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Wednesday, 11/07/2012, 02:33 pm

Dana White says yes, Anderson Silva will challenge Georges St. Pierre following UFC 154 | UFC News

UFC President Dana White stated Wednesday that an in-cage faceoff between Georges St-Pierre (22-2 MMA, 16-2 UFC) and Anderson Silva (33-4 MMA, 16-0 UFC) is likely if GSP is able to defeat Carlos Condit (28-5 MMA, 5-1 UFC) at UFC 154.

At todays UFC 154 media conference call White revealed that not only will the current UFC middleweight champion be in attendance, but that he will be front row and rooting for St. Pierre. 


Here is exactly what the UFC President had to say:

“There’s no doubt Anderson Silva (is) showing up to cheer Georges St-Pierre on, and he wants him to win this fight. He wants to fight him after. So I would say yes (he will challenge him in the cage).”

A little more added pressure for the French-Canadian to deal with, as if facing  interim title challenger Carlos Condit wasn’t enough, GSP now has to worry about the greatest MMA fighter of all-time coming in to challenge him November 17th.


GSP had the following to say when questioned about Anderson Silva:

“I don’t care what Anderson Silva does. I’m focused on Carlos Condit.”


As he’s done several times in recent months, White pumped the brakes on the GSP vs. Silva talks and said the outcome of UFC 154’s headliner will decide the fate of the superfight. Dana estimated the proposed superfight could take place in one of three venues: 1. A stadium in Silva’s native Brazil   2. Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas or  3. The Rogers Centre in Toronto, where the UFC set its personal best attendance mark with 55,000 for UFC 129.




61 Responses to “Dana White says yes, Anderson Silva will challenge Georges St. Pierre following UFC 154 | UFC News”

  1. The Ass Murderer says:

    That’ll be sick if Anderson challenges him but for some reason man I’m thinking GSP is scared he keeps saying what ifs I doubt GSP is down for that fight what do you guys think?

    • Chuck Winfro says:

      GSP 1st round TKO.

      • KIDD433 says:

        THANX CHUCK,Thats the funniest shit ive heard all day

      • Mike b says:

        Gsp is one of the best to ever step foot inside the octagon,but he couldn’t even finish hardy,shields,alves,and so on and so on and so on!!!Lol.u think he’ll finish the greatest fighter to ever walk the planet,HA!

        • BJJJB says:


          Exactly. He can’t finish people and his chin is average.

          The 1 strike that Carlos Condit landed was the most exciting thing to happen in the entire 25 minutes of the main event at UFC 154 and it was nowhere even close to an Anderson Silva quality strike.

          GSP would be out cold in the 1st round, or whenever Anderson decided. He does have the best wrestling power double in MMA, that’s true and his BJJ is excellent. But he will never get to use these against Anderson because he will be eating knees, short punches and elbows until he’s cut and injured. Then he will be knocked out by a strike that he doesn’t see coming.


          The End. (Literally)

    • Bisco says:

      I’m sure Gsp will get through condit. If he fights Anderson I don’t think he’ll get the takedown. Chael made Anderson fix the only chink in his armor and sonnen is Olympic caliber wrestler. Sorry but if Gsp can get tko”d by Serra then Anderson would crush his chin son!

    • "I wanna fck chuck lidell" says:

      Lets just hope he wont pull a Wanderlei and tell the world that he wanna fck GSP. That would end up in some unexpected north-southing

  2. Xaninho says:

    GSP beats Condit then beats Silva mark my words

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    does this thing work now?

  4. The natural says:

    Condit will win gsp is too rusty

  5. magoo says:

    “I don’t care what Anderson does I’m focused on Condit”. Right on Georges stay in the zone, after you defeat Condit then you can listen to what the clown has to say!

  6. KIDD433 says:

    Xaninho,that dont sound like something u would say.Somebody steal ur identity again.

    @ass murderer.I agree man,GSP has made a ton of gay excuses.Im certain he doesnt want to get humiliated by Silva a and have Silva ruin his legacy.I think even if Silva publicly called him out,he’d accept at that moment,then GSP will come up with another BS injury or even retire.Thats how much hes scared of Silva.Mark them words.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      the only one who looks scared to me is anderson silva. he’s like the bully in the schoolyard who walks past the bigger kids and picks fights with the smaller kids. he avoids jon jones like the plague. gsp looks like a midget standing next to him. regardless, gsp would make silva regret picking this fight. anyone who doesn’t think gsp would take silva down AT WILL and keep him there is either delusional or in denial.
      can anyone imagine silva stepping in the cage after a jon jones win and calling him out?
      me neither.

      • Reality says:

        Silva won’t step in the cage and call anybody out. That’s not his style. Also, GSP can’t beat Silva and would probably get knocked out long before that takedown. He’s been knocked out before by a smaller opponent and can be knocked out again. Personally though, I don’t like the pressure they SEEM to want to put on Georges. I feel this is more Dana White’s plan than Silva’s. GSP doesn’t seem to want this. I personally would rather see Silva fight Weidman but we all know GSP is a more lucrative($$$) and easier fight. Not that GSP is an easy fight for anyone, but I think he’s less of a threat than the bigger fighters in the mix.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          anderson silva has been taken down and held down by a lesser wrestler before, and can be taken down and held down again.
          it works both ways, genius.

