Thursday, 04/11/2013, 11:39 am

Dana White Says UFC Will Fight For Olympic Wrestling

UFC President Dana White announced yesterday on the media call to promote UFC on FOX 7 that the UFC will be stepping up to help save Olympic Wrestling.


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared in February that it decided to exclude wrestling from the 2020 Olympic Games.  The decision is not final, as the committee will meet in September to choose one of several sports as the final sport added to the 2020 Games.


The decision prompted outrage from the MMA community in particular, as many of the top athletes hold their background in the sport of wrestling.
In the call, Dana White announced, “I’ve met with a lot of top guys in wrestling.  I met with them last Tuesday, and the UFC is joining the fight to help save Olympic Wrestling.”
In an interesting twist, the UFC President called on company rival, Viacom, who owns Bellator Fighting Championships, to step up for the cause as well.


“It’s in the discussion phase,” said White.  “These guys are going out and fighting the fight.  I think what I can do, and not just me and the UFC, but I think other companies like Bellator, too- Viacom owns Bellator, and I think Viacom would be probably interested in fighting the fight too.”


With top-level wrestlers in both organizations, the collaboration between the two of the largest MMA organizations today could prove to be an enormous benefit to Olympic Wrestling.


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