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Saturday, 02/25/2012, 11:17 pm

Dana White Says Pettis Next In Line For UFC Title Against Benson Henderson

“I think he is going to get it”

The UFC president was short on words when asked during tonight’s post-fight press conference if Anthony Pettis will be next in-line to get the title.

It would appear as if knocking out Joe Lauzon tonight was enough to earn a shot at the UFC’s lightweight title that recently changed hands to Benson Henderson this evening.

Henderson and Pettis have already faced each other in the past. The two lightweights went toe-to-toe for five straight rounds during the last WEC main event in history. During their first bout it was Pettis who proved the better fighter and he took the decision over the UFC’s newly crowned champion.

Will history repeat itself or will Henderson get his redemption?


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57 Responses to “Dana White Says Pettis Next In Line For UFC Title Against Benson Henderson”

  1. Ricardo says:

    Anthony “Showtime” Pettis!!!!!!
    Take that shit away!!!

  2. ufc rep says:

    We know a lot of guys can beat Pettis, but this fight will easier to promote with that cool jumping kick shot we have. So get ready to see our new Matrix effects.

  3. Serg says:

    What about that kick to joe’s face?

  4. exit 8 says:

    What happened to Nate. He was next in line

  5. Serg says:

    Nates fighting miller next

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Nate could beat Pettis.

    • calamari kid says:

      Nate vs Pettis is a much better title qualifier, and a much more exciting fight. What if Miller wins, I don’t care to watch Bendo Miller 2. The only way I see Miller beating Diaz, is in boring fashion.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        That’s possible but I think they will have Pettis fight one more person. He’s flashy but I don’t think he’s that impressive. Who else is at the top of the heap to fight Pettis for a title shot?

  7. vic the brick says:

    Henderson wont let pettis get even close to the way the first one went

  8. mj says:

    Ben is a totally different fighter then last time… the fight wouldnt be as good as Ben vs Nate, gray or even BJ(should he come back) I do think Edgar could be the answer to Jose, It would be nice to get the belts back into US hands after Fat Nogs comments about americans. So im crossin the fingers

    • E says:

      i agree that ben is a different fighter from the past and stepped his game up, but pettis is stepping his shit up too. i wouldnt doubt he’s been working his ground game and td defense. i dont want to call fights but we will see another WAR between ben and a.pettis.

      i want pettis to face another person before gettin another shot at the title but that KO was fkn NICE.

  9. Umad? says:

    I think Bendo will take the re-match but in the event that Pettis becomes champ, there’s many fighters at LW that can expose him the way Guida did e.g. Maynard.

  10. CrAzyBK64 says:

    Awwwe shittttt Rematch let’s go

  11. Serg says:

    They have both matured a bit since then, it will be a phenomenal fight!!

  12. Jason N says:

    Actually dana said he wasn’t sure. I think benson will beat pettis. More well rounded.

  13. Serg says:

    I definitely agree to that too!! We will see another championship war!!

  14. Serg says:

    Pettis vs the winner of Diaz and miller

  15. Snag says:

    Great Fight. Ben soundly whipped Frankie. All you have to do is look at Frankie’s face. Broken nose, swollen eye. It’s funny how MMA fighters are scoring Frankie with the win because he “landed more strikes, and takedowns.” Its a testament to how “FIGHTING” is being lost in the UFC. How about this for a thought: In a life or death fight, it doesn’t matter who has more take downs, or who has more punches, it’s who does the most damage!

  16. slacker says:

    I think Dana is basically hinting to Edgar that he should move down to featherweight.

    • learntoread says:

      Being that the LW division is so damn stacked with talent/potential contenders, and the FW division is so damn sparse currently, it’s exactly what Dana and Co. are attempting to do.

      They know Edgar vs. Aldo would be a HUGE draw for the FW division. It’s all business.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I think Dana is handing Frankie his own death certificate.

      • tim says:

        I agree and wont mind watching this execution

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          That’s fucked up! LOL I like Frankie but he has little to no power.

          BJ vs Aldo at 145!

        • chrisk says:

          yeah right… BJ wouldnt figh Aldo @ 145 for 2 reasons…
          1. nova uniao
          2. BJ doesnt even like to cut to 155

        • mike r says:

          i dont think BJ can cut to 145 he is too big 5 ft 9, Aldo works hard to make 145 and he is 5’7, kenny floren kills himself and he is 5 ft 10, Featherweight is honesty a 5 ft 6 and under league

  17. danielrchargers says:

    i hate this bullshit. pettis fucking blows as an overall MMA. what the fuck, seriously. Jim miller is better than anthony pettis. OH MY GOD HE CAN THROW FAST KICKS. WOW none of us have NEVER seen that before! fucking get over that shit, pettis’ overall MMA game is weak and will get outclasses by enither frankie or Ben Henderson. next in line my ass. what the fuck is going on is the UFC now adays.

