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Friday, 11/15/2013, 09:28 am

Dana White Says “Superfights Are Dead”

Over the past few years, fans have been hopeful of the idea of champion vs champion, top of the food chain elite fighters squaring off against each other, and now Dana White is saying that ship has sailed.

“This whole superfight thing has been destroyed,” White told media during Thursday’s media scrum. “I think it’s dead now. It was fun for a little while. I think it’s over.”

Dana White was very confident for quite sometime about giving us the opportunity to see just who really was the best fighter, and for sometime now everybody was looking forward to a matchup pitting long time dominant champions Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva, but all that seemed to change when Jon Jones emerged as the new dominant force in the UFC.

Silva suffered a knockout at the hands of Chris Weidman at UFC 162, a moment that sent shock waves through the MMA world handing Silva his first loss in 7 years and his only loss in the UFC, will be looking to reclaim his title at UFC 168, and St. Pierre looks to defend his title for the 12th time this Saturday at UFC 167 against Johnny Hendricks, a fighter that some fans, including myself, will be GSP’s greatest test in many years.

Jones, coming off of a spectacular and razor close victory over Alexander Gustafsson, that had fans hoping for a rematch, has spoken openly about possibly dabbling in the idea of moving up in weight, and trying his hand against the newly crowned champ Cain Velasquez.

One can only hope that a victory on Silva’s part and a title defense by St. Pierre could possibly spark this discussion again. Only time will tell!


35 Responses to “Dana White Says “Superfights Are Dead””

  1. zack says:

    gsp doesnt want to fight anderson. Anderson doesnt want to fight jones. Jones doesnt want to fight Anderson, Cain, Glover, or Gustafson. Only super fight we can hope for is pettis vs aldo. And this is why BJ PENN is the GOAT because he will fight anyone anytime any weight.

  2. Truth About Dana White says:

    Lol, it was one big marketing scheme to keep you tuned in. Just like he is going with Rory/GSP now.

    How long was he going off about “Super-fights”? YEARS. It’s a scheme. That man is a master-marketer.

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