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Thursday, 10/10/2013, 02:53 pm

Dana White Bans Rousimar Palhares from the UFC

Last night, Brazilian submission specialist Rousimar Palhares made his welterweight debut, at UFC Fight Night 29, after stringing together consecutive losses at his previous weight class, middleweight.

Palhares looked to return to form and show the UFC and his fans in his native, Brazil, that he was back and ready to use his signature finish, the heel-hook, in his battle against Mike Pierce on the main card in a highly anticipated bout.

31-seconds after the opening bell, Palhares was victorious via his go-to move, a heel-hook.

His first victory at welterweight was marred, however, by bad judgement on the part of Palhares who held the leg-lock a bit too long, refusing to let go when Pierce clearly tapped multiple times, and even torquing the hold a bit more when referee Keith Peterson intervened to stop the bout. Palhares finally let go after no less than seven taps by Pierce and a physical intervention by Peterson prompted the Brazilian that he had won.

This lapse in judgement has become the biggest mistake of his career, as according to UFC president Dana White, Palhares has been banned from the UFC.

As tweeted out by ESPN reporter Jeremy Schapp, White state on Thursday’s episode of Olbermann that Palhares has been banned from the UFC:

Palhares’ actions came under heavy scrutiny from MMA media, UFC brass, and fighters alike for establishing a pattern of this. He was once suspended following his UFC 111 win over Thomas Drwal for the same exact thing and has also comitted such an offense in straight grappling matches.

The initial reprimand for his actions was a missed opportunity to collect on the ‘Submission of the Night’ bonus, which was dissolved for last night’s event due to ‘unsportsmanlike behavior‘.

Palhares’ actions have now been ultimately deemed unsuitable behavior for the UFC and understandibly so as this type of unsportsmanlike behavior doesn’t belong in the premier MMA promotion.


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0 Responses to “Dana White Bans Rousimar Palhares from the UFC”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    And yet for Jon Jones it’s ok to hyperextend opponent’s knees by frontkicking the knee. He fucked Rampage’s knee up with that kick. And for Jon Jones it’s ok to choke out machida with a standing guillotine and then letting him drop flat on his face.

    • mean170 says:

      Far different circumstances. Palhares repeatedly ignores taps and referees calling the fight finished. I don’t like Jones’ attacks to the knee either, but they are within the rules of the fight.

      • some guy says:

        a kick to the knees is a method of striking you normally see in tae kwon do. so anyone you see kicking the knee is just replicating that style jon jones as well as benson henderson have both done it.

    • ballsackface says:

      ohh ffs grow up
      watch the video again of machida instead of jumping on the bandwaggon
      he was pushed off pretty much and everyone in standing guilotenes get dropped like that. if you lowered you could get fined for holding on too long.
      as for the kicks. its an intentional manipulating kick however any kick depending on angle can hyper extend the knee. fuck rampage hes a complaining fker.
      you gonna stop elbows to the face now as you can pretty much smash an obital bone and pull someones eye out leaving them blind for the rest of their life too?

    • jdog says:

      You are one mean hater and keyboard warrior that is for sure, oh I forgot you don’t know dick about MMA either!

      The kicks to the knee are TOTALLY legal if they weren’t then he would have clearly been in trouble because he used that WELL before the Rampage fight, also for people like you if he had not “dropped” Machida you would have been saying he held on too long!!! I agree maybe the drop was bad in judgement but we have a lifetime to second guess an instant in the ring, maybe Jon felt him move and thought he wasn’t totally out we don’t know, what about Gracie in his first fights why don’t you bring up how after the ref tried to stop him on NUMEROUS occasions he cranked even harder on his subs, then how he tried to start a fight with the fighter after he finished the fight??? Don’t even try to compare Jones to this tool is all I am saying, they are TOTALLY different, the elbows that Jones dropped on Hammil was right after a new rule change was introduced and he has NOT done it since, clearly these two people Jones and Palhares are NOT in the same category.

