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Friday, 07/05/2013, 03:39 pm

Dana White Says GSP is “Crazy ” For Taking Hendricks Fight Over Anderson Silva Fight


| There has been a lot of talks over the last couple of years about a “super fight” between UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. However, as abundant and frequent as those talks were, the fight has never come to fruition. The reason why? GSP doesn’t think he’s a big enough man to fight and defeat the much bigger Anderson Silva.

Point taken.

But that still doesn’t mean we’re going to let GSP off the hook about the situation. He’s arguably one of the greatest fighters we’ve ever seen in MMA and he’s only a weight class separated from Silva, a man that has rightfully earned the title of GOAT (for now). And it would only make sense that GSP would want to test himself against the best in the world, especially after he’s stated over and over again that he wants to be considered the best fighter in the world.

Instead of taking the “super fight” with Silva after he defeated Nick Diaz in his last title defense, GSP opted to take a fight with number one welterweight contender, Johny Hendricks. That decision baffled UFC president Dana White. He commented on the issue in a recent interview with MMA Weekly. Here is what White had to say:

“At the end of the day he weighs 170 pounds. He’s a 170-pounder. If he weighed 185 pounds and felt that way I’d be real pissed. ‘I’m the man here at 170. If I thought I was the man at 185 I’d be at 185.’ I get it, but it’s a fight that a lot of fans want to see. It’s a big fight. It’s a legacy fight. It’s a fight for the pound-for-pound best in the world. What’s crazy to me is GSP opted to take a very dangerous fight at 170 without trying to take a dangerous fight at 185.”

White makes a good point, but we  can also see where St. Pierre is coming from as well. So what do you think about the situation, fight fans? Do you agree with Dana White and think GSP missed out on an amazing opportunity by passing up the Silva fight or do you think he made the right decision and a fight with Hendricks was the best move for his careeer? Lets hear your opinions, Penn Nation. Sound off!

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0 Responses to “Dana White Says GSP is “Crazy ” For Taking Hendricks Fight Over Anderson Silva Fight”

  1. squid says:

    gsp made the right decision because hendricks is the easier fight compared to silva. hendricks is essentially a smaller, bearded, southpaw version of josh koscheck. an excellent wrestler with knockout power. a one trick pony that loves to use the rear hook and barely any coombinations or kicks. and we all know what gsp did to koscheck. jab all day. that’s what he’s gonna do to hendricks and it’s gonna be even easier because he has even more reach and height advantage. he don’t want the spider because he dont want to lose. again, gsp, sticking to his guns, picked the safer fight of the two. i dont blame you gsp for ducking the GOAT. i just wish you would try and step out of your comfort zone and try to finish fights like you did before you lost to matt serra. i also wish you would try to take more risks and challenge yourself like a true warrior should (see BJ Penn) despite the fact that the odds are stacked and you will probably get your ass kicked and your record will get messed up. but i understand about how much you care about how your record looks and that a win is a win no matter how boring it is. congratulations in advance gsp for another safe, decision win over hendricks.

    – a former fan

  2. KIDD433 says:

    It’s crazy,years ago he used to be bad ass.Like Squid said, ever since the 1st Serra fight, he’s had fear in his heart. He’s got showmanship,and potential, he just refuses to do anything with it. And so the problem remains that he’s the champion and we’re stuck with his jab-step-back,
    dry humping,and excuses.

  3. Big Daddy says:

    It’s not called crazy its called chicken shit

  4. joematalotz says:

    Why doesn’t anyone rag on Anderson Silva for not fighting Jon Jones? After all, Silva has fought at LHW in the past and walks around at 210 to 220#. GSP is a true 170 pound fighter and he’d be out weighted in this fight by like 30#’s come fight night. GSP would probably beat Silva anyway. Silva doesn’t fight good against wrestlers and you never see him fight many. LHW is the weakest division in the game too. Wideman is gonna put an end to this hype train. Who’s he beaten? SOnnen 2x, forrest griffin, okami, Belfort who’s a MW. Come on please with that BS

    • KIDD433 says:

      Wow,just when I thought people on here couldn’t be any more idiotic.dumbasses like joematalotz say complete FKN nonsense.GSP walks around at 200lbs idiot, Silva doesn’t even walk around more than 208 lbs.Silva has weighed in under weight in both todays weigh in, and the weigh in of his last fight. I’m not even going to respond to the rest of your senseless “sharting” out of your ass

      • Big daddy says:

        @kidd433 Silva walks around roughly 220-230 actually but yes joemataloz is an idiot. It makes sense fighting greased sp also because silva and GSP are the top guys. Jones is a champ but still working to get GSP AS status. They can also fight at a cache weight.

        • KIDD433 says:

          @ big d…Silva slimed down in weight about a year ago to make his cuts easier. He doesn’t walk around more than 210 anymore dog.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          LOL…KIDD Silva has ALWAYS been a “SLIME”…lmao.

