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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 12:21 pm

Dana White Says "Dirty Gangsters" Are Keeping MMA Out Of New York

“Why hasn’t it happened? It’s a lot of political crap. The union out in Las Vegas is the reason it hasn’t happened as funny as that sounds. It has nothing to do with MMA or the UFC, it has to do with the union. My partners, the Fertitta brothers, own the fourth largest gaming company in the country and they’re non-union and the Las Vegas union has been doing some dirty stuff. They’re dirty guys. Gangsters! The culinary union in Las Vegas. The guys who run the culinary union from Las Vegas are dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty guys…dirty”

In an interview with, UFC president Dana White details exactly why the UFC has been kept out of New York, although he says they are continuing to work, with hopes to get it done by the end of 2012. Zuffa’s long standing battle with the Culinary Union has been well documented, but will MMA fans finally get their chance to enjoy the UFC from their home state, or will the politics of the sport continue to plague the great state of New York?


19 Responses to “Dana White Says "Dirty Gangsters" Are Keeping MMA Out Of New York”

  1. Thetude says:

    Dana white better watch who he is talking about, it would be much effort for the culinary union to make sure an “unfortunate accident” happens to danas food. or maybe just rub out and disappear him all together

  2. K2 says:

    Unions do serve a purpose, but they can become as corrupt as the cronies they are trying to counter. my $0.02.

  3. RCS says:

    Takes one to know one

  4. New York Mob Boss says:

    I’ll tell ya one ting,aint no way in hell my guys are keeping MMA outta NY. Those dick-less pricks in Albany are the ones to blame. Grown man that are so close minded to the fact that MMA is bigger than Boxing. The Big Apple needs MMA, Anderson Vs. GSP in the Garden would be INSANE!!!!!

  5. slacker says:

    Yeah, I admire his frankness, but he better watch it. He might want to think about getting one of those metal plates (a la DeNiro in Casino) installed underneath his car seat for when he turns the ignition.

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Jimmy Hoffa = Dana White………. I hope not.

    Keep fighting the the union! They do a lot of good and a lot of bad. That’s what happens when you get too much power. You become corrupted.

  7. lionstrangler says:

    Some of y’all have seen too many gangster movies. The unions still have political clout and play dirty when they need to but all that Robert De Niro crap about them touching Dana in anyway is bogus. Wire guy influence in Vegas is near non existent now. Corps own everything..the new Mafia.

    • Andy says:

      Of course Corporations run things now, but there will always be messanges to be sent, and always a messanger to carry things out………i’m not sayin’, i’m just sayin’

  8. The Godfather says:

    Dana, don’t worry, I’m gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse.

  9. Xaninho says:

    lol this is one gangster calling the other one a gangster.

    The Fertitta’s come from a ‘family’ that owns Casino’s hellooooo…I don’t judge and don’t mind at all. But I think they can handle themselves against other mobsters.

  10. Eric El Burro says:

    Why they don’t bring a UFC card here to Miami or Orlando? If NYC is too complicated, try here in Miami or Orlando. They only been in Florida 3 times UFC 42 in 2003, Shamrock vs Ortiz 3 2006 and Lauzon vs Stephens in 2009. I don’t understand why not even mention or bother to make a card in Florida, i don’t know if is lack of fans here or commission problems..

  11. jonsey says:

    dana make4s to much money for vegas to go missing…u cant fuk with dana serious…he has nothing to worry about….

  12. bobby grooms says:

    dana and mma are gangsters too he was from southy he metwhitey BULGER and the next day went to vegas and met fertitas and shortly they bought ufc and have fixed many fights. wake up people you dont teach boxersize one day and own a franchize the next. they count on fans being suckers and most of you are.

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