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Thursday, 02/13/2014, 06:14 am

Dana White: ‘Smoking Weed Is Illegal, TRT Is Not’

When you sit down and actually think about it, suspensions for marijuana use are pretty silly, especially when the fighter lives in a cannabis-friendly state.

The fact that with a doctor’s note, fighters are allowed to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), seems kind of backwards.

Which is exactly why Dana White told that it doesn’t matter, weed’s illegal and TRT isn’t.

“It doesn’t feel like an anchor at all. Like I said, it’s legal, what are you going to do? Until it becomes illegal, it’s like the marijuana thing. It’s funny how people want to pick and choose. ‘Oh, he was over on marijuana, big deal.’ Marijuana is illegal. This shit (TRT) isn’t illegal. You can debate it all day long. It is what it is.”


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  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Well I’m not saying weed is going to help you in a fight more than TRT, that would just be asinine. Weed is typically seen as a detriment, but to be fair it is a known painkiller. TRT for sure is bullshit though, if your body can’t hack it it’s time to hang them up.

  2. Xaninho says:

    “It’s funny how people want to pick and choose.”

    We don’t want to pick and choose. We want to use some common sense. And the outcome is that TRT IS a PED and Cannabis is not.

  3. K3vbot says:

    TRT is given without disclosing why they need it, and the UFC/AC’s have already busted fighters in states where they have medicinal licenses. Basically (surprise) White is full of sh!t (again). If they wanted TRT out of the sport it would be. There’s a reason why you don’t hear about it in other sports.

  4. badsmel says:

    You ever tried jiu jitsu on weed? It helps you focus in and empty your head at the same time. Its ace. I don’t make a habit of it but from time to time its fun to get high before you train.

  5. Daniel Lee says:

    Corry, it’s contradicting to say trt brings you back to normal levels when the normal level is for your testosterone to decline with age. So for you to state that there will be no medical reasons for cannabis like trt, I beg to differ. There’s more cancer patients and ailing people who use cannabis as an attempt to feel “normal” than there are people who use trt to feel normal.I’m fact trt makes you feel better than normal. Everyone who’s on it describes trt as life changing and feeling better than ever regardless of age. Doesn’t sound like normal or slightly elevated. Cannabis doesn’t do that… it helps you deal with real life circumstances like getting old. If that was the case everyone should be on trt because the majority of citizens that aren’t fighters have lower testosterone than say Vitor, hendo, todd duffee, etc. If your main point is that trt is legal to prescribed patients, so are oxycotins who kill heroin junkies and kids everyday. The truth is everyone wants an edge to be a better version of themselves and to refuse the honesty of growing old and breaking down. Imagine. … my car has 165k miles, it’s breaking down. Give me something to make it feel normal again. … no no give me something that will make it run better than ever. Normal right? Can’t do crap except rebuilding it. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love me some trt but my doctor won’t diagnose me even though my levels we’re lower than spec. But I won’t sit here and justify trt use and feel bad for every fighter who says they take it for “medical reasons” lmao retire from fighting then and be happy being on trt to cope with your medical reasons lol.

    • bigbadelmo says:

      Im on trt. I think most say they feel better than ever maybe because they cant remember the last time they did feel that good. I know because ive been on it for 3years

      • Daniel Lee says:

        I bet I wish I was too. Just to be clear I support trt but can’t stand the hulkish fighters who use trt and say it’s for a medical reason. I take over the counter natural test boosters that assist your testicles in producing testosterone naturally. It was recommended by a doctor and I feel awesome. Way better then before so I won’t stand behind athletes who use this loophole and feel honor doing it. Vitor obviously has more help at 36 them when he was 19. That’s a normal process in life I guess.

    • Corry says:

      First of all, I never brought the legality of either substance into question. So there is no need to try and make a point on something that was not present. My point was that Trt will not give you something you didn’t already have at one point. Yes your test lowering with age is natural, but it is also the leading cause of most ailments in older men. It is not healthy for men to have low test. Humans aren’t meant to live as long as we do now. The average male use to die in their mid 20’s to early 30’s. TrT is extremely healthy for men with lowering testosterone. Cannabis, while therapeutic are not in any way needed by someone to live healthy. With the exception of people in severe pain and an actual need for it. And if we are going to bring the legality of it into question, Weed via prescription or not, is 100% Illegal and banned in the eyes of the Nevada state Athletic commission. So whether you have a piece of paper stating you can legal obtain and use the substance, you are still breaking the NSAC law/rules. Trt, however is 100% Legal and not banned. And you blew by my whole point which was TRT in and of itself is to bring you up to what’s considered a normal level for men. Men in their 30’s do not have a normal Test level as the measurement is from men in their peak. And of course people feel better than ever while on it, because they don’t remember what it’s like to have a normal testosterone level. And if your doc wont prescribe you TRT you should push a little harder, I’m sure you’ll get it ;o

      • Daniel Lee says:

        My Doctor gave me other solutions. I honestly think it’s because I’m 30. I was under the impression it was quite easy get because of my brother in law and co worker are on it. Tough luck,if I had the physique of chael or Vitor just maybe would my doctor diagnose me jk. Sorry for missing your point and rambling about my views on both lol

    • seminalcacti says:

      You would have to redefine the word “normal” because if a person’s TRT is declining “normally” you’re contradicting yourself by saying they should be allowed to use TRT.

      • Daniel Lee says:

        Lol how is that? A declining testosterone is not normal then? when I brought up the word normal it had to do with how corry used it but I understand where he’s coming from. You on the other hand, not so much.

        • seminalcacti says:

          By your own words “Everyone who’s on it describes trt as life changing and feeling better than ever regardless of age” TRT is in fact a performance enhancer. All you’re doing is qualifying it like a retarded ass language crack addict.

        • Daniel Lee says:

          Ummmmm comprehension must not be your strong suit and you must’ve read what you wanted to read. Your 2nd comment has nothing to do with your first. “Retarded ass language crack addict” pfffft good one I like it

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