  18. danielrchargers says:

    i hate this bullshit. pettis fucking blows as an overall MMA. what the fuck, seriously. Jim miller is better than anthony pettis. OH MY GOD HE CAN THROW FAST KICKS. WOW none of us have NEVER seen that before! fucking get over that shit, pettis’ overall MMA game is weak and will get outclasses by enither frankie or Ben Henderson. next in line my ass. what the fuck is going on is the UFC now adays. Nate is better, jim, and as the W tells GUIDA is better. what the fuck dana?

  19. Dick Diaz says:

    if nate diaz beats jim miller, he deserves a title shot more than pettis. pettis needs one more big win before he should get the title shot… maybe against the winner of barboza -dunham

  20. Zack says:

    People should stop under estimating tae kwon do. It’s obviously very effective in mma. (Anderson, Pettis, Bendo) it’s good for range footwork and kicks. Makes me proud to be a student of tkd. Not saying its the only thing but tkd Molds deadly strikers

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Anderson who? Since when does Anderson Silva use Tae Kwondo?

      • mike r says:

        most kicks can be considered TKD but if your asking when does Anderson Silva use Tae Kwondo? the like back at his fights see some on the round house kicks he’s thrown, or spinning back kicks to the abs, theres alot of Muy thai kicks that are the same as or similar to TKD as well like switch kicks, round houses, front kicks, shin kicks and so on, only thing that makes Muy thai different is the clitchs, elbows, and throwing more frequent and technical punches.
        Anderson Silva Black belt in
        Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
        Black belt in Judo
        Black belt in Tae kwon do
        Black belt in Muay Thai
        Yellow rope in Capoeira

  21. David says:

    Fuck pettis he just lost to guida then all of a sudden beats joe lauzon and gets a title shot? The ufc is FUCKED. besides pettis is a little gansta wannabe, wearing his hat all fucked up and trying to act like hes black with his mannerisms, its stupid

    • ricardo says:

      So he’s too ganster” for a shot?
      fucking retarted ass modern warfare thug

      • david says:

        i didnt say he was “too gangsta” for a title shot you fucking reject. i said he didnt deserve it seeing as how he just lost to guida and only won one fight since then. quit putting words in my mouth and go back to putting dicks in YOUR mouth you stupid asshole. your mother should have done a better job of teaching you how to read, fucking drooling fagget

  22. Souza boy says:

    Give Pettis Nate Diaz, winner gets Edgar/henderson rematch.

    • mike r says:

      definitely agree Pettis hasn’t prove he deserve a title shot especially with a lost from Clay Guida and only 2 ufc wins were not even top 10 guys

  23. DewYouKnow8 says:

    I want to see a LW BJ again. He has fought big wrestlers like Fitch and GSP, he would be very interesting vs Bendo. They should go BJ vs Pettis! ORRRRRRR BJ vs Melendez for another contender spot. But they should give Nate a title shot assuming he wins no matter what.

  24. mike r says:

    Jim miller had 7 wins in a row and didnt get title shots
    Nate Diaz beat bigger names then Pettis with victor over Takanori Gomi and Donald Cerrone yet not getting a title shot,
    Edson Barboza has 4 straight wins in a row and best ko of the year yet not getting a title shot
    Melvin Guillard didnt get a title shot after 5 straight wins
    Jacob Volkmann didnt get a title shot even through he has 5 straight wins
    Clay Guida had 4 straight wins in a row yet not get a title shot.

    So why the fuck should Anthony Pettis get a title shot when he lost Clay Guida who Ben Henderson beat and only wins was Jeremy Stephens by decision and lucky ko kick to Joe Lauzon

    UFC is starting to become unfair and all about favoritism

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I feel ya on that. If he had beat Guida then I might say, he he deserves a shot but he needs some more victories. This might just be a marketing situation because Pettis has beaten Bendo before.

      • mike r says:

        oh its definitely a marketing situation for sure but so can a rematch with Edgar, i think they want to squeeze Edgar out of the title picture so they can in turn market two big match up, Pettis vs Henderson and Edgar vs Aldo, if they give a rematch to Edgar they run the risk of spoiling both match ups if Edgar won. They are looking at it as killing 2 birds with 1 stone, smart business but unfair to the sport

        • Jaedr says:

          It’s simple you morons, he would get a title shot because he kicked bendo in the face last time they fought. He has beaten the guy who is the current champ THATS WHY.

  25. Wait.. how can Petis be up for belt contention?!
    He should at least have to fight Maynard.

  26. Los says:

    Pettis is actually on a 2 fight streak, everyone loves to see a title defense, so why not Pettis vs Henderson. Diaz obviously deserves the title shot but since he is obligated to fight Miller, that’s out of the question. The way I see it Pettis and Henderson go to war again and the winner of the two will defend against Diaz another phenominal Draw for the UFC = no more boring fights for a while Diaz, Henderson, Pettis which ever two you put against each other you’ve got gold!!!!

  27. KJG says:

    pettis lost to guida & then barely beat jeremy stephens (whos never once been a contender or an impressive fighter) Beating Lauzon was his first impressive win over a decent opponent. I think Pettits needs another win over an impressive opponent before he deserves a title shot.

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