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Friday, 08/03/2012, 09:42 am

Dana White Says Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva Not Happening | UFC NEWS

“Nick Diaz makes no sense. I know that it sounds fun ‘YEAH! Throw Nick Diaz in there!’ But if you really look at the thing, Nick Diaz just lost to Condit. You know what I mean? … at 170 so that gives him the opportunity to move up to 185 and fight the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world? In what f*cking universe does that make sense? If you were really going to make a fight like that it would make more sense with George St. Pierre than it would with Diaz. I can tell you this, not theoretically, Diaz and Anderson won’t happen.”

UFC president Dana White took to yesterday’s UFC on FOX 4 pre-fight press conference to discuss the possible Diaz vs. Silva super-fight.

Both camps have expressed interest in the possible match up but the bossman says ‘no way!’



59 Responses to “Dana White Says Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva Not Happening | UFC NEWS”

  1. Yonkers says:

    No shit,anybody that believes a word that nick diaz says is a the guy as a fighter,but he’s fucking delusional…..

  2. K2 says:

    It was a stupid loss to a guy running away the whole match… But yeah, Diaz should have to fight a Top10 or 2 once he “comes out of retirement.” But fuck, as much as DW is all about money, the Silva/Diaz fight would bring bank…..

    and I have no idea why it had Xaninho’s name/email/website picked to me to comment under…

    • 607 says:

      Stop it with this shit! If you’re so pissed off about the Condit fight, call Diaz and bitch at him for keeping his hands down for 25 minutes and letting Condit fuck up his face!

      • Yonkers says:

        Agree man,everybody needs to let that go.the fight wasn’t that bad,jeezus.ive seen a hell of a lot worse.there both great fighters and they finish fights.u can’t hit the ball out of the park all the time.give it up already……

      • Your dad says:

        Fucking up his face? What fight were you watching? I seen about two head kicks land and the rest were ineffective leg kicks.

        • julian671 says:

          What that other dude was trying to say, is that Nick Diaz face already looks f*ck up to begin with

  3. Bob says:

    Exactly what I said.> You dumb fucks think Diaz deserves Silva after having problems with wall and stall Condit??? GTFO.. That just showed a lot of you guys dont know shit about MMA..

    WOuld it be fun to watch for us fans? hell yes… Would it be fair for all those other fighters?? Hell No…

  4. 123 says:

    ppl have literally been waiting for anderson silva vs gsp for years, anderson silva has been fighting a bunch of bums & as soon as a real fighter comes along like nick diaz they suddenly want silva vs gsp. what a load of shit. ppl can say nick diaz is delusional all they want but hes better than silva & gsp, he never turns down a fight, he didnt show up to 1 press conference so what. gsp was getting beat in the jake shields fight & anderson silva is ducking chris weidman FACT. they are human not some mythical creature.

  5. Jeff says:

    GSP may make sense but it will be a boring fight. We want Diaz because he has the skills & balls to meet Silva in the middle of the cage and bang. GSP has been a boring fighter since getting with Greg Jackson and would fight for points like Condit – not to finish like Diaz will. I would think that given that last boring fight we all paid to watch Zuffa would want a fight that delivers.

  6. Steve B says:

    Diaz by sub.

  7. SinCe2004 says:

    Fu(k u dana

  8. rick james bitch says:

    dana says he makes fight for the fans its bullshit or he would make this fight happen and bob ur the dumb fuck silva already turned down two fights from contenders in his weight division and now says he’s gonna wait on GSP so yeah make him fight diaz he said he would be down to fight diaz so make him do it you wanna talk about not fair to contenders that asshole wont fight anyway if he wait for GSP that means silva fights once in 2012 and thats bullshit silva shouldnt be able to pick his fights in the first fucking place he works for the ufc they dont work for him its not a matter of diaz deserving anything he said he wouldnt fight anything but big fights with big paydays so make him do it plus if condit wins silva vs GSP isnt gonna happen anyway so u want him to sit out another fucking 8 months for a fight that might not happen anyway fucktards

    • Bob'O says:

      I agree 100%. Dana is wrong on this one. Nick was the title holder over in Strikeforce and Condit just beat him with a bad decision by the judges. If he fought Silva, it would be at higher weight. Dana is contradicting himself because things like this have happened before.

      Instead of getting to watch the fights that everyone wants to see, we get unbelievable decisions like Vera getting a title shot if he beats Shogun which he now has back tracked on but yet could still happen if Vera does the best out of the 4 fighters.

      LMAO! What a load of crap. What has Vera fought, once in 3 fucking years? Anybody know how many fights Nick Diaz has had in 3 years? I don’t know the exact number, but it’s probably near 10! What a joke.

      And GSP isn’t gonna beat Anderson Silva. He’s gonna get knocked out. Atleast with Diaz we would get to see a real battle. Dana, you really need to reconsider your decision. You’re not being fair to Nick Diaz or us loyal UFC fans.

      Then make Silva fight Bones Jones! Give the so-called best ever a challenge for christ sake. ~Bob’O

  9. SEHPHI says:

    Danas a bitch

  10. Jeff says:

    It’s the only fight I would pay for, besides BJ beating down Rory!

  11. anderson says:

    if both camps wanna fight, let them fight.

