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Friday, 03/15/2013, 06:25 pm

Dana White Says Riddle Cut “Because He’s A Moron” | UFC NEWS

Matthew Riddle tested positive for Marijuana at UFC 149. After the incident, Riddle stated in an interview that:

“Honestly, it probably keeps me from beating my three kids because they’re always screaming and crying at me and my wife’s crazy and you know what life’s like..”

After testing positive again following UFC on Fuel TV 7, he was released from the organization. Instead of apologizing for his failed test, Riddle said:

“What I see happening is a year or two from now the UFC calls me back, after I’ve won probably like five or six fights, hopefully, and I’ll probably at the time say no.”

Dana White, president of the organization, was recently asked about Riddle’s cut following the UFC 158 pre-fight Press Conference:

“Everybody is going to have an excuse of why they were cut,” White said. “Matt Riddle did an interview before that fight where he said ‘I smoke weed so that I don’t beat my children’, then he tests positive for it. He’s a f*****g moron. That’s why he’s not here. He’s cut because he’s a moron.”

Dana then weighed in on Riddle’s statement that he would refuse a return offer from the UFC:

“I’ll make it real easy for him, we just won’t ask him.”

Do you think Riddle should have been cut? Will Riddle be back in the UFC? Are Dana’s thoughts justified?


71 Responses to “Dana White Says Riddle Cut “Because He’s A Moron” | UFC NEWS”

  1. squid says:

    dana is the biggest hypocrite in the sport

  2. Lucas says:

    Dana come out of the closet, he´s playing like a toegh dude and he´s a pussy.

  3. 757 says:

    DW correct. Riddle needs to get cut. Thanks for getting rid of that clown

  4. Al says:

    Matthew Riddle paying chicken with Dana White. Good luck with that.

  5. Reality says:

    Dana is an ass clowns, is the sports commission federally run? nah they are state based(ie Neveda…) Riddle was obviously joking about the beating his kid thing making light of the shitty situation and hipocrysy. You got Chael Sonnen pop for ROIDS, and his next fight in the UFC is a rematch for the title?!?!?!?! the dude he just tested positive against, wtf!! meanwhile u got fighters like Nick Diaz, he had an awesome W over GOMI, but was stripped of the Vic because he had MJ in his system, gtfo. MMA world is all politics now. i mean u got ur so called ‘Top Tier, Pound for Pound champions” like GSP, who is so scared of losing he is not even interesting to watch fight anymore. he should really try for the next olympics in South Korea…oh wait the cut wrestling, cause its not exciting when its the only tool in your bag of tricks you lean on cause its so “Safe”….. eh tangent my bad….Money=power to some, and power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely…any industry or organization, including the US Government turn to the dark side on some Darth Deniro Sith Lord shit whenever profit margins yield considerably better returns. Eh im done ranting

  6. Gob3s says:

    Matthew Riddle is a smart guy. You can tell by his interviews. Dana’s the fucking idiot who won’t do shit to change a retarded rule to a sport he’s practically monopolized.

  7. 757 says:

    ^^^^^REALITY …..does not live in reality ha ha

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