    • squid says:

      i hope you’re just kidding.if you’re saying gsp would probably win against silva then why is he avoiding him? fact, gsp is scared and he should be. at least silva moved up and fought bigger men. gsp hasnt even tried to test himself, not even against so-called “scrubs @ 185.” judging by your moronic comments, you must be 10 years old and obese. here’s some advice: listen to your parents, read more books, and stick to WOW kiddo.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      First of all Silva did not say he won’t fight Jones…Mistake number one. Silva’s weight, under the influence of BBQ, does fluctuate between 200-215 so I’ll give you that one. At least you’re not spewing nonsense about walking around at 230-240. FYI Silva weighed in at 204 without cutting weight for the Bonnar fight…..But GSP is a true 170? Nonsense! He is a huge weightcutter and walks around just as heavy as Silva. Silva doesn’t fight good wrestlers? He beat an Olympian! Who’s he beaten? Who dafuq has Weidman beaten?……I suggest you lay low for a while cause you just made sure nobody will ever take you serious…………… In fact, if there was an ignore button to ignore your future posts I’d use it.

  5. Ddddddd says:

    I will absolutely not give a shit about any catch weight fights.
    If your such a stud challenge for a title at the weight you can make. What happened to that mentality? If you want to be considered as bad ass as BJ or Cotoure challenge for a belt in a different class. That’s why even Anderson knows BJ is the baddest motherfunker of all time. Don’t support the idea of someone creating a bunch of hype(like all the Anderson fans hate)in a convenient weight for nothing. It doesn’t make sense to insult Goeges for something Anderson hypes and can’t do. For any reall fight fans this should be common sense.

    • Mike says:

      Agree! This is what I have been saying! If you beat the champ, take the belt! Catch weight is lame! I think there is a logistical problem with a two division champion. They would have to have interim champions all the time… Don’t know what the answer is, but I agree that catch weight is lame. One of these guys should say I know I can beat this guy, I am coming to your division and I am going to take your belt. Try and stop me. Lol. Sounds like Chael, but sometimes Chael does make a good argument.

  6. YoMama says:

    GSP is huge for WW, almost killing himself to make 170. He walks around 200 pound easy. JBJ is a huge LHW that walks around well over 200 pounds. Silva comes in out of shape with fat trying to make 205 and doesnt even hit that.

    GSP could easily fight at MW, JBJ could never fight at 180. Silva has fought many bigger guys, GSP will only fight smaller guys. Even Koscheck a major cutter himself looked small against GSP.

    GSP uses Canadian Creatine, Baths in hot grease and would have lost to Diaz had there been one more round.

  7. Swifty says:

    Jones has a 2 inch height advantage n 7 inch reach advantage over Silva…Silva has a 4 inch height advantage and a 1 inch reach advantage…n jones has the longest legs like clearly Silvas at more of a disadvantage in size then gsp would be…but silva is down for jones but clearly gsp is a bigger name…the real thing that blows my mind is how much money these guys could make for fighting eachother the payday would the biggest ever in mma but gsp is clearly scared like he just doesn’t have a good reason to not take the fight

  8. Kmart says:

    Silva knows he has a better chance of beating gsp over Jones. Therefore he calls out gsp. Gsp knows he will probably lose to Silva therefore he fights Hendricks. Simple as that. Besides, Jones and Silva would be a much better super fight. Really not interested in seeing gsp vs. Silva. Too predictable. Saying that being a big gsp fan, and not much of a fan of Silva

  9. klf says:

    For those out there that think GSP is scared to fight A Silva, or anyone else for that matter, is smokin crack. GSP has been on the cage with the who’s who of his division, and beat them all. I truly dont believe anyone in MMA is scared to fight ANYONE or they would not be in the business. I believe GSP is making a “business” decision not to fight ASilva, and fight J Hendricks and it has NOTHING to do with fear.

  10. 007 says:

    Wrong decision GSP, a fall from grace against Silva would be ok but against Hendrix not so good. I reckon Hendrix may pull a surprise out the bag with his wrestling and not a lucky punch like some Hendrix fans may think!!!

  11. Frank says:

    GSP has fought and deservingly won his fights according to judges. He has his style. And he’s a world champion. Therefore there’s something that he does that works and he’s a gentleman at that, portraying a good role model for kids and the sport. Everyone is different… some would fight all-out and likely lose more than win and so that’s who they are… somewhat of a fast burning one-time exciting brush fire, and some people like that but GSP is a tactician and a visionary leader… To his credit, he’s enjoying the ride and it has been a large part of his life-long dream. If someone wants to dethrone him in a show of fashion then just go for it. – As for fighting Silva… well… where does it end? Should he always fight higher up until he gets beaten? Sounds like GSP is making sound career decisions and by the same token he’s making a point that one can make a living in the UFC. He sure brings in a different perspective on how to win a fight and this can be applied in other disciplines as well. His focus is to win and he does what he has to do to win and remain the world’s champion. Lastly, a world champion is a world champion by being unique… GSP does what he has to do like anyone would/should, and he does it well.

  12. Frank says:

    GSP is likely positioning himself so that at the end of his UFC career he will have money for the rest of his life, perhaps even become a MMA instructor. His reputation as one of the greatest MMA in history would surely contribute to a very successful school. Some champions are very short lived and it’s a sorry sight to see one “bagging food at the grocery store” as they perhaps didn’t have the wisdom to plan for the future. No one is going to give an out of money athlete $500 to pay his monthly rent. GSP is providing a show and takes care of himself… the way many see him, he will most likely always be a champion during and after his UFC career and this because of his unique approach.

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