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Thursday, 08/01/2013, 10:14 am

Dana White Says Vitor Belfort Drives Him ‘Crazy

Vitor Belfort has been in the news recently as he continues his streak of calling out fighters from all weight classes and recently turning down a fight with Tim Kennedy in favor of a hypothetical bout with Chael Sonnen.

UFC president Dana White has apparently had enough of Belfort’s antics as he recently stated at a press conference during the UFC’s world tour stop in Los Angeles. White stated that he was trying to put together a bout between Belfort and Rashad Evans, appeasing Belfort’s wish to fight at a higher weight class:

“Vitor doesn’t want [the Kennedy} fight,” said White. “So I said, okay, let’s do him and Rashad. He wants to fight at a heavier weight, let’s do him and Rashad. I haven’t heard back on that yet.”

He hasn’t heard a response yet.

As for Belfort’s request to take on Chael Sonnen, White stated that he was basically done dealing with Belfort:

“Vitor drives me crazy man. Lorenzo can deal with Vitor, not me.”

White passed the duties along to his partner Lorenzo Fertitta who will certainly have his hands full with Belfort. No word on whether a bout with Sonnen has even been considered as Sonnen faces Mauricio Rua on August 17th at the inaugural UFC on FOX Sports 1 event.


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0 Responses to “Dana White Says Vitor Belfort Drives Him ‘Crazy”

  1. 757 says:

    Dana is an asshole. Vitor earned a shot and Dana has a beef with him. It’s personal and DW can’t muster up one ounce of professionalism. He keeps kissing Sonnens ass but screws over other fighters.

    • kyles says:

      absolutely agree 100% why does sonnen get all these top guys and hasn’t beat anyone he even lost to bisping in my opinion

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        First of all Sonnen is a top 5 fighter in both divisions. Not much different in the top 5 or so. PLUS, He makes MONEY. Both Silva and Jones became millionaires in their fights with Sonnen due to Sonnen. He knows how to sell fights and he can beat most fighters. He definitely needs to beat the has-been Rua or retire.

  2. Mike says:

    Only fight that makes sense is Vitor vs Mousasi for #1 contender… Let them fight same night as Silva vs Weidman. Belfort fightin Sonnen or Radhad makes no sense if you ask me.

  3. wolf says:

    Go home, Cheator… doesn’t the guy realise that his inability to fight in Vegas will make sure he never gets the title shot again? He shouldn’t have cheated/been caught cheating and that’s that.

  4. 757 says:

    Hey Wolf you missed the point completely. Besides Sonnen used the TRT as well and actually got caught being outside the limit…Belfort got caught in 2006 using roids. It was wrong no doubt but since then has used a legal TRT inside the legal limit. Again I’m not advocating it. This comment is about Dana Whites lack of professionalism and abuse of his position. Many fighters have done far less and earned title shots, rematches etc. He suggested Rashad just to make it personal. No class, no equity in his treatment of fighters and using grudges and personal beefs to run a company….He is the one that should go. He had his run but if they want to put some class in the company then they should remove him and put someone else there. You would see a ton of good fighters become jump start their careers and come back. Grow up and read the comment for what it is before you shoot your mouth off fool.

    • wolf says:

      arguing on the internet… there hasn’t been one fighter that has “done less” to get a title shot that was unable to get a license in Nevada. Case closed… What credibility do you have as an organisation when one of your champions isn’t cleared to fight in the city where your head seat is? Or when the champion of your fight-organisation isn’t cleared in the so-called “fight-capital” of the world. That is why unkel Dana is sick of Belfort’s constant entitlement to championship matches. It isn’t a sound business decision to give him another shot. it’s not about personal beef. He’s a great fighter, just like a whole bunch of others who have been caught cheating and Dana isn’t arguing the fact that he is. You cheat, you carry the consequences, however long they may last. Call me a fool all you want, but it is what it is. Vitor ain’t gettin’ the shot if he’s not cleared in Nevada. End of story

      • 757 says:

        Call you a fool? Ok you can’t spell…..fool. On the other topic first of all there has been many occasions when DW himself said that the entire Vitor can only fight in Brazil thing is bullshit. DW protects Sonnen. Sorry bud but Sonnen will get knocked the fuck out by Vitor. Styles make fights and if Sonnen is using then your entire theory goes out the door. As far as you comment on no fighter has done less…are serious right now??? Do you watch the fights actually? Sonnen, Bisping, etc. did shit except lose every shot or #1 contender fight they were ever gifted. Dude become a fan and start doing research.At the end of the day the whole comment that started this centered around DW and his classless unprofessional approach and abuse of his position….The fact remains.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      757 – I agree with you from time to time, but here I do not. I am more on Wolf’s side on this one. Vitor not only got caught once, but he has always been know to be a roider since the early days. Vitor does have an entitlement mentality and I actually think he jumped over many people when he came in and got a shot at Silva, which he totally flopped on. He should have manhandled Silva, but didn’t.
      As far as the TRT goes. Do you remember when we first learned that Vitor had been granted TRT usage during the Bisping fight? Then right after that, Dana White freaked out and said he was tired of these guys abusing the system? It was because of Vitor. That is why the UFC now tests weekly all TRT users because it was well know that Vitor cheated during training camp and juiced up on TRT at huge levels then tapered down towards fight time to be in legal limits. This is the back story on Vitor that White has dealt with and White is sick of his bs. Vitor has been taking people out with his brawls lately, but he has also been cheating all along the way.

      • Sigh says:

        Did Dana say this? Did he go out and say that Vitor abused the system? Or is your racism in play again? How has Vitor beaten people with brawls. He fights smart and times his attacks. One hit knockouts aren’t brawls, but are timed. He hasn’t been cheating. God I’m sick of blinded haters.

  5. 757 says:

    As far as TRT goes the first guy to become public about abuse of the levels was Chael, and the Reem. Sorry Gargoyle but Vitor was never busted for TRT levels. You all keep holding this 2006 roid bust over his head. I have news for the haters, in 2006 plenty of fighters were using roids. Vitor came up on the radar is all. He deserves the shot. DW plays favorites and holds grudges. He uses hi company and position to carry those out. Give Vitor the shot he deservs it. I have seen a list as long as your arm of fighters who have done far less and have gotten immediate shots and rematches……PLEASE LET THE BORING TRT conversation go. Finally TRT in the proper usage is LEGAL. They haven’t busted Vitor abusing it. DW made the comment about the levels for training being hiked up and the brought down by fight time. Nobody official ever said that. DW gas a hard enough time keeping his gambling on fights and hanging out with hookers in check, not to mention his unprofessional speech, approach, and treatment of fighters together. Come on dude get off the TRT. You could pick something out on everyone. Give credit where it is due.

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