      • Some Guy says:

        A middle-aged Randy Couture gave a 60lbs heavier Brock Lesnar a good fight. Size doesn’t matter, truly. The heavyweight division 207 – 266 is about 4 – 5 weight divisions. Anderson walks around at about 215 – 225 (give or take) and GSP walks around at about 185 – 195, there isn’t much of a difference (except for height and reach). GSP can quite easily take Anderson down, as he’s done to all of his opponents, and that’s something Anderson has trouble with. GSP vs. Silva is like Cain vs. Lesnar, They’re much different in size but can easily make of for that with their own attributes.

    • Xaninho says:

      You’re right. That isn’t me. I’m not worried he will be banned for that. The mods can see ip and any other ip than mine posting under my name will be banned.

      • DBKlein69 says:

        lol xaninHO ur such a little b*tch. anyone using my name will be banned! lol f*ckin f*ggot asss p*ssy why dont u just put a pic up like me so nobody can pretend to be ur little whiny b*tch asss.

    • jeff usher says:

      I think GSP will give Anderson a good fight and could win!

  7. Yari says:

    So what if Carlos wins?

  8. silva sucks says:

    Anderson Silva will only take the GSP fight because he knows he will win yet at all costs he avoids talking about a fight with Jon Jones because he knows he doesn’t have a chance. He’s such a puss.

  9. go gsp says:

    Gsp will not only beat condit but will finish the fight. Then silva….take him down at will and ground n pound for 5 rounds. Gsp will be too fast too strong too good of wrestler too good of base for silva to deal with.

  10. Carlos Silva says:

    GSP is not good anymore he will pass the torch to condit.. Then go for the biggest paycheck of his career.. Then he will beaten so badly by anderson silva… Then retire… GSP is nothing but a gay!!!

  11. Carlos Silva says:

    but he will get the biggest paycheck of his career

  12. gunz says:

    Gsp is scared bones is scared Anderson will finish both of them mark my words

  13. Levi says:

    AS ez KO win over GSP!

  14. Levi says:

    AS ez KO win over GSP and COND!

  15. TOMD says:

    gsp would beat anderson by UD

  16. seariff says:

    How big of AS…maybe next he can challenge the lightweight champion…

  17. marksmen006 says:

    Not a fair fight at all… GSP is too small compared to SIlva… Silva walks around at 210 and drops weight to his division… Silva vs Jones! that’s a fair fight!!! Come on Dana… stop giving Silva the upper hand! make him fight Jones! SIlva has already fought in Light Heavy… why not??

    • magoo says:

      Gsp will have the weight advantage in this fight. The only way he takes the fight is if its at at catch weight 177.5,Gsp will have no problem with this weight cut where as Anderson hasn’t fought below 185 for a long long time. I honestly think GSP will be the bigger and stronger man in this fight. His speed and athleticism will be something Anderson has never dealt with before. Anderson better be careful for what he wishes for GSP will be the best he’s ever faced and all you that think AS will steamroll him are CRAZY!

  18. Josiah says:

    its so funny to think that a guy from MW who literally destroyed everybody in his division, goes up to LHW three times, ko’s the former LHW champion with what looks like a jab, KO’s a LHW who’s never been finished with just a knee and then challenges the WW champ who has just came back from a long layoff due to an ACL injury. very impressive…

  19. jack says:

    While this would be a great fight, lets remember GSP just got back from a long layoff and Carlos didnt defend his interim title once, and this caused a flush of great talent to reamerge in the welterweight division, I honestly thing GSP needs to clear the division again then face anderson, and as another point people are saying gsp is scared to fight anderson, Which is pretty funny considering anderson admitted he wont fight jones because neither one of them want to lose their streak, silva even admitted he wants to take the easier of the two. In a perfect world if anderson wants to be the undisputed GOAT then he should go through jones then GSP while gsp clears his unfinished business. Not cool of anderson to jump on this so early and take the easy road.

  20. Spider will kill bones says:

    With the idea of Silva vs Jones GSP became irrelevant, face it GSP has a size disadvantage with Silva he is a natural welterweight and silva is a big middleweight

