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Monday, 10/21/2013, 10:54 am

Dana White Says UFC Roster ‘Is Too Full’


In the past year, the UFC has made significant cuts from its roster of fighters.  These cuts included fighters who were in, or near, the top-10 of their respective divisions, such as Jon Fitch or Yushin Okami.  While fans cried out against such decisions, UFC President Dana White (pictured) says it is simply to allow for the top fighters to remain active.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Following UFC 166 this past weekend, UFC President Dana White hinted at the possibility of another round of cuts from the organization’s roster of fighters.

His statements came in response to questions from the media concerning flyweight fighter John Dodson.  Dodson, after defeating his Darrell Montague with a first-round knockout, asked the UFC to give him a fight as soon as possible.

Please don’t put me on the bench,” Dodson, the number-two ranked flyweight, told Ariel Helwani.  “Don’t put me on the bench for another six months.  I want to go within one or two, one day.  I don’t care, just give me somebody.  I want to fight.

Dana White responded to questions about why Dodson, whose last fight was in January, would have to wait so long to fight.

I keep telling you guys our roster is too full.  Guys have to get fights and every time after a show when we cut a guy, people say ‘Fuck you Dana White, you’re an idiot.’  Shut the fuck up and let us run our business.  The roster is too full.

We want to be good to the guys who deserve us being good to.  Guys like [Yushin] Okami.  I like Okami.  I like him a lot.  He’s a great guy, but when guys lose and are at a certain point of their careers or whatever the case may be, they have to be cut so guys like Dodson can continue to fight.  We are in a situation where if a guy doesn’t fight, we still have to pay them.  That’s not good either.  Guys want to fight.  Guys like Dodson want to stay busy and active.  They want to fight.

It sounds like more cuts from the UFC are inevitable, a small albeit sentimental price to pay for exciting fights and rising stars.


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  1. drew says:

    makes sense, its a buisness

  2. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Say BYE BYE to Nate “THE ROID CHEAT” Marquardt

    called KARMA, i would like nothing more than to see Nate “THE CHEAT” cut and sent packing just like I predicted with Fitch (a year before he was fired and NOONE believed me) Please god make Maruqardt land in the same promotion as Palharis so we can see Palharis rip Nate “THE CHEATS” leg off.

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