      • KIDD433 says:

        @ Dutchman, pay no mind to JDOG. He can’t open his mouth without guzzling Jones’ chode. When someone says valid points about Jon Jones, he throws a lil kid temper tantrum. Jon jones is a dirty ass fighter, plain and simple. And we all seen what happens to him when he fights guys actually closer to his size. As for the kicks to knees, they need to be illegal. It makes no sense that they are since they are illegal in kickboxing

        • ^ says:

          I agree that the kicks to the knees should be banned, its nothing more that a cheap point grab that could be putting someones career at risk.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        I know those kicks are legal because the stupid wrestling based assholes like Jeff Blatnick who co-wrote the unified rules of mma don’t know the first thing about striking. Which is also why striking is so heavily underappreciated scoringwise in MMA.
        Palhares is banned because of unsportsmanlike conduct not because he did an illegal technique. You really want to keep saying Jones’ cases are not just as unsportsmanlike?
        You really want us to believe that a fighter doesn’t know when his opponent goes limp? Really? Because that just shows how little you really know about actual competing in martial arts dude.
        You really need to step your game up if you think you can tell me I know nothing about MMA. I’ve been practicing different forms of martial arts since I was 9 years old and hold black belts in all of them.
        Now get your fat ass off the computer, get your fat ass in an actual gym and then come back and tell me more about how you know more about MMA than me.

        • Ddddddddd says:

          Those are those sweet kicks your boy Anderson brought to the sport. Why aren’t you bitching about him?

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          No Ddddddddd,
          Anderson Silva was the first one to really utilize the frontkick to the face. Now I know for someone like you with little experience this might look like the same kick as a frontkick to the knees, but it’s not.
          Jones is the one who started using it to try and hyperextend knees.

        • Dddddddddd says:

          Your wrong my friend. You might want to look that up before you boast of your excellence.

  2. LAME LAME LAME says:

    Fuck this bull shit !!!

    Rousimar is the man and this is clearly not intentional at all..

  3. 757 says:

    Not to mention JBJ illegally elbowed Hamill about ten times also drawing a DQ. I agree Dutchman

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You cretin, that DQ of Jones was a disgrace, it was poor refereeing, the fight should have been stopped way before the illegal blow. Jones hit him about a million times with legal elbows I thought Hamill’s head was going to cave in and the referee just watched it…he hits him with one or two illegal shots and suddenly Hamill can’t continue. It was a sham, Hamill is a fuck!ng a$$hole too.

      Why are all you douc$e bags even mentioning Jones in this discussion, it’s not even relevant.

      Palhares has done this before, life ban from the UFC seems a bit harsh I think a year ban would have been more fitting.

  4. Kingsforge says:

    The illegal elbows by JBJ were not the same thing, he fucked up for sure, but he stopped as soon as he was told to. This is a whole different thing, it’s a guy who knows he’s won the match but is too much of a dick to just leave it at that.

    He let his ego ruin his career right there.

  5. MMAFighter says:

    JBJ is a money maker, he draws in tons of money, so they turn a blind eye for that… i dont think anybody should be banned for there first time… but there second, yeah…

  6. yo! says:

    My God The Jones Hate Is Strong Here. Machida Should Have tapped Period! What Was Jones Supposed To do ? Lovingly Place Him On The Ground?? This Is A Combat Sport! Those Kicks are Completely Legal, And Rarely Do Permanent damage. Rampage’s Knees Are Likely Messed Up Due To Steriod Use In Japan..Same As shogun

  7. Gabe460 says:

    You’re all forgeting frank Mir vs Brock lesnar 1, lesar tapped multiple times even as the ref watched in plain view, then lesar tapped some more and then the ref stepped in. Only difference in rousimar’s case is he torqued extra hard one last time to tear the ligaments in the knee, that’s just vicious, anyone who trains mma knows how painful a heel hook can be and that’s just with a training partner! I say its a shame he used such bad judgement cause he looked like he coulda put a hurting on the ww div.

  8. Ddddddddd says:

    To me it’s obvious that there’s something wrong with this dude. He can’t even let a sub go when someone’s beating his face in. He’s had to see a psychologist for this shit and it’s happened even before his UFC career. I can’t imagine what karma has in store for this dude. Get him the funk out of here.

  9. D-rak says:

    How bout Frank “I lose all the time” Mir, when he fought Brock the first time…frank and Steve masaggatti should definitely be fired

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