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Monday, 02/04/2013, 12:05 pm

Dana White: Someone Failed UFC on FX 7 Drug Test, But It Wasn’t Belfort | UFC NEWS

“It f***ing was not Vitor Belfort. Yet right now, I bet if you talk to a hundred people, a hundred people will tell you that Vitor Belfort failed his drug test in Brazil. That’s bulls**t, that’s crazy, that some rumor from a f***ing clown with a fake name on Twitter can do that. It’s crazy.

“Some f***ing goof on Twitter puts out a tweet, and everybody starts f***ing throwing these accusations around. I’ve got Michael Bisping f***ing blow me up at 1 in the morning from England going, ‘Did that motherf***er fail the drug test?’ It’s f***ing crazy, man.

“We will release the thing when it comes out, and we will say what happened with who failed.”

– UFC President Dana White via the post-UFC 156 media event.


36 Responses to “Dana White: Someone Failed UFC on FX 7 Drug Test, But It Wasn’t Belfort | UFC NEWS”

  1. Magoo says:

    Lmao Sorry Bisping your not gonna turn that beating u got from Vitorvinto a no contest,u already got a gift win against Hamil. But back to the topic Who the fukc was it Dana?

  2. Jujitsu Player says:

    Whatever, I don’t need a positive test result for Vitor to know he’s juiced up to the max. He probably just got a clean sample piped in before they took his sample….He oozed nandrolone and sustanon from every pore…

    • Guss says:

      Just like you saucing it up. Don’t call the kettle black Juicejitsu Player. Lol

    • RAMMSTEIN says:

      lol im sure you’d like that if Vitor was on roids. Bisping got knocked the fuck out, deal with it.

    • 757 says:

      DUH your response jujitsu player is idiotic. You dumb fuck

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        Haha he’s tested positive for steroids in the past. It’s probably before your time (because it was b4 MMA was cool and you were probably still in diapers…) but you should look at his physique from a few years ago…he was never that jacked and ripped. 100% steroid abuse. It’s impossible to develop that physique at his age without chemicals, those are just the facts.

        I don’t care about him winning against Bisping. I like Vitor I’m just saying he’s juicing.

        • joey says:

          Vitor was caught one time for taking some over the counter supplement that had a small amount of a banned substance in it. Face it, all these guys use whatever they can to get an edge. VItor is definitely no worse than the next guy. When fans start making accusations what athletes are going to have to do is start filing a lawsuit. You think you or I can afford going to court for making up stuff just for kicks?

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Joey – I’m not making it up for kicks I’m stating an opinion which is substantiated by the fact he’s been done for cheating before and is almost certainly on TRT which in my opinion is the same thing and well just look at his physique! You closely comment is simply ridiculous.

  3. part time MMA fan says:

    Is Dana ever going to have any professionalism? He is kinda watering-down the sport…

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    hmmm…? Gonzaga? fack, I dunnno.

  5. Justin says:

    Must be really pissed to call someone a goof. Would be HILARIOUS if it turns out Bisping was the juicer. Even funnier if he were the fake Twitter goof as well.

  6. Koolwa says:

    Why is everyone so concerned about Dana White. He has always wore his emotions on his sleeve. If your a fan be a fan. Quite being so sensitive as to how he expresses himself. He is only making himself look bad, not anyone else. Damn we are becoming a society of straight pussies. Like Boxing never had a abrasive promoter!

    • BTG says:

      Koolwa……….you are my hero. Its like people search for a reason to be mad at every corner, esp on the fn internet. Its pathetic.

      JJ Watts gave a toy ring to a 6yr old girl and asked her to marry him b/c of a you tube video, and some jerk called into a sports radio station claiming the nfl should sanction him as a stand against child molestation. 2013 America, fn pathetic.

  7. Robbyn says:

    wasn’t Overeem on one of the fight cards that night…. i wouldn’t be shocked if it was him again. that dude is nothing but a steroid freak.

  8. BJPennslittlebrother says:

    Dana is getting soft, letting drug cheats off and a women headline a UFC main event, the only person taking drugs is Dana himself.

    • You're an idiot says:

      What’s wrong with women headlining? Draws more women to pay attention and train.. Or are you just a fan of nuthugging? Enjoy the sport as a whole or go watch WWE again

  9. Mustache Hero says:

    No, Overeem was just on the PPV. He was not on UFC on FX.

  10. stupid fight fans comment on this thread says:

    You guys are tools.. do you sit with each fighter mornin noon and night train shower and shit with them??? Then how do you know it was overeem or belfort? You dont.

  11. ya herd says:

    remember when griffin came out saying the ufc kept it quiet when he failed his drug test with silva… the ufc could be at it again they would do anything to make it seem the ufc is a clean sport its more
    dirty than any other, it could be true they could easily give a fghter that lost, 100k to pretend they failed drug test to pretect there big stars

  12. Dave says:

    I just wanted to say that in the photo of Dana at the press conference it looks like he has a badass chinese style goatee of some kind he should grow one of those looks really awesome!

  13. 757 says:

    I know some assholes who owe Vitor an apology. Bitchping got knocked out end of conversation.

  14. wes says:

    Dana says it’s FOR SURE NOT Vitor cuz Vitor TRAINS CLEAN. He is a veteran he is smart and does not even cook food for himself everything top notch facility, there is no way, if so I say steroid poisoning cases could come up if Vitor gets charged cuz he films himself all the time. I just want the truth on these god damn bullshit drug tests.

  15. james says:

    I won 3750$ on knowing Bisping would get KNOCKED THE FLUCK OUT!!! Hope he finally accepts his weak head and retires.. everyone knows how to beat him.. STRIKES TO THE DOME

    • Ballz says:

      Really? The key to beating Bisping is to hit him in the head? My jaw = dropped. I never would have guessed that the best way to beat someone in mma was to punch them in the face. My mind is blown.

  16. james says:

    id love to see any of u tits get in a cage with bisping.

  17. From The Source says:

    C B Dolloway

  18. 123 says:

    certain immature americans need to stop with the michael bisping hate its getting old.. vegetables

  19. dimitriolock says:

    I was thinking the same as you were not much difference How to pass a drug test

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