  12. What? says:

    This is just ridiculous. Despite the fact that condit won by decision it’s still a loss. If anything Diaz needs to prove himself at 170 or just move up and fight top 185 contenders first in the ufc then I would say yeah he should move up and fight Anderson. Otherwise what’s the point of having him move up in weight and lose then everybody is gonna say oh it’s cuz he moved up in weight and wasn’t ready and Anderson did this blah blah blah. Making fights the fans would like to see is good but come on there has to be some accountability for actually making it happen.

  13. T.DADDY says:

    Silva would DESTROY diaz

  14. Long says:

    Okay but Patrick cote fighting silva made a lot of sense right?

  15. Dee says:

    Would someone please tell Dana that the fans do not see that as a loss. Carlos Condit is a loser. He prefers to sit out and not fight anyone until he’s able to fight GSP. I lost total respect for the guy. His win over Diaz is just as legit as Guida’s win over Maynard.

  16. slacker says:

    Diaz fought the law and the law won. Oh yeah, and he lost a close fight to Condit because he is a fence fighter and couldn’t outstrike him in the center of the octagon. Condit made him miss so many times, it was hilarious! Outclassed! Dana is dead on. Let Diaz fight the winner of Koscheck – Ellenberger or loser of Hendricks – Kampmann. If he stops his whiney bitching and actually beats a legit WW in the UFC, he will get his shot at GSP or Condit again.

  17. 209 says:

    We need a petition and show dana how many ppl would b willing to see this fight

  18. Me says:

    I think to Silva, it isn’t about fights that “make sense” anymore. With his career dwindling down, it’s about money makers and “super fights” while Diaz vs Silva is my least favorite of the Silva “super fights” compared to St Pierre and Jones… It is much more entertaining then what’s left for him at MW. And it’ll definitely be the blockbuster they are both looking for, that would benefit Dana and the UFC as well.

  19. GET RID OF GUIDA (forever) says:

    you are all fucking morons!

    • 757 says:

      Nice screen name. The guy fought one fight where his fight plan (which came from his coach ) sucked and you want to hammer the guy forever. He is a guy with limited natural physical attributes and made a good career and some money of hard work and determination. Something that you will probably never do……or at least to that level. Shut up and get a new name your annoying you little kid…….Get rid of u is more like it. Morons….you should go back and read your own comments

  20. Big J says:

    So, I understand Dana’s logic here, but what happened to his logic with allowing Vera to fight Shogun? Dana is inconsistent….

  21. Bahamian says:

    If Diaz could hit condit running or not how in the fucking world is he gonna be able to hit the worlds best strike slipper its a stupid fight silva would kill Diaz and everybody is crying saying
    Condit ran he is from camp Jackson that’s all them cunts do Diaz should have know that

  22. Hilo Mike says:

    Damn, Bahamian’s post is ultra funny, still chuckling. I agree, that fight would be a freak show, makes zero sense. For one Dana is right, but I’m tiring of hearing him, beyond annoying now.

  23. yea like giving a tittle shot to Brock after his third fight, in what fucking world did that make sense. Dana White is douche bag

  24. Doug says:

    Nick Daiz in on fucking Glue do I need to say more?

  25. Doug says:

    Nick Daiz is on F-IN Glue do i need to say more?

  26. Jeff Kahn says:

    All these motherfuckers taking roids and trt and shit like that and Nick Diaz gets buttfucked for smoking a joint here and there.

  27. Pijan says:

    No current middleweight contenders…Why not put Anderson and Diaz in a catchweight fight. Anderson wants a fight now anyways. Should Diaz win his appeal and even be able to fight, I think it’d be interesting. It’s not like Silva has a fight lined up anytime soon and GSP is already fighting. Do it for the money Dana, isn’t that what you’re all about? It’s not like Diaz would actually win.

  28. The diaz bros take it in the ass! says:

    On what earth does Dick Diaz have any shot against Silva??? The guy couldn’t make it in the big leagues the first time and decided to go beat up on other wash outs from the ufc then comes back and thinks because he beats up on smaller out of shape BJ and then losing to Condit that he’s the best matchup for Silva?? What would he do against Silva? Stand there with his hands down and taunting him like all the other tomato cans he fights to make himself feel better! I’d pay $100 just to see that first round destruction!!

  29. dogfart says:

    im not a nick diaz fan but lets not get on his case too much

    AS managers also wanted it and said it would make a good fight

  30. Justen says:

    Hey Dana, why won’t u make Silva n Jones fight. Only fight that makes sense for either!

  31. John Smith says:

    It only makes sense in the “we like entertaining fights” world. Diaz would press Silva and make it a fight then Silva would KTFO him. Everyone wins. Except the UFC and Diaz who would lose value on a younger star

  32. Diaz’ fanbase is too big. Why put A.S & N.D on the same card and get half the amount of PPV’s as he would having them fight separately with different opponents who’d also draw their share of fans?

  33. Justin Hodges says:

    You all are Fucking retards, Nick Diaz would beat the shit outta all of you keyboard fighters hahahaha

  34. Rod Schroeder says:

    Damn Dana, let them fight! Silva could make the Stockton bitch slap retire! Put him out of commision.
    Shit, Dias was calling George out when he lost to Condit! You have to earn the right to fight George, or should it be given to you because____________?
    If you can’t play with the big dogs stay on the porch D!(k #e@D!!!!!!

  35. Tyler says:

    Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva = One of the exciting fights the UFC could possibly put on. The only people I really see giving Anderson any trouble at all, would be either Nick Diaz or Jon Jones.

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