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Thursday, 10/18/2012, 11:41 am

Dana White: Sonnen Gets Title Shot Because He Stepped Up | UFC NEWS

“We got the word, after Jon went out and got his elbow checked, that he was out and couldn’t fight until April. So it made sense for him to do The Ultimate Fighter. Machida can fight, Dan Henderson can fight; Gustafsson and Shogun are gonna fight in December, so everything will keep right on moving (in the division). Obviously Chael wants this fight, has been asking for this fight. The fans wanted this fight. Jon said, ‘I can’t fight until April. I’d like to go in there and whip Chael’s ass and then I’ll defend the belt against whoever you want me to defend the belt against.’ So it made sense.”

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Dan Henderson had the opportunity for the fight and he got injured, right? He got injured, now Jones is injured until friggin’ April. Every one of these guys that are bitching about a title shot now, were offered a fight and turned it down. They refused to fight Jon Jones. Now, they’re bummed out because Chael stepped up on eight-days notice and he’s gonna coach The Ultimate Fighter and fight him. All the top contenders that are pissed off that Chael Sonnen has a title shot are the same guys that I called that turned down fighting Jon Jones.”

Having not beaten any top 20 opponents in the history of the UFC’s light-heavyweight division, Chael Sonnen, was recently granted a TUF coaching gig and subsequent title shot against Jon Jones.

The media, fans and his fellow fighters have cried foul play and yesterday during the UFC’s tele-conference, UFC president Dana White explained his decision process.


Check out the full audio from yesterday’s call below:


27 Responses to “Dana White: Sonnen Gets Title Shot Because He Stepped Up | UFC NEWS”

  1. YoungLove says:

    Nice excuse Dana but the fans all know that Sonnen has you in the north south position.

  2. BigBossMalaka says:

    Fuck Machida , he had his chance and he passed. Dana never lets favors to the UFC go unrewarded , beside who wants to see Machida get put to sleep again ?

  3. Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

    I don’t see Jones losing to Chael but I think this might just be the most watched TUF season ever. I can only imagine the buid up leading to the April fight. This is all about ratings, ya’ll can say what you want but we’re all tuning in to this one, and we’re watching that title fight in April coz Chael is gonna make everybody eager to watch this fight.

  4. Ninja87 says:

    The ppl who asked Dana “DON KING” White were asking the wrong questions! Once he said “It makes sense, Jones is injured and won’t be fighting til April” I would have said “Why not make Chael Sonnen fight until that time then? Then his response would be “You are a fkn MORON!” Dana’s a class act

  5. TheTude says:

    bullshit Dana, Gustafsson and Phil davis both would have taken the fight, Rashad wants another shot, Lyoto deserves to coach and fight jones as well. Fucking idiot!

    • Jasplanet says:

      Gustafsson is booked up for rua allready, and he needs to win to be more recognized and pull more numbers if he faces JJ. Lyoto and the others were asked and said no, and Chael still have his fanclub that wanna see him fight JJ. It all made sence, its been a fucked up year with fights bein cancelled left and right, jus need to stick it out until UFC delivers again. Its martial arts, have patience 😉

  6. Jbj vs sonnen is BS says:

    This is the worst argument.. Of course sonnen was the only one he has NOTHING to lose stupid moron dana. Personally Im tired of sonnen bullcrap what is he gonna say now? The gangster from oregon pfffffff yeah that doesnt scare anybody its getting old.. Id rather watch arianny latest video clip

  7. 123 says:

    im sure people ONLY wanted this fight to SAVE a ufc event, & im sure dana white is full of S.H.I.T.

  8. Realgrappler says:

    I think we are all loosing site of why this match was made. It really has nothing to do with the belt, it does for Sonnen but not Jones. If Jones is out till April, Sonnen could have fought Forrest in December and if he won get a top contender in April, probably the same card as Jones. If he won those two it would seem more deserving of a title shot.

    This whole senario is nothing more than trying to save the TUF show b/c of its worst ratings in the program history.

  9. Nasty Nate says:

    I can’t fault Dana White for this. He’s sending a message to the rest of the UFC. Play ball with the UFC and you get rewarded. I have no problem with this. Sonnen tried to bail out Dana in a sticky situation and now he’s receiving the benefits of that. Whats the problem?

    • Bryan Fury85 says:

      100% agree. You can’t call yourself a fighter and ducking fights because you say you didn’t have a full training camp. Fighters are ready at the drop of dime to punch anyone in the face if need be. You can’t complain about a opportunity someone else steps up for that you previously turned down. The bullshit about Sonnen having nothing to lose is just that, bullshit. Every fighter puts their reputation and career on the line regardless of fight camps or not. Your career is always on the line, so saying you need a full fight camp is cop out. Step up and be the fighter you say are or step out the way for those that aren’t scared to put it on the line at any time.

  10. dan says:

    This is crap. It is unworthy, and it hurts not only UFC, but MMA as a whole. I have no intention of watching TUF or the fight.

    In fact, I will switch to only watching Bellator until Mr. White pulls his head out of his ass.

  11. Really**people says:

    Who really cares what you do or anybody does, i don’t! does it tarnish the title NO. did jon really earn his shot at the title when he got it no he did not. so who cares. i know i am a fight fan and will enjoy watching both tuf and the fight.

  12. Puff_Daddy says:

    So why couldn’t Dana have Hendo coach TUF as opposed to Sonnen? Have Sonnen fight Machida and then if Sonnen won that fight, them he might have a reason to cry can cry an possibly get the Jones fight. Hendo was Jones’ original opponent anyways.

  13. Pkq says:

    You guys are on some shit! This is going to be the most entertaining TUF ever!!

  14. Jay says:

    UFC or WWE? Dana has totally discredited this company, and slowly but surely will run it right into the ground! Chael just lost a title fight at a lessor class, then jumps right back into contention at a class above? Gimme a break Dana! Yea,” he stepped up” that’s because he was the only fighter out of the bunch that didn’t have a pot full of piss to loose. Whereas the others simply wanted to be prepared for the opportunity of a lifetime, and actually stand a chance on becoming champ! Jackson, mma Keller? No, DANA is!

  15. fighters step up…ratings down…same difference

  16. Josiah says:

    now that story is just ridiculous, but works for me..i wanna see sonnen coach TUF17..

  17. Nunya says:

    I like this article for Dana, because the others made him look like shit. So basically these fighters that are ranked, basically pussed out, when asked to fight Jones, turned Dana down. With this being put out there. I understand why Dana White did this, and respect his decision. Sonnen does not deserve title shot, but obviously he is the only man stepping up to fight Jones. Bring on the TUF…its gonna be on!!!

  18. Judge_Dreadz says:

    This decision is bs makes working ur way to the top pointless.I respect Dana @ times but right now he a fuckin dumbass He let a guy thats ONLY a good wrestler that just got thrashed in a title fight @ a lower weight class and to top it off his record is shit this is the beginning of the end for mma as far as legitmacy.

  19. CombatRusse says:

    It’s amazing how much crap can this guy say without blinking!!!!
    A LOT of other fighters stepped up on short notices but got fired
    Rich Franklin saved so many shows, so go give him an immediate title shot. Oh you think he has no chance against the spider, same thing applies to Sonnen against Bones.
    I hope, that Jones will give Sonnen a really bad injury that will send him out of the UFC

  20. L says:

    So, is not about who earns the top spot is about whom pleases you the most.. Dana, You are the bitch.

  21. FattyDanger says:

    money money money money . . . MONEY

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