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      GSP walks around very close to 200 lbs and you say he is a natural WW. Yeah so is Rumble. Same day weigh ins and GSP wouldn’t make middleweight so right there proves your GSP natural ww story WRONG. I have seen Silva weigh in twice at 182 lbs. anyone who thinks 182 vs 170 is too much of disadvanatge then you really must have thought GSP was a coward when he walked into the cage at 198lbs against 168lbs BJ penn. GSP has like 2 % bodyfat and Silva isn’t even ripped and Silva is like 6 years older so if anyone has the advantage its GSP. Problem is for GSP is Silva is a night and day better fighter and he didn’t win his titles like GSP did against guys 30 lbs smaller. most of GSP’s biggest fights were against much much smaller fighters so BIG DEAL if he finally has to fight someone closer to his own size. I use to be a huge GSP fan before he hooked up with Greg jackson and started point-safe fighting. GSP has all skills in world but he is afraid to scrap now and he is painfully boring to watch and IMO should have given up his belt after 500 days out of cage. GSP may agree to fight Silva after he bores us to death jabbing Condit all nite but he will milk it out until Silva is 40 juts like he did his knee injury. BTW you guys all need to stop saying GSP has a 80% KO average because he actually only has a 54% Ko rate which mostly came earlier in his career and against much much smaller fighters and lower caliber. Quit saying I hate GSP because I personally think he is one of the nicest most reepectful fighter sin world but no way in hel’l he is clean and for the idiot that said GSP gets tested as much as any other fighter you sir don’t have abrain considering GSP hasn’t been tested in almost 600 days since his last fight and don’t forget he mostly fights in Canada where they don’t don’t do any testing and if the UFC does do testing they sure the hel’ll don’t test for HGH, EPO’s, Synthetic testosterone, Victor Conte un-detectable steroids. All they do is test test for run of the mill cheapo steroids like DECA, Winstrol. MMA is the least tested PRO sport in world and frankly the testing they do have is a complete joke unless its done in California where they actually use IOC(olympic caiber) testing thru UCLA

  21. Xaninho says:

    I don’t see why people keep insisting that Silva walks around like a HW. He weighed in at 202 lbs. for the fight against Bonnar. And that was on short notice too.

  22. Doesn't make sense says:

    So silva shudnt fight gsp cos gsp is smaller. Ur solution is that anderson fights jones. But why is that ok? (Before u start they dnt walk around at the same weight at all) if, as so many of u say, this isnt a fair fight cos of the size difference thn neither is jones v silva. But thats all anyone goes on about. Some real idiots on here. Btw was it fair wen gsp fought bj? A natural lightweight? Stop with the silva hate it pathetic. (And no im not a ‘nuthugger’ just not a total hater)

  23. not nick diaz says:

    This phrase thing dont work on my phone

  24. not nick diaz says:

    this thing is broken

  25. Mike b says:

    This is why bj is the king of this shit,he didn’t care if u were bigger he would fight or lose…Who cares,he stepped up.all this shit about whos bigger,who’s smaller,what their walk around weight is,it’s bullshit to me.Let the two best fighters in the world fight each other to see who’s better.i mean yeah..silva is bigger but u guys are talking like a middleweight is challenging a lightweight for christ sake!!!!All this talk is irrelevant anyway if they fight.

  26. B-rad says:

    I honestly think if Anderson challenges him he wont go through with it, he might say yes when the spotlight is on him, but i just dont think GSP is confident in facing SIlva..

  27. Ct93 says:

    I don’t know why you people think just because silva is a tad bit bigger than Gsp that this is unfair. Have you seen the heavyweight devision? Cain has dominated people that out weigh him 25 pounds…. Size doesn’t matter.

  28. Andy says:

    GSP takes Condit by decision and loses by TKO to Anderson. It should work out like that. I can’t see GSP finishing Silva, but I think he could grind out a decision.

  29. KushKing21 says:

    What I think/hope happens is GSP beats condit.
    Then silva beats him then jones then retires as the best fighter to even hit the UFC.!! Wishful thinking

  30. Mmaknowitall says:

    Silva climbs into cage and challenges GSP after his Condit victory. In true WWE fashion. I wonder if Greg Jackson will smash a chair over Anderson’s back or will GSP tag in Rory to clothesline Andy? Ah the drama.

  31. Unknown says:

    What if gsp and condit have a draw? GSP/silva most likely wont happen? I don’t think the fight will happen. I think Silvia’s done after 2 more fights. He will go out on top. I’m sure all the pressure from the hype sucks and he’s over it. GSP should win but condit has good odds. He always brings it and GSP might be rusty.

  32. maurice says:

    gsp does not want this fight at all. he barely made it by past shields for christ sakes

  33. corey says:

    gsp dosent stand a chance against silva not now not never

  34. buckfastmonster says:

    yea im glad its leaning towards silva vs gsp nw insted of jj. im a condit fan but i hope gsp wins 4 this super fight. i hope a flying knee wen gsp goes 4 td to end it 4 him lol

  35. Jesse says:

    Its dumb and disapointing. Anderson is gonna force him into retirement. I would rather see him fight Jones or Hendo (again).

  36. domp says:

    Best fighter to walk the planet huh? Anderson silva lol…. lets see bonnar griffin franklin henderson belfort irvin maia okami leben lutter… So you got a bunch of scrubs.. Chaels the only one to handle this dude and chael isnt even the best… So… Silva was spoon fed his legacy like floyd mayweather.. Really guys hendersons the only top contender in that mix of his wins… you’re retarded

  37. Iceman says:


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