring fight like most of sonnens fights

  5. Sonnen is a punk says:

    Dana if u make this fight happen then this is the beginning of the end of UFC. This is not WWE

  6. Smackuround says:

    Whether u like Sonnen or not, this would be one of the highest rated PPV’s ever. Who gives a crap about deserves or not. Any man with the courage to fight Anderson Silva twice, deserves whatever he wants. All the other Sally’s turned it down. Like him/hate him, MAKE IT HAPPEN UFC!!! ====$$$$$$

  7. this is total bull shit! chael doesn’t deserve a title shot just by using his pussy like mouth! dana if you do this, you will ruin UFC… don’t be a fucking idiot, let chael make his way by fighting not by his mouth, let him earn it don’t just put a spoon full of cum to his mouth, let him suck it first

  8. Drew says:

    Dana didn’t care who stepped up IMO but to a certain standpoint likeeeee any top ten 205er but no one had the balls… Yes I’m saying balls because at the end of the day that fighter whoever would of been would of been positively enhanced after that fight from all of MMA world becauseeeee if they did even alright they can say u give me 3-4 months and I got this

  9. “ME” what are you talking about, Chael being the last resort “like he was at UFC 151″??? he was the first choice…lol..then it was Machida and last resort Vitor. Chael Sonnen asked for the fight and Dana said he could have it as a FIRST choice. Pay attention fool.

  10. Why are ppl still whining about Sonnen getting a shot…he is fighting Forrest regardless so you will get to see him at 205…the reason he got the fight with Jones (before the punk turned it down) is his balls (well “ball” in his case), he stepped up when no other LHW wanted to..simple as that, and Dana white loves the shit outta company men who will fight anyone, anytime. Also, that’s why Vitor got his title shot…he is moving up a weight class on 4 weeks notice to fight one of the top 3 p4p in the world. They have balls…you gotta respect that shit.

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